For The Masculine Aspect Of Self

Unlock your heart-centered sexual expression and magnetize your dream life!

What are your desires? Do you have a strategy to turn them into reality? Do you believe that you deserve to have what you want? Do you find pleasure in everyday activities? Are you inspired, creative, abundant, and connected to your purpose? Are you open to receive more?

The Studio X Alchemy is our magical system utilized within coaching, embodiment and mentorship services. This exclusive method takes inspiration from the fundamental philosophy and embodiment practices of Tantra, while breaking free from any outdated dogma. It embraces a more modern perspective, allowing for a fresh and innovative approach to be explored. The Studio X Alchemy incorporates modern-day science and technology to create a unique and powerful transformational process. It utilizes techniques that foster intimacy and build relationships, resulting in a truly transformative experience.

Now let us show you a little bit more about how we utilize Tantra.

Tantra For Men, For The Masculine Aspect Of Self

Tantra is often synonymous with sex, or erotic massage.  Men often seek tantra through their desire for better sex, or just more of it. Don't get us wrong, we love sex, and the desire for sex is great!  Though, men often feel a lack within, and are in lust for the feminine essence, for a woman, for release & relief.  This is understandable due to the "Man Program" and how it disconnects people from their feminine aspects.   We want to help you release any shame that there might be around this experience!  Also, we want to help you understand Tantra at a deeper level, which will uncover any repressed emotions that you are not aware of.  Yes, Tantra includes the most juicy sexual engagements, but at the foundation Tantra is Yoga Of The Heart.  

Tantra is about celebrating your body and feeling heightened sensuality. The practice intertwines spirituality, sexuality, and a state of mindfulness. It encourages a sensual experience that may be experienced alone or with a partner.

The Studio X Alchemy is about discovering the wholeness within, and leading men back to their own Feminine energy.  Ironically, the process of Tantra completely dissolves “The Man Program”, and all the dis empowerment that comes along with it.

If you are looking to start your Tantric Journey with us, you must open up into receptivity & coachability.

If you are ready, congratulations, your on the pathway to creating your dream life!

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Masculine Polarity (Yang)
A social construct of society

"The Man" Program

The concept and embodiment of 'being a Man' is often a dis-empowering program that creates a disconnect from our authentic expression, which includes the feminine aspect of ourselves.  We all hold a spectrum of masculine and feminine (Yin/Yang) energy.  The feminine quality of receptivity opens us into a channel of unconditional love that is available to us independently.  We access this healing energy through focusing our mind on our feelings, and into our heart space. As we fully receive ourselves, including any resistance we may experience, we open up the pathway to become whole within.

A lot of men were taught at an early age to “suck it up,” that crying is unacceptable and expressing how one felt could be viewed as weak, which is the ultimate insult to the Man ego. Men weren’t given a platform to share how they felt but instead were quickly told to move past it and “stay strong" and that they needed "to man up”.  This embodiment causes compartmentalization & the repression emotions, which in turn creates stagnant energy that blocks our energy centers, flow & authentic nature.  The 'Man Program' also teaches that rough and tough is the way to be, and that disregarding the care of their bodies is manly.  This hardens are physical vessels and disconnects us from the spectrum of sensations and pleasure available.

'Men' are cultivated into competition which creates separation and lack of intimacy, especially between two males. At the far end of the spectrum, men fall into 'Toxic Masculinity' which refers to the notion that some people’s idea of “manliness” perpetuates domination, homophobia, and aggression.  Toxic masculinity involves cultural pressures for men to behave in a certain way.  This idea that men need to act tough and avoid showing all emotions can be harmful to their mental health and can have serious consequences for society, which is how it became known as “toxic masculinity.”  Toxic masculinity creates trauma in our bodies, and effects our relationship with men at large.  The perception of "A Man" and the accompanied program is often assumed by people.  The program not only lives in men, but also in women.  For women, it not only can be a perception of someone else, it can also be an embodiment of themselves through the desire to dominate or compete in the world.  

Our sexuality is the most dis-empowering energy that can be suppressed by "The Man Program".  The Man Program also disconnects males from the desire to be vulnerable, receptive and to be penetrated.  As we further move into Unity Consciousness & The Golden Age Of Aquarius this program will dissolve, along with competition and separation it causes between males and all people. Sexual energy can be suppressed through fear, guilt, shame and grief.  These lower vibrations are perpetuated in the perpetration & victim-hood dynamics that run rampant in society. In Junguan Psychology, sexuality takes us deep into parts of ourselves of which we are only dimly aware, which clash with the way we’d like to present ourselves to the world. This is the part of the personality that Jung referred to as the shadow. For almost all of us, some aspects of our sexual identity are in the shadow and the unconscious. 

We are moving into a time where authenticity and vulnerability are finally being celebrated and recognized as a critical part of being a “whole” person. That strength is now being seen and recognized when one is able to share truthfully and openly one’s thoughts, fears, feelings, and desires. It is time to reignite our flame, own our desires and express ourselves more fully.

As you begin to work with a Tantrika and utilize Tantric Technology, you will begin to dismantle and release the negative qualities of the "Man Program".  As you learn to cultivate and hold space for Kundalini energy (advanced sexual energy) through Tantric meditative techniques and practices, a powerful space for transmutations of lower vibrations is created.  This will begin to catalyze the progress in shadow work and create your pathway to expanded peace, joy, love, pleasure, & inspiration in your Tantric Lifestyle.

Masculine Soul & Gender Identity

In The Tantric perspective you do not have to have a Lingam (penis) to run your energy primarily with Yang (Masculine). It is understood there can be a female soul found within a male body or a male soul born in a female body. This understanding helps us understand the authentic diversity of gender identity and orientation in all people.

Our soul is the baseline for our highest expressed self, free from social constructs and fear based limitations.  Society and it's programs often inhibit our authentic expression and confuse how we relate to ourselves and others.  We are often programmed through words and emotional projections as we grow up, telling us 'who we are' & "how we should act",  based on our Biological Sex.

Chemistry is created within ourselves and between partners through they play of Masculine & Feminine energies (Yin/Yang).  This polarity is independent from our assigned sex at birth or gender identity.  We must feel safe with inside of ourselves first, in order to create chemistry.  This is accomplished through releasing fear and opening the root chakra energy center.   This is not just a thought, this is an embodied energy activation.  Understanding that we must feel safe first, and create polarity between Yin/Yang, helps us why we might not feel sexual energy.

As we explore ourselves more deeply & create a relationship with our Chakras (energy centers), we can learn to more powerfully create chemistry within ourselves and with others.

Assigned sex at birth

Male Biological Sex

If you are a Male By Biological Sex - You can develop certain dis-ease through the repression of sexual energy. 

  1. Decreased Libido

  2. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  3. Ejaculatory Dysfunction (including premature ejaculation [PE]

  4. Disease

  5. Psychological challenges

  6. Reactive tendencies

Heal Through The Studio X Alchemical Process

  • Understand the energies that create our embodiment and our realities

  • Create a healing space in your body to release all dis-ease

  • Increase, flexibility, strength & vitality in your body

  • Expand Intimacy, sexual Inspiration, expression, pleasure & orgasmic energy

  • Ground into safety and calm your mind


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