Ceremonial Sex Magic

online & in-Person

A Guided Experience Of Pleasure

Intentional Sex Magick

Available For Singles, Couples & Groups

  • Intention Setting and Speaking Desires
  • Chakra Activation Meditation
  • Sound Bowl
  • Sensual Breathwork
  • Candle Lighting Ritual
  • Yab-Yum: Sexual Energy Circulation
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • Sensual Touch and Massage
  • Cock & Pussy Meditation and Primal Embodiment
  • Elemental Rituals: Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Ether

Connect ♥  Express  ♥  Release

Sit back and relax! Welcome to a space where your arousal and sexual energy is sacred, your body is treated as a temple, and each moment is met with intention and compassion. Open your heart and allow your Tantrika to guide you through a sensual experience and ritualistic practices; tune into feminine energy and discover how Tantra can expand your pleasure and depth of connection to yourself and your relationships!   As safety and inspiration are cultivated, nudity will be encouraged.

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