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We don’t “work,” we PLAY! 

Attend an erotic playshop hosted by one or many of our various Tantrikas and experience a whole new way of relating to yourself, your body and to others.  Experience heightened sensations through an open hearted, sex-positive set and settings.  You will receive ancient Sex Magick wisdom, practical scientific knowledge, and discover new tools to expand your pleasure and vital life-force energy.  Oh, last but not least, you will get to practice with our Tantrikas and other attendees, as it aligns.  We believe the most effective and expansive spaces should be a fun, engaging, interactive and a collaborative peer-to-peer experience. Let’s play while we learn and grow together!



This isn’t your average party experience… As always, we like to take everything to the next level where eroticism is encouraged, sensuality is available, and the true YOU can shine. Open your mind, your heart & your Sacral Chakra with our high-vibe plant medicines & elixirs. Connect intimately in our squish & cuddle lounge, or get down and dirty on the dance floor with our dancers and high vibe DJ’s.  These parties are guided, so you can anchor into one of our fully expressed Tantrikas as your "wingman" to help you connect with kindred spirits!  Oh, did we mention..  get inspired by world class performers. It’s gonna be ecstatic, real, raw, and edgy AF. Come to one of our weekend events, or invite us to ignite one of yours!


Let's set intentions and get PRIMAL!  Whether you have experienced intentional ceremony before or have no connection to spirituality, this is a space to welcome spirit and Sex Magick into your life... that's right, sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand, welcome to Tantra baby!  Commune with plant allies, align with the phases of the moon, honor your ancestors, connect with spirit guides, and work with Earth's elements to begin to tap into your Soul’s highest dreams.... oh ya, don't forget, let's get Naked to release shame and enjoy the beauty of erotic expression! Perform rituals to invoke pleasure and expand gratitude, tap into higher frequencies and dimensions, and discover new ways of being within a safe container of deep connection to yourself and Source. 


Join us at a beautiful oasis for a night…  or two, or three! Find healing like never experienced before in one of our heart-centered, erotically inspired retreats!  Enter into a pleasure portal of bliss, relaxation, and healing modalities that you can carry into your daily life to THRIVE. Connect with us authentically and find depth through Tantric ceremony, dance, meditation, chakra healing, sensuality, relationship coaching, and more. Allow your heart to blast open with us, connect to nature, and release all fear, guilt, shame, and grief and find embodied freedom and well being through this fully immersive experience.



Time to CELEBRATE! It’s our favorite thing to do. We believe life is a celebration and coming together in community is the way to heal the world. Allow us to bring our blissful frequency and joyful embodiment to your event, or come to one of ours! A space to let your freak flag fly, get inspired by empowered creatives, dance all day & all night like nobody’s watching, explore our playshops, practice yoga, cross promote your conscious products and services, and heal the world as ONE. BIG. FAMILY. We bring the Festie vibes with a holistic & ecstatic edge.  Enquire today to bring The Studio X Sex Magick to your Festival, or join our e-mail list to be notified about our VIP exclusive erotic festivals.

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Tantric Dream


Are you looking to drop-into a deeper connection with a Studio X Tantrika.. or a few?

Get out into nature with our nymphs and visit one of their secret hiding spots.... how about the nude beach or hot springs?

Or, you can take us out out for a fun experience; we love to explore new places, travel, attend intentional events, whatever you are dreaming up, as long as it is heart centered, we are open to discovering how we can make your dream into reality.

The Studio X Tantrikas are fully open to explore new ways to play! Ask us about how we can connect...

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Would you like to invite our sexy and fun tribe of erotic muses to your next event? Or would you like us to create one for you?
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