Transcending Societal Programs & Identity

Gender Identity & Orientation Programs

A social construct of society

A social construct is a collective worldview that is held by a group of people that typically includes the rules that individuals are expected to follow. These rules can include guidelines for behavior, morality, and ethics.

These programs of society live in our unconscious minds and are the operating system by which our ego identifies & navigates life.  As we expand awareness, we can discover how to dissolve any programs that limit our expression. We can then discover an inner truth which shifts our perspectives and choices. This will automatically lead us into a higher vibration of flow state reality. This is the process of enlightenment, demystified.

Now let's release judgment and anchor into acceptance to explore in a mindful way.


Masculine Polarity (Yang)


Feminine Polarity (Yin)

Discovering Your Most Authentic Expression

In the Tantric practice we discover the balance between Shakti & Shiva, or Feminine & Masculine energy within us (Yin/Yang). We all hold a spectrum of these energy qualities. These polarities are the foundation of our internal chemistry and how we feel in our bodies. When we feel loving, sexy and pleasurable within ourselves, it is seen in our expression and our relationship with others. This is a highly magnetic embodiment which takes a certain degree of freedom and empowerment to hold.

Our Soul, Gender Identity & Orientation

In The Tantric perspective you do not have to have a Lingam (penis) to run your energy primarily with Yang (Masculine).  Also, you do not need to have a Yoni (vagina) to run your energy primarily with Yin (Feminine) energy.   It is understood that there can be a female soul born into a male body or a male soul born into a female body. This understanding helps us open up to the diversity of gender identity and orientation in all people.

The energy of our soul is the baseline for our highest expressed self, free from social constructs and fear-based limitations. Society and it's programs often inhibit our authentic expression and confuse how we relate to ourselves and others. We are often programmed by our family, friends, teachers and all of society. This happens through words and emotional projections as we grow up, telling us 'who we are' and "how we should act"  based on our Biological Sex.

Chemistry is created within ourselves and between partners through the play of Feminine & Masculine energies (Yin/Yang). This polarity is independent from our assigned sex at birth or gender identity. We must feel safe within ourselves first in order to create chemistry. This is accomplished through releasing fear and opening the Root Chakra energy center. This is not just a thought, this is an embodied energy activation. As we explore ourselves more deeply & create a relationship with our Chakras (energy centers), we can learn to more powerfully create chemistry within ourselves and with others.

Assigned sex at birth (aka “biological sex”)?


Assigned sex is a label that you’re given at birth based on medical factors, including your genitals, hormones, and chromosomes.

  • A person with XX chromosomes usually has female sex and reproductive organs, and is therefore usually assigned biologically female.

  • A person with XY chromosomes usually has male sex and reproductive organs, and is therefore usually assigned biologically male.

Other arrangements of chromosomes, hormones, and body parts can happen, which result in someone being intersex. These qualities of our physical bodies are some of the aspects that effect the way we relate to the world. 

Through utilizing Tantric Technology and the tools available within The Studio X Alchemy, you can more powerfully discover your most authentic & highest expressed self. As we open up a more intimate connection with ourselves we can discover the spectrum of feminine and masculine (Yin/Yang) qualities within. Through the process of personal development and shadow work you will be guided to release non-serving energies and step into further empowerment, peace, joy, love & pleasure in your life.

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