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Alisa Marie is a devoted Yogini and Tantrika, artist, intimacy coach and embodiment guide. She supports men, women, and all genders in integrating yoga and sacred sexuality into their daily lives and well being.

She applies her knowledge in ancient yogic philosophy, movement & theatrical training, transpersonal psychology, and sexual healing to her work - where she provides a safe space for others to remember their own personal agency and utilize the body as a tool for empowerment and awakening.

Alisa's refreshingly playful and fun nature brings out the erotic innocence and joy that many of us have forgotten. She utilizes both depth psychology and primal embodiment practices to heal inner-child wounding. Healing the inner child allows us to re-parent ourselves in ways that may not have been nourished when we were young - to return back to an authentic place of empowerment, love, and freedom.

Alisa is highly empathic and “clairsentient,” meaning that she is attuned to the subtle energy body and can sense the emotions and energies that may be stored in another’s body. She authentically reflects and inquires on experiences, and then utilizes yogic and tantric tools to move the energy through the body to create a new experience. These perceived blockages are also where our greatest powers lie. 

Her embodiment of clear, honest, and empathic communication and intuition supports others in releasing these blockages and arriving in deeper presence and connectivity. This process also allows for those to apply these tools to their relationships and evolve their own communication skills. 

Her friends call her a “walking heart chakra” because of her wide open heart, and the compassion and love that she feels for all beings.

She welcomes you to embrace your darkness and your pain, as means to expand your capacity to embrace life in a deeper way. Whether you are looking to attract more Shakti in your life, or embrace your Shakti within, Alisa will activate you and invite you into a deeper connection to your energetic and emotional being, which is the foundation for creating more room for pleasure and bliss in your daily life. 

She believes that feeling pleasure and creativity daily is our birthright… and that each of our visions, dreams, and desires are meant to come to life, when we are ready to receive the magic and Tantric energy that is available. 

She started practicing Yoga and meditation as an adolescent, and has been a devoted Yogi for almost 10 years. Her interest in Yoga and the arts soon guided her to study Tantra in New York at Sarah Lawrence College, while she studied a multitude of interests including Dance Psychology, Eastern Religion, Literature, and Performing Arts. 

Now a co-founder of two wellness businesses, she builds her lifestyle based on inspiration and vitality, creativity and relationships, and doing the self healing work to continue supporting others on their journey of self growth and reclaiming their sensuality. 

A singer, dancer, creative, and free spirit, she has always gone against the grain of what is considered “normal” or acceptable in society. She invites a questioning and an inquiry around the “roles” we have been given, from our gender, to how we should act in relationships, work, and our relationship to culture as a whole. Her mission at The Studio X is to create safe spaces for self exploration, for awakening our sensual, sexual, creative essence, to break free from the social dogma and reignite our personal power together as One.

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