The Studio X Tantric Embodiment

Training Academy

Courses 8 Weeks Each

Here you will learn the mindset to shift your awareness into Tantric Embodiment & discover a reality where you can be empowered by every circumstance.

The Studio X Academy - Tantric Operating System
Unity Operating System

Intentional existence is the foundation of Unity Consciousness and the power of our collective creative power.  Unveil the 'malware' programmed into our subconscious minds from the domestication by society.

In the EOS you will learn a mental framework, rooted in the Tantric Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, the practice of de-personalizing any perceived negative experiences, to step into empowerment in all situations.  You will develop a powerful skill set, enabling you to cultivate acute somatic awareness.  These tools will support you in releasing all energy and attached negative thought processes that are limiting you from your creative power, sexual expression and feeling pleasure.

The Third Eye Chakra [energy center] becomes blocked by the illusion of separation. When you shift your mental framework to remembering all situations are a co-creation of your higher selves, you begin to step into the unlimited potential of flow state reality.

The Studio X Academy - Tantric Empathic Mastery
Empathic Mastery

In this course you will focus on expanding your connection and understanding of your emotions and subtle energy body (Chi or Prana) .  You will explore the sensations and relationship to lower and higher mental-emotional (electro-magnetic) vibrations that exist within your body.  As the Tantric Master Yeshua states:  "The Kingdom Of Heaven is within".  Although a cryptic message, this statement points us inward to discover the endless bliss that is available to us at all times.   As we explore the embodiment of Yin Energy we create space in between thoughts and emotions in a way that organically expands the relationship and understanding of our inner experience. 

Through the anchored embodiment of central awareness, and by placing precise focus on feeling your body, you will discover how to disarm the reactive actions catalyzed by charged emotional experiences. You will expand your relationship with the energy that is generated within you, as well as energies you are feeling from the outside world.  Using ancient techniques & modern advancements in quantum physics, you will advance in the mastery of your vibrational reality, the underlying energies that directly orchestrate your reality. 

The Studio X Academy - Tantric Ecstatic Embodiment
Ecstatic Embodiment

Embodiment occurs when you bring a conceptual or intellectual idea into your natural expression.  This is the concept of aptitude verses intelligence. Understanding the logic behind the Studio X alchemy is preliminary to actualizing these codes of wisdom into your embodied experience. In this course you learn to walk the walk through a deepening of body awareness, Somatic sensitivity and more.

As we remember our physical bodies as a temple of the divine, that the power of the universe flows through, we are able to call on the magick that is available.  You will be guided through ritualistic exersizes to bring sensuality and pleasure into your body.  You will expand your capacity to feel, release body armor and dis-ease that is stored in the physical body.

Through practical exercises, you will be able to apply the knowledge you have learned and immediately experience a shift in your reality. This extraordinary course is offered by world class embodied Tantrikas that will extend their embodiment to you and invite you to exemplify the teachings at the highest level possible.

The Studio X Academy - The Open Relating Cookbook
Open Relating Cookbook

In this course you will learn to open your heart and your mind through the proclamation of your inherent safety & erotic innocence.  Your expression is divine, you are desired and allowed to take up space and share your creativity.  What you are seeking is also seeking you.  Through empathic communication & the techniques shared in The Tantric Training Academy you will experience an expanded perspective on relationship and intimacy, that leads you to feel an increase in pleasure and harmony.

When you learn to embrace the philosophy that every experience is a co-creation, you begin to see the infinite opportunities to become empowered with every relationship that you have. As you repattern your mental framework into empowerment in every circumstance, and expand your empathy with Self & others, you will move into an effortless flow-state reality. This allows you to anchor into safety and trust, expand peace, joy and pleasure into your daily life; the ultimate success.

This course will show you where you are limiting yourself from full empowerment, & gently guide you to receiving the gifts that life has to offer.

Ta-Ta-Ta ... Topics
  • Zen Balanced Existence

    Claiming Sovereignty & Going With Yin

  • The Ultimate Law Of Attraction

    Truth, Love & Choice -  E=MC2

  • Force VS Power

    3D Vs 5D Reality & Might to Magic

  • Agape Transpersonal Psychology

    Discovering Your Divine Mind

  • Quantum Metaphysics

    Beyond The Veil Of Illusion

  • Tantric Existence

    Unveiling Nirvana

  • Loving the Shadow

    Transcending Limitations

  • Yo-Goddess

    Mind, Body, Spirit & The Vortex Of Ascension

  • Sacred Sexiness

    Unleashing Your Shakti Creative Power

  • Vibrational Alignment

    What You Consume, You Become. 

  • Vortex Of Manifestation

    Harness The Quantum Into Physics

  • The Collective Dream

    Programs & Domestication of Society

  • The Surrender Experiment

    Dissolve your Ego & Enter The Dragon

  • Existing in Inspired Action

    Pure Creative Flow in Action

  • Beyond Empathic Communication

    The Dance Of Conscious Conversation Into Unity

  • The Emotional Release X-Factor

    From Trauma Into Empowerment

  • Breathing Presence

    The Power Of Now & The Trinity Of Awareness

  • Feeling Your Chakras

    From 'woo woo' to 'Wu Tang'

  • Experiencing Prana

    Chee-Chee Chi & Bioelectric Awareness

  • Sensational Somatics

    Stay Present with Sensation 

Each Course Is Specifically Customized For You

Step 1:  Book a Discovery Call

We will first complete an interview process to understand your current life perspectives, embodiment and desires of working with us. After this interview we will design a course specifically curated for you from the topics listed below. During this call we will determine the length of the course and the corresponding compensation for the course creation.

Step 2: Receive Course Blueprint

When payment is received, our team will collaborate to co-create a course that is tailored to your desires and interests. A Course Blueprint will be forward for your review. After you approve the course blueprint, we will move forward in designing the full course including scheduling the weekly webinars and live-streams with the Tantrika Team. 

Step 3: Begin Course

Begin your weekly meetings with your Tantrika team and start your journey towards embodying your highest expression of Self!

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