The Feminine Aspect Of Self

Unlock your heart-centered sexual expression and magnetize your dream life!

What are your desires? Do you have a strategy to turn them into reality? Do you believe that you deserve to have what you want? Do you find pleasure in everyday activities? Are you inspired, creative, abundant, and connected to your purpose? Are you open to receive more?

The Studio X Alchemy is our magical system utilized within coaching, embodiment and mentorship services. This exclusive method takes inspiration from the fundamental philosophy and embodiment practices of Tantra, while breaking free from any outdated dogma. It embraces a more modern perspective, allowing for a fresh and innovative approach to be explored. The Studio X Alchemy incorporates modern-day science and technology to create a unique and powerful transformational process. It utilizes techniques that foster intimacy and build relationships, resulting in a truly transformative experience.

Now let us show you a little bit more about how we utilize Tantra.

Tantra For Women, For The Feminine Aspect Of Self

Many women in this day and age are awakening to their sexual power, that is sovereign from the patriarchal impositions they’ve grown up with, and carry a deep desire to feel the freedom and sensuality that is so deeply a part of the feminine nature. 

Still, in this day and age of sexual awakening, there are very few offerings, spaces or communities that integrate the safety, emotional connection, intimacy, and love that is so necessary for the feminine to truly open up to sexuality and life in an embodied way.

Often women feel that Tantra isn't for them, because they assume Tantra is only about sex, or something just for imbalanced men who are looking for a sexual outlet. There are stories within our culture around what Tantra is and how great leaders may take advantage of women for their own benefit.  Often, from trauma and conditioning, women have learned to stray away from exploring sexual energy or having open energy centers, because they were never taught how to express boundaries, or for fear of being taken advantage of for their openness. Women can also feel unsafe in regards to Tantra because of a fear of imposition, or past experiences creating a distrust within themselves, their lack of boundaries around sex, and fear that they will be impose