Join The Studio X as a

A Crew Member

Photographers, Directors, Producers, Writers, Editors, Stylists, Technicians & The Rest of The Production Crew.....

Are you involved or interested in the erotic film industry?  Are you looking to find a higher purpose in your inspirations and desires?  Are you looking for a sex positive community focused on healing through creativity & entrepreneurship?

It's your lucky day!

What you are seeking is seeking you! 

Our primary focus when collaborating with crew members is to find mutual support in entrepreneurship, & service trades.  While we do have a budget to cover expenses, we are looking to make money together as a team, not off of each other.  Our intentions are to unite as a collaborative team of entrepreneurship to find 'gigs' through our social engagements for all crew members that are involved while supporting the collective creative effort.

Get to know us!  You can drop in for a photoshoot, connect with us an event, or take an online course.

Once we vibe, there is the opportunity to create your own team, or "pod" with the proven methodologies and support provided by The Studio X..

Drop us a note, we are looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂

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