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Your Solo Practice Is Always The Foundation

White Tantra

White Tantra is a personal experience where we focus on creating a deeper understanding of ourselves & discover our wholeness within. This exploration includes our sexuality, mind, body and spirit. This process reveals to us the spectrum of feminine and masculine energies within.  As we explore our inner existence, both the light and the shadows, we find the interconnected nature of people, energy and all experiences in life. This process naturally reveals the love and joy available every day, and connects us with our purpose.

Creating space for mindful exploration of the senses, breathing, meditation, self care, self pleasure, yoga & other Tantric embodiment practices are essential. Our bodies are instruments for divine energy to flow through. As we attune our mental focus to our inner somatic world, we can release emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and grief and become more fully expressed. This will naturally raise our vibration and we will feel more pleasure in our bodies. This increases our self worth and confidence, creating a powerful embodiment to attract intimate partners.

If you are single, dating or in partnership, the relationship with yourself is always the foundation.  From this perspective we can more powerfully connect with others and bring our loving light into the world.

Come Home To Yourself

The Studio X Is Here To Help

  • Create Vision, Plan & Set Intentions For Relationships & Life
  • Develop A Positive Self Image & Character
  • Learn About Women, Men & Other Social Constructs
  • Explore Feminine & Masculine Energy
  • Develop A Powerful Sense Of Your Own Agency
  • Channel Your Highest Expression & Release Ego Limitations
  • Develop Your Voice & Caring Reflection
  • Expand Your Ability To Listen & Receive With Empathy
  • Release Fear & Expand Safety
  • Create A Sense Of Abundance
  • Increase Pleasure & Release Pain
  • Expand Intimacy & Self Worth
  • Release Shame & Embody Your Sexiness
  • Increase Vitality, Vibrancy & Youthful Energy
  • Build Confidence, Strength & Power
  • Expand Your Heart, Love, Compassion & Gratitude
  • Increase Intelligence & Expand Wisdom
  • Feel Emotionally Connected With YourSelf & Partners
  • Become More Caring & Loving
  • Expand Your Ability To Hold Space
  • Develop Activities & Tools For Self & To Share With Others
  • Discover Increased Joy, Peace and Beauty In The World
  • Master Communication & Conversations
  • Cleanse Your Body Of Dis-Ease


Tantra For Singles

If you are single, congratulations! The Time is NOW for the Tantric Initiation. Being single is the most powerful time to create the foundation of your Tantric Lifestyle. You have more space, focus and resources to develop yourself.  It's time for you, for your pleasure, creativity, healing and empowerment. Does that sound selfish?  Well guess what, it's not selfish when you are considerate of others.  So let's consider that you will come from a more powerful place to share love and help others when you ground into healing with yourself first! From this place, when you find a partner, you will be stable and abundant to share connection from a place of fulfillment within.  Remember, it is key for your empowerment, and theirs, to continue creating space for yourself. This allows for you to remain whole inside, so you can stay balanced and ultimately offer more to your partner(s).

Often people can feel depressed or angry when they are single, especially if it isn’t their conscious choice. It is time to re-pattern into the Tantric Lifestyle Approach. The Studio X has a proven methodology for assisting you in creating more love, peace, joy and pleasure in your life. This embodiment will assist you in attracting the partner(s) you desire. The truth is that You are NOT a victim to life, or your emotions, even if you feel that way. If you feel victimized, then know that you are loved, and your experience is honored and accepted. If you are ready to heal and become empowered by every situation, then let us share the Tantric Lifestyle Approach with you! 

In the Tantric Lifestyle Approach, the development of your Solo practice is essential. As you learn to expand pleasure in your body and harness your sexual energy, your life will begin to transform. The key here is to take radical responsibility for your own energy and emotional experience as you shine your light in the world. The darkness will also show itself and doubt, fear, and any other limitation will be revealed. How we relate to these situations is where the magic can happen.

In the Tantric Lifestyle Approach, we can be empowered by every situation. If you don’t believe that, no problem! We don’t have to believe something to experience it, we just have to be open to the possibility. This will create the opportunity for truth to be revealed to us. Once we experience something, no more belief is necessary, it is our reality!

If you are ready to explore the world of Tantra and step into your highest expressed self, let’s begin our journey together.

Please schedule a discovery call and we can share more on how to develop your Tantric Embodiment and then bring this powerful energy and way of living into your dating life and partnership.

Benefits of Practicing Tantra Solo 

  1. Connect with your authentic self, expanding wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Hear the sound of your inner voice without the distracting negative self-sabotaging chatter.
  3. Release doubt, fear, desperation, unworthiness, guilt, shame, limiting beliefs and resentment you may have.
  4. Feel more connected with yourself, your intuition, and the universe. As a result, you will create genuine connections with others. 
  5. Work through sexual dysfunction and blocks to pleasure and intimacy.
  6. Expand your ability to feel and express yourself.
  7. Cultivate physical, emotional, and mental intimacy with yourself and others.
  8. Get to know your shadows and unconscious mind to expand compassion and awareness, discovering previously unseen abilities and gifts.

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