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What are your desires? Do you have a strategy to turn them into reality? Do you believe that you deserve to have what you want? Do you find pleasure in everyday activities? Are you inspired, creative, abundant, and connected to your purpose? Are you open to receive more?

The Studio X Alchemy is our magical system utilized within coaching, embodiment and mentorship services. This exclusive method takes inspiration from the fundamental philosophy and embodiment practices of Tantra, while breaking free from any outdated dogma. It embraces a more modern perspective, allowing for a fresh and innovative approach to be explored. The Studio X Alchemy incorporates modern-day science and technology to create a unique and powerful transformational process. It utilizes techniques that foster intimacy and build relationships, resulting in a truly transformative experience.

Now let us show you a little bit more about how we utilize Tantra.

Dating, Boy/Girlfriend, Going Steady, Fiancé, Married, It’s Complicated… Or Just A Situationship.

There are many different types of 'romantic relationship’ programs in our culture.  These social constructs consist of assumptions, expectations & energy orchestrations that can negatively or positively affect how we run our own energy.  When we become conscious & intentional in creating our dream life, it is essential to fine tune our relationships to positively impact our empowerment, self expression & creativity.

As you understand yourself at a deeper level, you can explore the details of your truth and desires, and be more authentic in your expression.  As you collaborate with a partner and support each other in this exploration, you open up the possibility of a more powerful way to create and explore life.

Tantric Partnership & Divine Sexual Union

When people hear of Tantra, they usually think about sex.  Yes, Tantra is a gateway to the most epic, transcendental, mind blowing sex ever, and also, it is much more! Tantra integrates spirituality and sexuality into a pathway for personal growth, discovering your purpose and feeling connected in co-creation with the universe! Spiritual Partnership and the practice of Tantra can be the most powerful way to expand and create.  This is the alignment of souls in creating their dreams.  As you align intentions and create a Tantric Lifestyle Blue Print, you can harness the full power of Sex Magic and create your the life you desire! 

This exploration of collaboration is a potent catalyst for empowerment, and at the highest level involves passion, intimacy and commitment.  This process can also be challenging and confusing.  Having an experienced Tantrika is essential in order to bring light into conversation when two shadows entangle into dis-empowering control dramas.  This entanglement seems to be an inevitable situation until a person has reached the highest states of consciousness.  As you expand your awareness through presence & learn to utilize The Studio X Alchemy techniques you will begin to understand the patterns of the collective unconscious Shadow a deeper level.

At The Studio X we will help you create a vision that aligns for you and your partner.  As you explore and discuss intentions, needs, desires, boundaries and all of life together a creative synergy beyond your wildest dreams is available.  Communication, collaboration, transparency, love, trust and freedom are key aspects of becoming synergistic .  The Studio X is ready to assist you!

Intimacy Coaching

Tantric Embodiment

Erotic Devotion

Keeping Your Own Agency & Energy Centers OPEN

Often when people enter into partnerships they are looking to find fulfillment or happiness from another person.  They enter into a co-dependent relationship that represses emotions and limits their expression.  This causes stagnant energies to form in the Chakras and the diminishes PrAna (life force energy) flow.  The Practice Of White Tantra will assist you in keeping your own agency and PrAna circulating.

In the 'name of love' people often sacrifice their truth & hide their authentic feelings when they are attracted to other people.  They are might be afraid of doing the wrong thing, hurting or loosing their partner.  We are fed a story by society, school, friends, parents and religion on what the 'right thing' to do is.  When we are children, we are more vulnerable to be programmed, and unknowingly receive this 'malware', into our unconscious minds.  As we re-pattern our mind into the Tantric Philosophy we can release these judgements of right and wrong andthe  accompanied limiting emotions.  As we explore through the lens of TLC: Truth, Love and Choice we can become self realized in our souls true authenticity.  The understanding that making decisions from a place of Fear, Guilt, Shame and Grief is ultimately dis-empowering, allows us to form a new relationship with these energies so they can be released.  Honoring the process of Trauma release in our bodies is essential. We do not want to reject ourselves as we make decisions from lower vibrations, this is part of the process, and healing is not to be rushed. Let us witness ourselves with compassion, breath deeply and release. We will then shift naturally into higher timelines of expanded love, pleasure, peace and creativity. This is the pathway of Enlightenment; The ultimate purpose of Tantra.

Keep Passion Alive & Continue Dating

In The Studio X Alchemy we encourage everyone to continue The Tantric Dating Practice.  Open up the conversation of desires and fantasies with your partner.  As you build a bond with your partner of Commitment, Trust & Safety, we encourage partners who are ready, to be open to dates with other people.  This could be a 3-way date or separate 1-1 dates.  Often, one partner or another has an easier time dating outside of the primary partnership.  Being on the same team, encouraging and supporting each other in collaboration is the key. This process has proven to be a catalyst to personal development and bringing light to shadow aspects of ourselves.

