Join The Studio X as an

Erotic Influencer

 Do you love expressing your sexuality?

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the Matrix and step into your Divine purpose?

 Do you know you’re a leader seeking to create financial abundance, yet desire the support and the tools to rise to the occasion?

 Are you passionate about showcasing your erotic art while supporting others to release sexual shame through your raw expression?

financial independence through

sexual empowerment

  • Complete Training System
  • Create your Highest Self Avatar
  • Receive Ongoing Warm Sales Leads
  • Proven Business Model & Strategy
  • Marketing & Business Development Support
  • Immediate Income Through Providing Service
  • Build Passive Residual Income
  • Join a Team of Like-Minded Creators
  • Emotional Processing Community
  • Pre & Post Production Support
  • Increase Confidence as a Leader
  • Receive Ongoing Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Discover & LIVE Your Life Purpose
  • Wellness, Vitality, & Exercise Coaching
  • Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga & More


Receive consistent guidance through our mentorship program, developed by experienced world class leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs.  Your hand will be held along your pathway of discovering your highest expression and pursuing your dreams. Reflection, empowerment, emotional safety, and support are all available when desired,  by an incredible team that knows the way to sexual liberation & financial freedom.

Business Support

Take a deep breath and relax...  our dedicated business support team will take care of all of the tasks you don't want to do.  We want you to shine as an artist and operate from inspiration, not force or obligation.  From sales leads to social media management & book keeping, we provide a complete business support system so you can focus on what ignites your passion and makes you feel your Highest Self.


From entrepreneurship to emotional intelligence, we provide the educational resources for you to understand, embody, & apply everything that is needed to become a powerful Tantric practitioner and erotic influencer.  Learn how to best operate in collaboration & harmony with others in business and sexuality, expand Self Love &  compassion for yourself, release limiting beliefs and influence others in an intimate and global way.  Learn to deprogram the mind and live a more holistic lifestyle, hold space for others, connect, receive, thrive, expand your heart and mind. Remember, you are amazing!


You are connected. You are supported. You are safe & loved.  When we come together, the world is a better place. Ground into our framework of operation to join in the fun with our sex-positive, intentional community and release limitations to follow the pathway of creative, sexual, and financial liberation.  Flirt, dance, sing, play, explore, and circulate exponential pleasure to access Nirvana. And you will have endless opportunities to create awesome content while doing so! 😉

Tantrikas at the Studio X are both Erotic Models & Service Providers

We’re looking for Erotic Influencers who are ready to embody true leadership and service. Not only are you here to express yourself fully, you are here to collaborate, build sex-positive community, and empower others to heal and expand as leaders themselves.


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Each Tantrika has their own dedicated landing page with The Studio X

This page connects viewers to all your social media platforms, and showcases your uncensored lifestyle and expression in both photo, video, and blog-style content. You will design your own Erotic Avatar, bio, and offerings that accentuate your unique essence.

We work as a TEAM

and extend support to everyone

IMAGINE awakening your own erotic innocence and creative expression with your best friends -- all while supporting each other in becoming financially abundant through collaborative entrepreneurship.

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We would love to connect & discuss possible colab... hit us up 🙂

Tell us more about your talents and experience, if any.
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