Intimacy & Relationship Coaching

online & in-Person

Speak Your Dream Into Reality

Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

Available for singles, couples & groups

· Expand Your Understanding Of Feminine Energy
· Empower Your Divine Masculine
· Develop Empathic Communication Skills
· Release Shame & Limiting Beliefs
· Discuss Kinks & Primal Desires
· Cultivate Emotional Intimacy
· Practice Sensual Flirtation

Seduction  ♥  Passion  ♥  Playfulness

Drop in and connect with a Studio X Tantrika through vulnerable discussion.  Each Tantrika will reflect, ask questions, and explore intimacy with you in a whole new way… a way that cultivates a deep emotional and mental connection.  You may find yourself sharing things you may have never spoken aloud before! This is a safe space to become empowered in your relationships, dating life, and sexual exploration.    As safety and inspiration are cultivated, nudity is encouraged.

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