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About Hannah Jo

Hannah Jo is a Tantric Lifestyle and Embodiment Coach, supporting high-achievers on their Self-growth path of integrating sexuality and spirituality. 

She offers her knowledge of yogic philosophy, tantra, transpersonal psychology and somatics; to lead others into safety to soften the aspects of themselves that have been suppressed overtime.

Since first discovering Hatha yoga in college Hannah has been on a journey of dissolving dissociative tendencies through deepening in connectivity with her body. Becoming a certified yoga instructor was the initial catalyst for Hannah’s interest in a career path that encouraged Self healing and embodiment. Within her yoga community she was introduced to tantra as the transformational practice of surrender that ultimately shifted her relationship to her body from victimhood to empowerment.

Coming from a dissatisfying sexual and relational history, with very little heart connection with the men she was with, she didn’t know why nor what was missing. Once she entered into a polyamorous relationship in 2020, she experienced unconditional love, commitment and sacred sexuality in ways she had never known possible. She blossomed into the truth of her own essence and discovered a new world of loving, relationship and vibrant community. This depth of richness and pleasure was the inspiration to pursue entrepreneurship, co-creative business development and professional Self-growth services. 

Since the birth of The Studio X in 2021 she has been offering Tantra and coaching services full time. She incorporates her powerful channel of Tantric philosophy and teachings, and embodiment of her liberated lifestyle into her offerings. In addition, she has facilitated women's circles, intentional gatherings and transformational events in Santa Barbara.

Hannah sees sacred sexuality and tantra as powerful tools for self development that can be applied to all of life’s experiences. She brings compassion, intellectual understanding and helpful practices to her clients that are distressed by the lack of fulfillment,  in their relationships and otherwise. She particularly values the opportunity to talk to people who are interested in polyamory or alternative relationships. Her Tantric Lifestyle and Embodiment Coaching services offer intentional space to be seen, heard, lovingly reflected.

She is looking forward to supporting more awakening in the Santa Barbara community where she lives, and envisions more openness and consciousness in relationships, from platonic to romantic partnership, with people being the most openly expressed, authentic versions of themselves.

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