He's Gone With-Yin to Transcend Sin

Jonny Beyond Sins



High Priest of Pleasure

He's the Ringmaster. The Master of Ceremonies. The Alpha and Omega of everything you need in the bed and in the heart...


Body Statistics

Age: Golden ♥ Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165lbs ♥ Yoked-Yogi

Tattoos: None ♥ Piercings: Ears

Hair: Shaven ♥ Eyes: Brown



♥ Extreme Submission & Domination/ Role Reversal ♥ Age Play e.g. Daddy Dom/Mommy Dom ♥ Girl/Girl/Lesbians/Bisexual Girls ♥ Girl/Girl/Boy ♥ Group Sex ♥ Group Kink ♥ Exhibitionism ♥ Anal Play ♥ Tongue Play ♥ 69 ♥ Pleaser ♥



♥ Yoga/Flowga ♥ Martial Arts/MMA ♥ Contact Improv ♥ Dance ♥ Freestyle Rap/Spoken Word ♥ Guitar ♥ Plant-Based Cooking ♥ Biking ♥ Business Development/Web Design ♥ Ceremony ♥ Astral Travel/Dreaming ♥ Hot Springs ♥ Bubble Baths ♥



Western Astrological Chart:
♥ Sagittarius Sun 
♥ Libra Moon 
♥ Leo Rising

Human Design:
♥ Generator ~ 5/1 Sacral


Spiritual Powers

♥ Claircognizance - Psychic Knowing ♥ Clairsentience - Psychic Feeling ♥ Wizardry ♥ Energy Healing ♥  Shadow Work  ♥ Sex Magick / Sacred Union ♥ DMT Astral Travel ♥ Channel for Star Command ♥ Metatron's Protégé ♥

Step 1:  Schedule a discovery call - The purpose of this call is for us to learn more about each other and share desires and intentions.  We will discover if we are aligned to work together and what service would be best to start with.

Tantric Embodiment

In this session we will focus on cultivating loving sexual energy and anchoring it into the body. Through activating our primal desire and circulating energy we harness this life energy and stretch our bodies to expand our capacity to feel and embrace all sensations.  This practice allows oneself to expand pleasure in your body and everyday life to experience more peace, joy and bliss.

Intimacy Coaching

Through empathic communication as well as mental & emotional training techniques I will guide you to deepen your love and relationship with your self  while expanding your ability to intellectualize and speak your truths.  This practice will expand your ability to learn your desires and express them to others enabling you to attract the partner(s) of your dreams.


Experience a guided sexual encounter to invigorate sensuality and pleasure in your body.  Trough sex magic ritualistic practices you will be induced into a sensation of erotic energy.  Tools such as Tarot cards & channeled messages will touch your soul, while you are encouraged to release all shame and pleasure your body.

Step 2:  Book a Tantric Session


Jonny Beyond Sins,  Shamanic Gangster and embodied Tantric Jedi, empowers you to unlock your dreams and highest potential.  Welcome to facing all of your limiting beliefs and emotions.   Welcome to uninstalling the malware from your subconscious.  By no means is Jonny's medicine for the faint of heart... you must take responsibility for your entire reality to take the leap of faith into your own mastery.   In his reclamation of his own erotic innocence, worldly desires, feminine and masculine energies, the good, the not so good and the ugly,  he reaches his hand out to you as an invitation.... To accept and love every morsel of your being. No more hiding. It's time to release the old paradigm of fear, shame, guilt, and Go Beyond Sins.

In his eyes, your are innocent and Divine, and everything you need and desire is already within you.

Within his chiseled, muscular frame and sexy, lean body lies a heart and soul anchored in unconditional Truth & Love.  He brings out your deepest wounds with his penetrating presence, to be loved and held with compassion. He knows how to connect with the ladies, but not in the ways that you might think... The empathy he feels for others, loyalty, friendship, and unwavering presence during sex brings forth the most orgasmic experience, leaving his partners in a meditative bliss.

Unlike some spiritual leaders, he is here to remind you that all you are worthy of all of your desires... and he wants to help you fulfill your deepest and dirtiest dreams.

There is a vow that he lives by: transparency and integrity!  Truth, Love, and Choice is the word on the street for this Gangster Guru. He is dedicated to full authenticity and transparency to create the new world.


For Jonny, life is a meditation.  Marching to a different beat, you will find Jonny in odd looking stretches in public places while making strange guttural noises.  What is he doing?? Feeling the joy of the present moment and bliss in his body... what else?    Not only is Jonny removed from the idea of Sin, he has no worry of time, surrendered to a timeless state of presence.  Due to a divine spiritual awakening, Jonny's mind has gone blank, no more endless chatter of the mind. This spaciousness stems from his connection to his surrender and trust to the perfection of all that is.

Jonny revels in ecstatic dance and brings rarely seen grace to all forms of martial arts.

He dances between the feminine and masculine with such ease and fluidity, he might make those straight men question their identity...

Jonny's partners love his ability to both increase their pleasure and support the release of their long-held fears and traumas. He embraces pain and is non-reactive to any type of hardship or suffering. How does Jonny do this?! Well, it all started with his embracing of all sensation, including the most severe pain, to purify all karma and maintain peaceful presence, or erotic ecstasy, in any situation. Now he continues to activate pleasure and bliss in his own body through devoting himself to daily yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, "Flowga" as he calls it, and powerful ceremony with his lovers and friends.

With Jonny, you will shift at warp-speed from victimhood to empowerment. It all happens when you dance, play, and interact with him. 

He's here to play, to bring all shadows to the light, and to lead a movement of reclaiming sovereignty from nonserving social impositions to create a new world based in Truth, Love, and Transparency.

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