The Mission


The Studio X is built as a P2P (peer to peer), influence aggregation network that is focused on engineering sex-positive, intentional community. This community is powered by heart centered business leaders, Tantric service providers, and erotic content producers focused on sexual healing and collaborative creation.  The communities highest intentions are centered on living a fully expressed life, free from limitations based on emotions such as fear, guilt, grief or shame.  The Studio X supports all truths as long as they don't impose on one another. 
The Studio X curates on-line and in person events for community to gather and celebrate this intentional lifestyle.  Courses, private sessions and community based play-shops are available as a way to learn and practice a fully liberated way of living.  Intentional partnerships are encouraged and micro dating events are offered to help support the embodiment of this practice.
Tantrik service providers help lead the community and showcase their lives uncensored as a model of what a fully expressed lifestyle can look like.  All forms of expression are supported and there is no pressure on being anything other than who you are.  We are here to remind you that your expression is perfect and your pace of expansion is honored. 
All community members have the opportunity to contribute as a model, service provider or a supporting crew member.  One time, part time or full time participation is available.  The Studio X provides mentorship for entrepreneurs looking to collaborate on creating a flow, create, play lifestyle within it's intentional community.
Through a turnkey business platform, producers, models & photographers are invited to bring their uncensored content to The Studio X website to generate passive income.  Educational , emotional support, and business support are  provided to assist in becoming financially independent and sexually liberated. 

Core Values

  • Truth, Love & Choice 
  • Collaboration & Co-Creation
  • Sex-positivity & Pleasure
  • Sovereignty & Empowerment
  • Inspired Dreaming
  • Abundance
  • Balance
  • Safety

The Good News

The Studio X is here to bring the 'good news,' that our primal desires are sacred, our sexual expression is divine, and pleasure is our birthright. If this message resonates with you, we are here to support you in your reclamation of your Divine, creative, sexual expression and embody your erotic innocence. Yes, you are inherently innocent! We want you to break free of limiting social impositions, through the realization of your own holiness and divinity. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tantra! In contrast to other spiritual traditions and belief systems, Tantra does not limit us to a particular way of being; it takes into account the entirety of a human being, including all worldly desires, expressions, and free will. Other spiritual traditions often sever material & sensual pleasures from the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, which, unless you are on a mountain in a cave meditating for eternity like Shiva, can lead to internal discord of condemning oneself for one's own humanness. Guilt and shame begin to percolate when we are attempting to follow a so-called path of holiness, but separate ourselves from that which we came from: SEX.  

When we are searching for 'God,' holiness (wholeness), or a higher purpose, what we're really looking for is a deeper connection to ourselves and to others. We are desiring to be at peace, to feel joy and Love in our hearts. At The Studio X, not only does sex connect us to life itself, it brings forth the programs of shame that we have been burdened with. When we allow the shame to arise from within us and compassionately observe our experience, it can then be released in order for us to fully connect with our highest spiritual selves.  Let those walls fall down, babes. You are worthy of all your desires. In fact, they are your roadmap to creating your dream life. This is Sex Magick baby!

Tantric Sex as we call it, is the embracing of sexual energy as a tool to circulate love and pleasure throughout our systems. Tantric Sex is centered around expanded presence for all sensations and experiences that arise, without attachment to outcome. This practice will bring heightened pleasure and leads to extended periods of orgasmic bliss inside and outside of sexual encounters. When practiced with a partner who is grounded in loving presence, Tantric Sex has the power to remove stagnant energies that cause blockages to experiencing pleasure. This healing energy helps release past trauma, to embody higher states of peace, joy, & abundance.

The Sanskrit word Tantra itself means "to weave, to expand." As described by Tantric Master Shri Aghorinath Ji, when we are born, we are provided a specific fabric of our being, which life naturally forms itself around. But as we grow with society and its conditionings, the natural fabric of our being gets torn and distorted with fear, attachment, shame, and guilt. In applying Tantra and circulating our own natural life force through breath, meditation, movement, and circulating sexual energy, we begin to weave the authentic essence of ourselves that we had forgotten.

Tantric philosophy is the mental understanding that everything is a gift. When we operate in this way, it allows us to release fear, shame, guilt and grief to fully open our "Soul Star Chakra," the 8th chakra that is the merging of both our primal and spiritual essence. The mental-emotional stagnancy that we have inherited or created is gradually lifted as we fully feel our pain, and our pleasure, and release resistance to Life. In the process of embodying the Tantric Philosophy and bringing light to the darkness, all of our Chakras activate and open so we can step into our fullest expression and open into expanded pleasure and creativity. 

Our proclamation of sovereignty from social impositions takes a village. It involves a unification of kindred spirits creating sex positive & abundant intentional community!


Tantric philosophy

Tantra is a spiritual tradition found in both Hinduism and Buddhism and which has also influenced other Asian belief systems.

