The Golden Age Of Aquarius

Entering into Unity Conciousness & Heaven On Earth

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From Patriarchy to Unity Consciousness

Our Perspective On The Current Condition Of "Mankind"

Today's media culture often spreads fear and shame, aiming to condition people to suppress themselves.. The “Man Program” (the concept of what it means to be a man), for example, and its companion “The Corporation” systematically condition people to repress their emotions to be strong, objective and keep things professional.  People often find themselves competing to prove their worthiness or achieve certain goals. However, this constant pursuit can lead to emotional repression, which in turn creates stored trauma in the body. As a result, we become disconnected from our spiritual energy. Most of this repression is unconscious, and whether we are aware of it or not, this unfortunate circumstance is prevalent in society.

Culture "domesticates" us, shaping our way of life and influencing our perception of reality and truth. This domestication extends to our relationship styles and sexual expression. Unfortunately, culture often perpetuates dynamics of perpetration and victimhood, which restricts the free flow of sexual energy. This sexual energy is also known as Kundalini, which serves as a vital energy source that keeps us healthy and youthful. It's important to note that Kundalini is not dependent on any explicit sexual engagement. Furthermore, when dating or in a partnership, people often isolate themselves from intimacy outside of that relationship. This can lead to a lack of deep connections with friends and the broader community.

Statistically, the marriage program is experiencing a high rate of failure as a cultural system. Many couples get married only to end up divorcing, resulting in wasted time and money. This raises the question of whether marriage truly provides the safety and guarantees it promises. In our perspective it creates resistance and denial of the always evolving truth of desire. A skilled CPA can often surpass the promised tax benefits. If you desire to maintain a committed and exclusive sexual relationship, you have the ability to do so. Why should we aim to confine individuals within the institution of marriage? When people choose not to divorce, we often observe individuals trapped in unhappy, sexless marriages due to a false perception that it is the "right" thing to do or a fear of being alone for the rest of their lives.

At some point in history, people engaged in sexual behavior that was deemed sinful, leading to the creation of religions that imposed judgment on themselves and others. This narrative, known as "Original Sin," has become the prevailing framework through which people navigate life. The system includes the imposition of truth based on social programs that dictate what is considered right or wrong, based on either religious beliefs or cultural morality.

Each person's unconscious mind is programmed, and their bodies are connected to an emotional control matrix. This psychological phenomenon is commonly referred to as the ego and collective ego. Individuals can feel imprisoned and restricted by their most basic life force energy, known as the Root Chakra. This can be due to emotional fear of not fitting in or being accepted by their peers and culture. Our human nature instinctively resists emotional pain, such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief. The fear of death, imprisonment, and our sexual nature represent the extreme ends of this spectrum of pain. Rape, sexual abuse, and murder are all outcomes of trauma responses and reactive tendencies that are co-created between individuals. This trauma can occur acutely or chronically, often in conjunction with mental psychosis.

As we delve into our understanding of our animal bodies and our tribal nature, we begin to grasp the influence that culture holds over our free will. If an individual fails to conform to societal expectations regarding their identity and behavior, they may face social exclusion, which can be perceived as a threat to survival at a primal, animal level. This triggers all of the fear based trauma stored in the body. From a scientific perspective, we can gain another understanding of logic by studying epigenetics. It reveals that our gene expression and the way genes manifest can be hindered by stored trauma in the body. This is the imprisonment we are referring to.

How can we liberate ourselves from social conditioning and break free from the emotional control system imposed by culture? The answer lies in opening our hearts and minds, and questioning everything. It is crucial to explore the foundation of reality and understand how we arrived at our current state.

Now that we have been reminded that human beings are a social species that rely on cooperation to survive and thrive, let's explore further. We are inherently community-oriented animals and have originated from tribes, which represents our most natural way of living. By understanding the sophisticated teamwork and strategic approach of ancient tribes, we can rediscover the intelligent design and intentional way of living in a community. Tribes functioned as a cohesive unit, with each member making specific contributions.

As we compare this to the world today, we begin to wonder what is happening. Physical diseases, depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autism, and other illnesses are at an all-time high. The world is currently experiencing social discord and unsustainable levels of consumption. It seems that a solution through the patriarchal mentality is not evident. However, an alternative approach can be found through embracing the Goddess and the feminine perspective, which values attraction, intuition and wisdom as a means to achieve harmony. The Goddess understands unity consciousness and recognizes her primal body as a temple for the free and open flow of divine, heart-centered sexual energy.

