The Golden Age Of Aquarius

Entering into Unity Conciousness & Heaven On Earth

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The Origination & The Alchemy

The Golden Age Of Aquarius

A Gateway Into Heaven On Earth & Unity Consciousness

In the golden age of Aquarius the individual will awaken to the beauty of group life, group interests and his own individual responsibilities towards the group. This includes sexuality. This will be the result of his and the universal and collective unfolding of consciousness. In the age of Aquarius we will as a collective begin to express the activity of the mind which has been initiated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It is in this new age of the sign of Aquarius which will bring the soul into active cooperation with the inner plan of God.  That is called service.  The soul words of Aquarius, “And the Word said, let desire in form be ruler.” Aquarius is the man of spirit, balanced feminine, of life and of consecration to the divine expression of service.
The Age of Aquarius is a time of harmony and transformation. The sign of Aquarius is associated with freedom, intellectualism, and humanitarianism. During this time, people will feel motivated to grow and work together to achieve peace. As a result, society may go through a period of upheaval and change. This time may also bring innovative new technologies and groundbreaking scientific discoveries
The Age of Aquarius Natal Chart

When charted on a natal chart the planetary alignment of the Age of Aquarius represents the two interlocking triangles of the Star of David, signifying a union of the masculine and feminine within, so that heaven and earth can unite and heralding the divine process of ascension. Symbolically this represents the spiritual/galactic aspects of the Higher Self anchoring and materializing within the physical body and consciousness of the Lower Self on Earth.

Some astrologers believe the Age of Aquarius began in 2012. These astrologers' calculations suggest that the boundary between Pisces and Aquarius reached the Vernal Equinox point at this time.
The Goddess Returns

From His-Story to Divine Union

Human beings are a social species that rely on cooperation to survive and thrive.  In other words, we are community animals, and originate from tribes, which is our authentic way of relating.  Sexuality is a core primal aspect of human beings and is way of survival and relating.  Sharing sexual experiences together creates a very powerful bond and intimate connection between people, which is sacred and is to be honored with love.  It also opens up the potential for an exponential creative power called ‘sex magic’.  In order to enter into Unity Consciousness, and step into our full creative power as humans, we must expand our understanding around our true sexual desires and remember that these are spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Many religious control systems deny or condemn our Animal Bodies due to beliefs that our primal desires and needs are wrong, or disconnected from purity.  The Tantric Perspective is that we have chosen to be here, NOW, on purpose, in these primal physical bodies.  The Golden Age Of Aquarius is the social remembrance that we are here on the planet to raise our vibrations and ascend our bodies and ego into a living embodiment of heaven on earth.  The practice of Tantra and getting to know our primal animal body connects our physical reality to the eternal present moment of spirit.  This is the pathway to God, divinity, and Source energy, that so many religions proclaim in theory, but are not embodied in.  As we remember that this very moment is eternity, and always is, we can connect our bodies with God, which is the pathway that all religions proclaim. 

At some point in History (his story), people 'Fell Into Sin' in regards to their sexuality, and created a judgment on themselves and others.  This story is the operating system in which people navigate life.  This operating system includes the imposition of truth based on social programs that tells us what is the right thing to do according to “God”, whether that be the old dude in the sky, or the judgment of culture’s morality.  Each person's unconscious mind is programmed and their bodies connected to an electromagnetic Matrix, or morphogenetic control structure.  Individuals are imprisoned and bound by the most elemental energy center, their Root Chakra, due to emotional Fear of survival.  As we understand our animal bodies and our tribal nature we understand the power that the collective unconscious has over our free will.  If an individual does not fit into a box of who they should be, and how they should act, they will be cast out of society, which equates to death, at the primal animal level.  This triggers all of the fear based trauma stored in the body.

Culture ‘domesticates’ us into a way of life that we adopt as our reality and truth, which includes our sexuality.  In turn, mostly unknowingly, it dictates how we run our energy.  You can see a more extreme example of this in the Kayan Lahwi tribe.  The women are well known for wearing neck rings, brass coils that are placed around the neck to lengthen it over time.  This begins at the age of 5 years old.  The belief of this culture is the longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman.  This shows us we adopt what belief is told to us on what we perceive to be beautiful or sexy, which then allows us to open our sexual energy centers. 

If we were raised in a culture where non-monogamy was normal, and 'Straight Men' shared intimacy, then that would be the way things worked.  The understanding that sexuality is a spectrum and the normalization of queerness is unfolding.  Gen Z adults who identify as LGBTQ has increased from 10.5% in 2017 to 20.8% in 2021.  Recent studies show that consensual non-monogamy is becoming more common, especially among younger Americans. According to a YouGov survey from 2020, 43% of millennials are “likely to say their ideal relationship is non-monogamous.” 

As the social construct of the 'man program' begins to embraced more receptive feminine qualities such as sensuality and deep emotional intimacy,  'men' will begin to form deeper collaborative bonds together, which can include sexual energy.

We find that most people have a natural desire to witness sex and to explore being with more than one sexual partner.  People in partnership are watching porn, reading romance novels, and fantasizing about intimate and sexual relationships with other people.  These are real desires inside of ourselves that we are often hiding from our partners and are not discussing.  We justify that we won't act on our desires, because of doubt or anticipated negative emotions and outcome, so we dismiss the authentic desires.  As we deepen connectivity to ourselves and our partners, we can open up conversation about our desires and contrasting emotions such as fear and shame.  With the right tools this can help us to become closer with our partners and expand in love, release these detrimental emotions and expand in pleasure and expression.

We understand these might be challenging concept to receive and understand, we are not trying to convince anyone of anything.  We are merely showcasing our truth, and have a logical systematic approach to reveal this reality within small groups, that can be expanded into larger community.

The Studio X Dream... imagine a group of beautiful people that were all best of friends and were all sexually attracted to each other at various levels.   They are cooperative, synergistic, empowering and co-creative together through inspired entrepreneurship.  The group lives in an estate or community property, with separate and shared living spaces.  They shared in abundance and tantric sexuality together.  The group extended this way of living with community and traveled the world supporting each other in exploring their desires.  Oh, one more thing, the group is connected to a network and community that shared similar dreams. This is our dream... an intentional Tantric Polycule in mastermind creation through entrepreneurship.

What's your dream?

We are here to remind you that what ever you can fantasize in your life is possible.

The Golden Age Of Aquarius Is Now, The Goddess Returns!

For reference here is an article on understanding the Polycule. 


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