Platonic intimacy is the foundation in the Studio X Tantric Dating Practice.  Remaining in integrity with yourself and your primary partner is essential when you explore.  Having other intimate relationships helps us so we are not looking to get all of our needs met by our primary partner.  This will also keep passion alive in your relationship, especially when you're married.  Remember, dates with other people can be platonic & do not have to be sexual.  Utilizing The Studio X Alchemy, the process of opening your heart to more people in platonic intimacy is a proven technique to expand in love and release non serving emotions.  Discussing your boundaries is key in Tantric Partnership & Dating.  Transparency, truth, love, choice & collaboration are essential in this process.  Including the honoring of shadow aspects, the process & time that it takes to come into integrity.  As long as we keep showing up in Truth and Love, Great Spirit has a pathway of Unity.  Within The Studio X Alchemy, if you are dating other people outside your primary partnership it is key to personal development to have all parties be emotionally connected and share time together to reflect and process emotions.

Polyamory and Triangular Theory Of Love

Polyamory, a relationship style that challenges traditional relationship norms, offers a unique perspective on passion, intimacy, and commitment. It embraces the dynamic of individuals having multiple intimate relationships simultaneously, with the consent and knowledge of all parties involved. 

Polyamory can include sex, but does not have toThe foundation of Polyamory within The Studio X is platonic intimacy and forming a safe and connected relationship with your primary partner.

The “Triangular Theory Of Love” is an elemental tool in The Studio X Alchemy.  When expanding loving relationships this framework is fundamental for Spiritual Partnership and creating Tantric experiences as a catalyst for personal development and trauma release.

The Studio X services encourage spiritual partnerships and creating tantric relationships to serve as catalysts for shadow work, personal development, the release of trauma, expanded pleasure, love, and sexual expression. Opening your partnership to a third party is a powerful catalyst for expansion. By working with a Studio X coach and your partner (or a practice partner through mentorship) you will discover the healing power of pleasure through Polyamory.

In the realm of polyamory for personal development and spiritual growth, the triangular theory of love offers valuable insights into our relationships and connections with others. At its core, this theory explores the three essential components of love: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Passion ignites the fire within us, fueling desire and attraction towards another person. It is the spark that ignites our hearts and keeps the flame alive in a relationship. Intimacy, on the other hand, delves into a deeper level of emotional connection and vulnerability. It is through intimacy that we cultivate trust, share our fears and dreams, and truly understand one another.

But what ties passion and intimacy together is commitment—a conscious choice to invest in a relationship for the long haul. It is through commitment that relationships can weather storms while continuing to grow stronger.

Within The Studio X alchemy, intimacy and commitment are the two foundational qualities for personal development and spiritual growth when exploring polyamory. Passion is the catalyst that turns up the heat for this alchemical process and the release of trauma. It is important to find the edge, but not go to far as when we trigger fight, flight or freeze, we inhibit the healing process. Discovering the balance between the amount of trauma someone has stored in their bodies, the toolset and ability to move energy and their capacity to feel and stay grounded are the secrets to success. Platonic intimacy is where we start exploring our expansion of love.

In polyamorous relationships, passion takes on a whole new dimension. By exploring multiple connections, individuals can experience a heightened sense of excitement and attraction. This allows for an expanded range of experiences and opportunities to explore different aspects of their desires.

Intimacy in polyamory is not limited to one partner but extends to all those involved. It goes beyond physical closeness and delves into emotional connection and vulnerability.

Through open communication and deep connections with multiple partners, individuals can cultivate a profound sense of closeness.

Commitment in polyamory may seem paradoxical at first glance. However, it refers to the ongoing decision to stay in and nurture each relationship individually while respecting the autonomy of all involved parties. It requires open dialogue about boundaries, expectations, and desires to ensure that everyone's needs are met.

Polyamory offers an alternative path for those seeking unconventional forms of love and connection. By embracing this lifestyle choice with honesty and respect for all parties involved, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery while nurturing meaningful connections with others.

Understanding relationship dynamics through this lens opens up new possibilities for personal growth and transformation. We can strive to cultivate all three components of love within ourselves while also recognizing that relationships require effort from both parties involved.

Remember that growth takes time; it requires patience as we navigate the complexities of love. With an open heart and willingness to learn from both joyful moments as well as challenges along the way, we can create relationships rooted in authenticity, passion, intimacy. Love ultimately leads us towards personal fulfillment on our spiritual journey.

Remember: Love knows no limits when we approach it with an open heart!

This framework for relationships used in psychology identifies three main components:

  1. Passion refers to feelings of excitement and attraction
  2. Intimacy refers to feelings of closeness and connection
  3. Commitment refers to the ongoing decision to stay in and nurture the relationship.

Depending on which of these three elements are present, partners can find themselves in one of seven different types of relationships:

  1. Infatuation: passion only
  2. Friendship: intimacy only
  3. Empty love: commitment only
  4. Romantic love: passion + intimacy
  5. Fatuous love: passion + commitment
  6. Companionate love: intimacy + commitment
  7. Consummate love: passion + intimacy + commitment

** Developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg, Ph.D., and fellow researchers throughout the 1980s and '90s, this relationship framework has been validated by research across 25 different countries

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