Tantra is NOT a religion!  Tantra is a logical and systematic approach that releases suffering and increases pleasure the more you embody the philosophy.  This is done by realizing and fostering the Divine within one's own body, one that is a simultaneous union of the masculine-feminine, darkness-light, and has the ultimate goal of realizing the "primal blissful state of non-duality."

Tantra has been one of the most neglected branches of Indian spiritual studies despite the considerable number of texts devoted to this practice, which date back to the 5th-9th century CE.

Many people still consider Tantra to be full of obscenities and unfit for people of good taste. It is also often accused of being a kind of black magic. However, in reality, Tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions, representing the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.

Through utilizing Tantric understanding and embracing all perceived negative experiences, one can gain a perspective of perfection & recognize Divinity represented in all things. This is the knowing that all pain, suffering, pleasure, beauty, “good” or “bad,” are gifts to be embraced with compassion, which in turn releases one from an experience of suffering. In this recognition, we can embody our power as we release shame, guilt, grief, fear or any emotional blockage, and allow life to move through us in magnificent ways. It is a surrender to a higher power and an acceptance of all shadows as they arise. We can begin to receive the experience as a gift that can be alchemized with our bodies, breath, & sexual energy.

Timeline ~ Sexuality in antiquity


In Hinduism, the union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy is understood as the Union of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva embodies the masculine structure of Universe, and Shakti is the feminine creative life force that animates the Universe. Shiva awaited in his cave in meditation for eternity, until Shakti awakened him with her dynamic Eros, her feminine expression. In Tantra, the divine feminine and masculine can be embodied in every individual, no matter their gender expression.

Kempton, Sally. “The Grand Tantric Narrative.” Awakening Shakti. Sounds True. Boulder, CO, 2013.]

Quantum Physics & Tantra

Textual evidence of Tantric teachings, although limited, date back to the 10th century. We accept Tantra as an ancient practice and tradition that utilizes our mental focus to expand our consciousness through the merging of our physical, primal, spiritual, and unconscious aspects of our human experience, in order to bring the light of our spirit into body and actualize our full creative power. Quantum physics can be applied to affirm the effectiveness of this ancient practice to heal physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease.

The Kama Sutra is a commonly known early Tantric Sex text that describes sexual positions for both same gender and opposite gender couples, as well as group sexual experiences. 

Forbes Tantra & Quantum Physics Article

Sinister Sexuality in Christianity

In Christianity 'to sin' means to miss the mark, or to be in separation from God. This alludes to the concept that God, Divinity, Source energy is not present in all creation and therefore creates limiting thoughts and concepts that inevitably shame and judge humans and their relationship to their primal desires.  At the Studio X we anchor in love to reclaim our Sinless nature connected with Source Energy!

The studio x Good News

The Studio X is here to share the good news, that our primal desires are sacred when centered in love. 

Mary Magdalene & Jesus

Like the Divine Archetypal embodiments of Shiva and Shakti, Mary Magdalene was the feminine consort of Jesus, who saw him deeply in his devotion to service and unconditional love. Together, this holy couple used their bodies, their breath and the serenity of the present moment to access higher consciousness through sacred intimacy that brought them into advanced states of being. Because MM was rumored to be an initiate of the Temple of Isis, she was able to practice Sex Magick with Yeshua (Jesus) and advanced his state of being through expanding his energetic ka body with her sexual energy. Together they stoked a Kundalini awakening through their unconditional love, by stirring sexual energy and opening up their Chakra system to expand in sensitivity to subtle energies. 

The Magdalen Manuscript. Seventh Edition Twelfth Printing. Orcas, WA, 2002.] [Kujawa, Joanna. “Tantra, Gnostic Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.”  July 11, 2018. 

Carl Jung & sigmund freud

Psychologist Sigmund Freud first proposed that repression of sexual expression causes life-force energy to be put towards denying one’s natural sexual desire, therefore denying our Divine nature. He considered this to be an unhelpful practice because it was draining rather than productive and he suggested for people to actualize their sexual desires to find balance within their energy. Carl Jung, philosopher and author, was inspired by Freudian psychology and spoke blatantly about the oneness of sexuality and spirituality. Jung saw masculine and feminine energies as inherent to all of humankind regardless of gender. Jung and Freud shared ideologies that align with the Tantric Philosophy; that sexual energy and expression is a healing modality that transmutes stagnant energy, and when we cultivate sexual experiences with intention we can access infinite energy, which not only supports mood but also increases health, vitality and vigor.

Kabbalah & Sex Magick

Esoteric sexual practice has been linked to early Hebrew religion. Early religious texts consider sexuality as a practice to grow closer to God through opening up the body to a surrendered state, allowing life-force energy to freely flow. Magick is the ritualistic practice of using intention to manifest desires. Alister Crowley, the founder of the religion Wicca, created this term to describe the ritual practice of embracing all desire rather than labeling a desire as 'right' or 'wrong.'

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