Tantric Dating

A Mindset To Expand Love & Awareness

Your Solo Practice Is Always The Foundation

White Tantra

Remember, your solo White Tantra practice is the foundation of The Studio X Tantric Lifestyle.  As you explore dating, maintaining your own devotional practice is essential.  This will assist you in keeping your own agency within relationships and continue the expansion into your highest expression.  

A mix of individual and partner-based practices

Pink Tantra

Pink Tantra focuses on weaving individual and partner-based Tantric practices.  As you develop your masculine structure of focused space holding, & your feminine quality of compassionate receptivity, you will be ready to practice Tantra with partners.  The Studio X will provide you with the tools, techniques and activities you need to make your dating life more fun, playful, connective and intimate. 

Tantric Dating

Guess what?  You are the ONE!  So often when we begin to date we are trying to find “The One”, or at least a person that will MAKE US happy… When we come from this place of looking outside of ourselves for a sense of fulfillment, which stages relationships for codependency led by dis-empowering habits that are often unconscious. 

The Studio X is here to help you regain a sense of love, happiness, and fulfillment within yourself, so you can share this cultivated energy in your relationships and beyond. 

Practicing Tantric dating offers a framework and intention to the dating experience - can you imagine, going into a date with full transparency, and a mutual desire to learn and grow spiritually, sexually, and express Truths without attachment? When we navigate dating through the lens of Tantra, every experience is an opportunity for us to expand and grow, to explore energy and become our highest selves.

While there is a stigma around Tantra just being a "spiritual sex" thing - there is so much more to it. Yes, Tantra encompasses the entirety of who we are, which includes sexuality, but it is also about expanding in all aspects of life:  in non-sexual intimacy, emotional connectivity, a framework of self awareness, communication, and embodiment practice.

As you continue to develop your Solo White Tantra practice, you will be able to share your safe container into your dates, to explore intimacy, spirituality and sexuality.  Now’s the time to find partners that want to practice Tantra with you!

When you are ready to begin sharing your Tantric practice with others:

  • Focus on being open and transparent with your desires and intentions, no matter what they are.
  • Be able to support the other in expressing their desires, boundaries, and ways in which they like to connect.
  • Focus on creating safety through non-sexual Tantric practices, open communication, and allow space for emotional and intellectual connection.
  • Release attachment to outcome, hold compassionate presence with yourself and the other. 

If you are looking to have Sex on the first date, fantastic, own and share your intentions with your partner.  You might be setting yourself up for temporary closure from your partner, but that is perfectly fine.  Every ‘rejection’ there is a possibility to bring light and love into the situation, and create a Tantric Redirection.  It's like dancing.. A dancer who has mastered their movement, makes nearly every step into a fluid piece of moving art… even a trip or a fall is turned into a hop and a roll.  All is an opportunity.  This is the perspective of the highest form of Tantra.

At The Studio X we operate from the perspective of Truth, Love and Choice.  This approach to life allows for expanded safety, transparency, love and freedom.  We look forward to sharing more with you and your partners. The expansion of understanding and expression is infinite. 

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