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Jonny Beyond Sins

Jonny & The X-Dream

Who is Jonny Beyond Sins and how did he get so lucky to end up alongside these beautiful ladies?

Jonny is a Divine Masculine leader, anchored in Feminine energy. With a heart of gold and deep-rooted devotion to service, Jonny showcases an embodiment based on the mental framework of the Tantric philosophy, or the knowing that all is perfection. He's been guided to help lead a Yin centered movement of expressed sexuality. This revolution is based on reclaiming sovereignty from non-serving social impositions to create a New World grounded in highest unfiltered expression; Truth, Love and Choice!

He became inspired by his spiritual partner Teeni Yogini to co-create and develop the online platform representing The Studio X. With his previous career as a technology executive, he gathered extensive experience creating and building start up companies from conception into a market leader. He has always felt extremely passionate about supporting people to manifest their personal dreams and desires into reality. When Teeni spoke her desire to showcase her embodied eroticism, Jonny felt aligned with her intention to showcase sacred sexuality, and quickly dove into dreaming and creating the business plan for The Studio X.

Jonny provides support to his Studio X Tantrika team, as an anchor of safety, continuously showing up in love and service throughout all experiences.  He hold space for processing to help clear out any emotions or thoughts that aren't serving.  He reminds the Tantrikas of their Divinity and guides them back to their own truth & source energy for empowerment.  As he extends unconditional love and acceptance out to The Studio X Tantrikas, they feel grounded and supported to open up in service to those who align with their offerings. 


Since Jonny left the corporate world, he has held the vision of creating a new way of living by developing methods of business, economy and interpersonal relating that allows people to live a flow, play, create lifestyle. This lifestyle is centered around entrepreneurship and team collaboration, utilizing the latest internet technologies for influence aggregation.

Jonny & The Studio X team are on a mission to create systems that liberate people from employment slavery, enable more people to collaborate in harmony and generate financial independence.

Through The Studio X, a new way of operating has been designed that allows for immediate abundance generation via an equal Karmic exchange program. Through this sex-positive, intentional community we exchange service in a system that supports entrepreneurship, eliminates competition and encourages collaboration. As a participant in The Studio X, tribe is available for emotional support & processing, safety, and encouragement.

Do you want to discover your authentic Truth and become embodied in your fearless expression? Jonny is open and available to extend the understanding on how to become a radical risk-taker and lead a business team through The Studio X!

If you are an entrepreneur leader who aligns with this mission, Jonny wants to connect with you and discuss how we can synergize, harmonize and co-create a new paradigm.

love notes

Teeni Yogini

Founding Tantrika

Throughout the two years of working, playing, and expanding love with Jonny, never have I felt so held and seen and empowered to be exactly who I am. Without attachment, Jonny has empowered me to follow my inspirations, dreams, and desires while being a grounded rock and really a true friend who is always there for me, no matter the circumstance. Through our journey together, we started with an incredible, marriage-like love, while knowing that our love would expand beyond a two-way relationship. With his codes of self empowerment and ascension, and my knowledge of Tantra & yoga, we learned and utilized our relationship to transcend through all attachment, fear, shame, guilt, or grief and expanded unconditional love for each other and ourselves along the way. Even in my moments of projection, despise, jealousy, heartache, he’s sat with me through it all, released the fears of loss of me, and unconditionally loves… well, everyone. He is truly an example of not-giving-a-fuck what anyone thinks, and I think that’s why we get along so well... He’s the most authentic, real, compassionate, forgiving person I have met. He is a great example of a man who is non-apologetic of his primal masculine presence, and unashamed to be feminine, too. Simultaneously, he has such a powerful masculine warrior-like embodiment, and while being able drop into such surrender and erotic feminine ecstasy, or complete emptiness. I've learned so much from his being. His capacity to hold space for creativity and fluidity is really what makes this earth shattering mission possible. Thank you, my love, for all that you are.




What I find attractive about Jonny is his feminine resonance exemplified in an alpha male body. He emanates abundance but has no attachment to material things.He has supported me through internal inquiry and shown me how to become curious about energies within myself that I have compartmentalized and suppressed. Through his reflections I’ve surrendered the program that things must be a certain way (the way of my Ego) and remembered that life is a co-creation between unique energetic expressions. With his compassionate guidance I’ve expanded awareness around how certain behavioral patterns are manifestations of the unconscious and subconscious mind. I’ve learned to excavate the internalized trauma that’s been locked dormant in my vessel. Through mental reprogramming I’ve shifted my perception of reality to recognize the perfection of every experience and found empowerment through bringing loving awareness to all shadow aspects of Self. Through Jonny’s reflection of unconditional love, I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally as well.

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Disco Kitty


Simply put, meeting Jonny completely changed my life! He gave me the essential keycodes and tools to find joy, inner peace, and become fully empowered. When I began working with him as my mentor, I had done a lot of spiritual work on myself but my experience had been very mental and analytical. I was constantly thinking, processing and talking about my challenges, often placing the power outside of myself and staying stuck in negative loops. I was in victimhood and fear, I lacked confidence, and I did not feel safe in my body. I was sexually shut down and emotionally numb after going through some heavy traumatic experiences. Jonny showed me unconditional love, showed up for me so consistently and continued to teach me how to anchor into presence and feeling, to come out of story and worry, to discover, speak, and live my truth and release guilt and shame around my authentic expression and desires. He does what I believe a great mentor should do - he guided me back to myself, over and over. Even when I wanted to place blame and project my pain outside of myself. Even when I wanted to contract into negativity and give up. The way he holds space is like no other I have ever experienced, and by holding such presence and spaciousness within himself and around all he comes into contact with, infusing it with the deepest compassion, he taught me how to do the same for myself, for my inner child, my emotions, my ego, the shadow, all aspects of myself, and weave them back into the divine light that I am. Through the guidance and powerful reflection that Jonny provides, I have been able to step into my authentic self, come into full integrity, into being empowered by everything that comes into my life, to see every challenge and trigger as a gift, and to become whole and balanced within. I am now able to handle any challenge or emotional experience with trust and surrender and embody so much love, gratitude, and happiness for my beautiful life! I am so eternally grateful for Jonny’s support and guidance on my journey!

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