First, we begin by accepting the current human condition. Fighting against or attempting to change the culture only generates resistance to what already exists, which in turn perpetuates it and leads to more suffering. To reclaim our full creative power, it is essential that we take responsibility for our entire experience and reality. This concept, known as the Wisdom of the Goddess, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our role in shaping our own lives. By recognizing our power and taking ownership of our entire experience, we can empower ourselves to create the reality we desire. Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We must start from scratch, with accepting and loving ourselves. As we do this work, the perceived world around us begins to change. Those who wish to change the world from the inside out and create a new subculture will show up through the energetic law of resonance. The Goddess operates from discernment, not fear or judgment. She is intuitive and senses danger and does not react from fear. 

We are fed the story that fear is beneficial, so we could run from wild animals. This is the opposite of truth. Predatory animals sense fear and will attack when they feel this energy. Everyone knows you don’t run from a bear. Better to be fierce and make loud noises, be present and stand your ground. This also goes for predatory human animals.  

The Goddess is here to lead the world into empowerment and out of the perpetration victimhood dynamics. Fear, guilt, shame and grief are the four categories of energies, all with a wide spectrum of degrees that block our primal energy from flowing. As we understand that energy is primary to creation, we can see what energy source fuels our efforts. Again, judging or trying to change our experience does not help, but creates stagnation, resistance and suffering. In order to shift our realities through spiritual alchemy we must become aware through somatic presence and come out of the thinking mind of words. 

As we feel our heart center and breath, we begin to organize this energy and move detrimental energies from the body. There is an ever-evolving internal martial art technique that can be learned and practiced to more powerfully move and transmute these inhibiting energies and feel more deeply.    

As we create space through mindfulness and meditation practices we can begin to feel the energy inside of ourselves. Often people feel frustrated, bored, anxious or irritated when they begin to meditate. If you sit here long enough you might begin to get fearful, ashamed or feel grief for not accomplishing anything or working to provide, or to survive. This is revealing of what is inside of you. The ego rationalizes through the story it has been fed. This “survival program” comes out in well-worn phrases: “You gotta face the facts. Life is hard. Shit is real. You gotta eat.”  

Beneath these toxic mantras and detrimental energies lies the seat of your soul: an experience of peace, joy and pleasure without the need for any external circumstance.  Food and shelter is available, no matter your circumstance. Trauma and survival programs might keep us from seeing and receiving that truth. As we open to receive, through Goddess energy, we can begin to release these energies that block our energy centers, expression, and creative potential in relationships and all of life.  This opens the gates to Unity Consciousness!

The Goddess Returns

Now we understand the current human condition and the first step of acceptance and focus on the heart space to begin to organize and transmute energy. We also understand the second step is to cultivate our embodiment practice. What is the next step to the path of unity consciousness?

In simple terms, unity consciousness is found through service. If we focus on ourselves without considering others, we lose connection with our family, friends and community, where our true purpose is found. As we look to find the beauty and gifts in others, we can find pleasure in service as we anchor into our hearts. We can then discover alignment in desires and receive mutual support from each other.  

Remember, our own desire is just as important as other, this is often forgotten when we step into service. We must know ourselves and be able to speak our truth in order to engage in this intentional way of relating. The Studio X offers this service to its clients and community.

Sexuality is a core primal aspect of the human being and is how life is created. As we read the logic of the origination story, we understand that all things begin as spirit, or intelligent energy. This includes sexual expression, which is the forgotten secret of sex magic in Tantric traditions. This is intelligent life energy!  Sharing sexual experiences together creates a very powerful bond and intimate connection between people, which is sacred and is to be honored with love. It also opens up the potential for an exponential unified creative power as well as the possible contrasting experience of taking on trauma from a partner that limits creative expression. This is an important understanding to be aware of, especially when engaging in sexual activities with multiple partners.

Original Sin and other religious control systems deny or condemn our animal bodies due to beliefs that our primal desires are wrong, or sinful. This story does not resonate as truth to us, though we do see much of the world living this way. Our reality is that we have chosen to be here, NOW, on purpose, in these primal physical bodies. Sex is good, and pleasure should be celebrated for its healing qualities. The Golden Age Of Aquarius is the social remembrance that we are here on the planet as creators and to live in peace, joy and a blissful state of existence. The practice of Tantra and getting to know our primal animal body connects our physical reality to the eternal present moment of spirit. This is a pathway to God, divinity, and Source energy, that so many religions proclaim in dogmatic pretension, but are not connected to through experience or logic. 

Through Tantric practices we can learn to bring meditative practices into sexual engagement to create a potent space for building sexual fire, known as Kundalini Energy. As we bring our meditation and mindfulness practice into sexuality we can begin to engage in tantric sex practices.  

Pleasure heals! As we slow down and utilize sex as a moving meditation and embodiment practice we can infuse this pleasure into our bodies which creates a potent space for releasing trauma from the body. Though we must intentionally create space for trauma release and be able to hold each other in safety in this experience. As we advance in our practice we can learn to approach the edge of orgasm farther and farther. Eventually as we master our sexuality we can learn to throb the orgasmic experience as long as we desire. This creates the most powerful alchemical process for the transmutation of trauma release from our body. You will then increase the flow of vital life force energy to heal disease, unlock your creative expression and further expand your awareness around spiritual energy.

