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Regardless of gender & orientation

Tantra For Women, For The Feminine

Often women feel that Tantra isn't for them, because they assume Tantra is only about sex, or something just for men. Women can also can feel unsafe in regards to Tantra because of their lack of boundaries around sex, and fear that they will be imposed upon.  They also might think that they can only do tantra as a couple or with a partner.  We understand that the feminine most often needs safety, emotional connection, intimacy and love, before focusing on sex.

White Tantra, is always the foundation of The Studio X Tantric Lifestyle. White Tantra is about cultivating your solo practice to develop a deeper and more intimate connection with yourself.  From this place you can feel grounded to move into Tantric Dating, or creating a Tantric Partnership if desired.

Feminine Beings, WOMEN, Let Your Desires Be Your Inspiration For Life, Everything Is Available To You!


Top Signs You Are Ready!

1. You desire to expand your heart and share this with the world.
2. You desire to feel inspired, vital and enthusiastic about life.
3. You desire increased peace & joy in your body and mind.
4. You desire to set boundaries and keep them.
5. You desire a balance of giving and receiving in relationships.
6. You desire to feel confident & happy with your body.
7. You desire to (re) ignite passion and your sexual fire.
8. You desire to be a radiant woman & shine your light in the world.
9. You desire to remember your true self, & express yourself fully.
10. You desire to attract an aligned partner to share life with.

Assigned sex at birth

Female Biological Sex

Assigned sex is a label that you’re given at birth based on medical factors, including your hormones, chromosomes, and genitals. A person with XX chromosomes usually has female sex and reproductive organs, and is therefore usually assigned biologically female.  These qualities of our physical bodies are some of the aspects that effect the way we relate to the world.

If you are a Female By Biological Sex - You can develop certain dis-ease through the repression of sexual energy. 


These can show up as:

  1. Physical changes or conditions that impact intimacy
  2. Having pain during sexual activity
  3. Hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder — having low or absent desire for sexual intimacy that causes distress
  4. Having reduced or excessive arousal of genital organs
  5. Female orgasmic disorder — having reduced or absent orgasm during sexual activity that causes distress
  6. Having decreased overall satisfaction with sexual function
  7. STD's
  8. Cancer
  9. Psychosis or unwanted reactive tenancies

Heal Through The Studio X Tantric Lifestyle

  • Understand the energies that create our embodiment and our realities
  • Create a healing space in your body to release all dis-ease
  • Increase, flexibility, strength & vitality in your body
  • Expand Intimacy, sexual Inspiration, expression, pleasure & orgasmic energy
  • Ground into safety and calm your mind

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The Feminine Soul & Gender Identity

In The Tantric perspective you do not have to have a Yoni (vagina) to run your energy primarily in Feminine (Yin). It is understood there can be a female soul found within a male body or a male soul born in a female body. This understanding helps us understand the authentic diversity of gender identity and orientation in all people.

Our soul is the baseline for our highest expressed self, free from social constructs and fear based limitations.  Society and it's programs often inhibit our authentic expression and confuse how we relate to ourselves and others.  We are often programmed through words and emotional projections as we grow up, telling us 'who we are' & "how we should act",  based on our Biological Sex.

Chemistry is created within ourselves and between partners through they play of Masculine & Feminine energies (Yin/Yang).  This polarity is independent from our assigned sex at birth or gender identity.  We must feel safe with inside of ourselves first, in order to create chemistry.  This is accomplished through releasing fear and opening the root chakra energy center.   This is not just a thought, this is an embodied energy activation.  Understanding that we must feel safe first, and create polarity between Yin/Yang, helps us why we might not feel sexual energy.

As we explore ourselves more deeply & create a relationship with our Chakras (energy centers), we can learn to more powerfully create chemistry within ourselves and with others.

Connect to the divine feminine

Female energy holds the power to see through the illusions of the mind. It is the feminine energy that is the Shakti, or power-source. The Shakti is the direct access to the universe for her mate, Shiva ( Learn More about Shiva)



Feminine Polarity (Yin)
Social constructs of society

Gender Roles, Identities, Relationships

A social construct is a collective worldview that is held by a group of people that typically includes the rules that individuals are expected to follow. These rules can include guidelines for behavior, morality, and ethics.  In other words these are imposed rules on the idea of 'who we should be' and 'how we should act'.

These programs of society live in our unconscious minds individually and in the collective.  They are the operating system by which our egos navigate life. The social constructs show up both through judgments and projections on individuals, groups or society in whole.  Examples of this are assumed Gender Roles, Gender Identities & Relationship Types....

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"The Women Program" A Social Construct

Unbelievably not much more than 100 years ago Women did not have the right to vote.  The oppression of women and domination by the toxic masculine is still clearing out of society, including ourselves, parents & grandparents.  This Trauma is stored in our bodies and energy centers (Chakras).  As we go back in history we bring awareness to the tragic reality of male domination, witches being burned, vikings pillaging, and wartime sexual violence of rape & murder.  This ancestral wounding affects our epigenetics and is also an element of Karma.

More recently equality has been established.   However, the typical social role of the woman has been as a submissive housewife, having children, making dinner, doing laundry and devoting themselves to maintaining a home and being the primary caretaker of the family.

Common Women Stereotypes:

1. Women are Caregivers
2. Women are Passive
3. Women Should have Children
4. Women are Quitters
5. Young Women are Innocent or Naïve
6. Women need Help from Men
7. Women are Weak
8. Women are Too Emotional for Leadership

Because women were forced into these roles and the emerging realization of this injustice, the opposite polarity has manifested.  Women have embodied the man program of competition and the repression of emotions.

They fight their way into employment and the patriarch American Dream of financial independence, through blood sweat and tears.  The “Man Program” disconnects us from our intuition, emotions, and feminine qualities of self.

Through the embodiment of Tantra we realize that our birth sex or gender identity does not depict who we are or how we should act.  We realize that we do not have to enslave ourselves into the American Dream (nightmare).  We can free ourselves from the Matrix and begin to dream a new reality of ease and grace, pleasure & love, sustainability and collaboration.

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