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                                Reclaiming Erotic Innocence

Jonny Beyond Sins

Tantra Services

Service is available for all genders and sexual orientation.  Single, couple or group sessions are available in-person and on-line.  If desired I am available to discuss travel to your location.

Available Tantra Service Practices

  • Tantric Massage
  • Primal Play
  • Dream Visualization & Intention Setting
  • Yab-Yum & Heart on Heart Connection
  • Permission Based Sensual Touch
  • Microcosmic Orbit & Chakra Activation Meditation
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony &  Sound Healing
  • Eye & Body Gazing
  • Guided Breathwork
  • Sex Talk & Sounding
  • Outdoor Bathing Ceremony

Tantric Embodiment

Drop in with Jonny while stretching and moving your bodies together, connecting through sensual embodiment and Tantric Practices.

Intimacy Coaching

Authentic relating and connection focused on discussion and sensual flirtation.  Upgrade your self-talk & practice empathic communication, expressing desires & turn perceived rejection into empowerment.


Set intentions, call in spirit, & sit back and relax through a guided experience.  Learn about Sex Magick and open up into sensuality and pleasure beyond the physical.

The starting rate for in-person Tantric Embodiment sessions is $325 for 2 hours.

Online sessions start at $150 for 75 minutes.

The starting rate for in-person Intimacy Coaching sessions is $150 for 75 minutes.

Online sessions start at $120 for 60 minutes.

The starting rate for in-person Tantra Ceremony sessions is $325 for 2 hours.

Online sessions start at $150 for 75 minutes.

Interested in a Tantra session but unsure what service is best for you? Schedule a free Discovery Call with Jonny discover what Tantric Offering best suits your intentions & desires!

Tantra Service Benefits For All Genders

  • Release shame around your eroticism
  • Become multi-orgasmic & expand orgasmic experience
  • Release shame around age and primal desires
  • Last longer in bed
  • Orgasm without ejaculation
  • Increase your erection
  • Overcome erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation
  • Learn tools to increase daily pleasure and inspiration
  • Utilize your own sexual energy to expand your connection with your body.


  • De-armor your physical body, release stagnant emotions
  • Release trauma and wounding
  • Overcome sexual dysfunction such as numbness, painful intercourse, lack of sexual satisfaction, lack of desire
  • Expand your ability to receive love and pleasure
  • Use your sexual energy to manifest high-quality partners
  • Open your mind to new ways of thinking and operating

Step 1:  Schedule a discovery call - The purpose of this call is for us to learn more about each other and share desires and intentions.  We will discover if we are aligned to work together and what service would be best to start with.

Step 2:  Book a Tantric Session - After you have discussed your intentions & desires with Jonny you may book a session below.


Come visit Jonny at the Tantra Tent in Santa Barbara, California


Modeling Androgyny as an Alpha Male

Body Statistics

Age: 40 ♥ Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165lbs ♥ Yoked-Yogi

Tattoos: None ♥ Piercings: Ears

Hair: Shaven ♥ Eyes: Brown



♥ Extreme Submission & Domination/ Role Reversal ♥ Age Play e.g. Daddy Dom/Mommy Dom ♥ Girl/Girl/Lesbians/Bisexual Girls ♥ Girl/Girl/Boy ♥ Group Sex ♥ Group Kink ♥ Exhibitionism ♥ Anal Play ♥ Tongue Play ♥ 69 ♥ Pleaser ♥



♥ Yoga/Flowga ♥ Martial Arts/MMA ♥ Contact Improv ♥ Dance ♥ Freestyle Rap/Spoken Word ♥ Guitar ♥ Plant-Based Cooking ♥ Biking ♥ Business Development/Web Design ♥ Ceremony ♥ Astral Travel/Dreaming ♥ Hot Springs ♥ Bubble Baths ♥



Western Astrological Chart:
♥ Sagittarius Sun 
♥ Libra Moon 
♥ Leo Rising

Human Design:
♥ Generator ~ 5/1 Sacral


Spiritual Powers

♥ Claircognizance - Psychic Knowing ♥ Clairsentience - Psychic Feeling ♥ Wizardry ♥ Energy Healing ♥  Shadow Work  ♥ Sex Magick / Sacred Union ♥ DMT Astral Travel ♥ Channel for Star Command ♥ Metatron's Protégé ♥


Hi love.

Did you know that you hold the light of the universe that creates worlds, within you? This magic is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Your higher self chose to incarnate into this world in the beautiful temple of your body, and to be reading this profile at this very moment. You have made all of the perfect choices in your life, including all those contrasting experiences of pain, to bring you here now. It is time to be awakened and remember the peace, joy and pleasure that is available to you, now.

I am here to remind You that you are Beyond Sin; your primal desires and erotic expression are not separate from spirituality. In fact, when centered in love, sexual energy becomes a conduit for the highest form of healing and empowerment.

This is the Tantric embodiment.

About Jonny & The Team

I am a fully expressed androgynous being. I am an alpha male, embodied in feminine energy. While I am connected to my primal masculine essence, I resonate in Yin energy. I am a space holder that allows you to feel safe in expressing yourself fully.

I work with a group of empowered female Tantrikas that if desired, I can bring into an experience for expanded Shakti energy and sensual sisterhood to invoke Kundalini life force energy.


The Experience:

My sessions allow you to step into a timeless space of presence, reminding you of the peace, joy and pleasure that is within you.  I will guide your awareness out of the ‘thinking mind’ into the somatic experience of the physical, emotional and light body (spirit).

I will assist you in activating your Chakra energy centers enabling you to release Trauma from your body. As we root into safety through heart centered connectivity, we can open up our sexual energy centers to learn to feel this vital lifeforce energy for pleasure and healing.  There is no need for any forward action to resonate in this juicy energy within ourselves.

I will assist in bringing light to unseen shadow aspects of self enabling the release of shame, guilt, fear and grief.  Through empathic communication we will expand your ability to speak desires and ask for what you want. This will assist you to shine bright & align energetically with partners who can match you. As you align with this empowered frequency, you will de-tangle from any old limiting cycles of co-dependent relationships and step into your highest creative potential.







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