What’s next? Well, we now further understand the The Studio X Alchemy will completely change a person’s life, we can move into building community together.

There is a wide spectrum of intimacy and sexuality available that does not necessarily have to entail any specific type of sexual engagement. Platonic intimacy, cuddling, touch and massage are all types of connections that create beneficial energy in the body. Though, we have to feel safe before engaging in this way. 

This type of engagement is the foundation of Polyamory, or sharing love with multiple people. Polyamory can include sexuality, but doesn’t have to. As we open up intimacy to more than one person we see the emotions that it might bring up. As we gain a new relationship with Trauma, and learn how to release it when triggered through The Studio X Alchemy, we unveil a new reality and discover how Polyamory can be a catalyst for expanding our hearts and healing through pleasure. Creating safety in partnership and being clear with intentions and boundaries is necessary to anchor into empowerment and healing this type of relating. This is the Poly~Tantric Lifestyle that we wish to share with you.

If we were raised in a culture, such as ancient Greece, where non-monogamy was normal, and “straight men” shared intimacy, then that would be the way things worked. The understanding that sexuality is a spectrum and the normalization of queerness is unfolding. Gen Z adults who identify as LGBTQ has increased from 10.5% in 2017 to 20.8% in 2021. Recent studies show that consensual non-monogamy is becoming more common, especially among younger Americans. According to a YouGov survey from 2020, 43% of millennials are “likely to say their ideal relationship is non-monogamous.” 

As the “man program” gives way to embrace more receptive feminine qualities such as sensuality and deep emotional intimacy, “men” will begin to form deeper collaborative bonds together, which may include sexuality. In our perspective, sexual synergy between men, especially two alpha males, is how we reconcile the primary conflict between people. The synergy between women can prove to be a crucial step in helping men with their personal growth and reconciliation. The “man” mind program is often seen as more complex and disconnected from source energy compared to the “women” mind program.

As women align, they can more powerfully lead all of mankind into alignment. This is the remembrance of the Goddess, who reclaims her Wild Woman! As two women align in desire and creative sexuality, an unparalleled magnetism expands through heart centered intentions. 

Polyamory is a natural quality, though society and religious his-story has created it to be immoral. Casual Dating is the most accepted form of Polyamory in our culture; but as a relationship, it does not qualify as transparent or creative.

We find that most people have a natural desire to witness sex and to explore being with more than one sexual partner. By themselves, people in partnership watch porn, read romance novels, and fantasize about intimate and sexual relationships with other people. These are real desires inside of ourselves that we are often hiding from our partners and are not discussing. We justify that we won't act on our desires and we hide them because of judgment they are wrong. We don’t want to hurt our partner or experience negative emotions and reactions, so we dismiss the authentic desires. Beyond judgment is discernment, and aligning truths and discussing them through heart centered communication.  

As we learn The Studio X Alchemy, we can turn these conversations into healing experiences to expand our heart energy and release Trauma. Being real with these emotions and collaborating on what feels safe to explore creates more trust, commitment and intimacy in your relationship. As we deepen connectivity to ourselves and our partners, we can open up conversation about our desires and contrasting emotions such as fear and shame.  

With the right tools this can help us to become closer with our partners and expand in love, release these detrimental emotions and expand in pleasure and expression. Having sex outside of your relationship might be too much, but maybe inviting a friend over to cuddle would be the first step. Let’s be real with where we are emotionally and collaborate together! If you decide to stay in our current relationship dynamics, that is perfect, though at least you know what trauma and emotions are inhibiting you from expanding.  

We understand these might be challenging concepts to receive and understand, we are not trying to convince anyone of anything. We are merely showcasing our truth, and have a logical systematic approach to reveal this reality within small groups, that can be expanded into larger communities. This is the formation of Polycule creation-ships, we call Poly~Tantric. The heart of the lifestyle lived by The Studio X Team. 

Imagine a group of beautiful people that were all best of friends and were all sexually attracted to each other at various levels. They shared in abundance and tantric sexuality together. They are cooperative, synergistic, empowering and co-creative together through inspired entrepreneurship. The group lives on a community property, with separate and shared living spaces. This is a retreat location and sanctuary for pleasure and healing. The group extends this way of living with the community. The group is connected to a network that shares similar intentions. This is our Flow-Create-Play lifestyle that we wish to share with aligned clients through The Studio X Mentorship program.

 The Golden Age Of Aquarius Is Now, The Goddess Returns!

For reference here is an article on understanding the Polycule. https://theconversation.com/whats-a-polycule-an-expert-on-polyamory-explains-195083

The Golden Age Of Aquarius

A Gateway Into Heaven On Earth & Unity Consciousness

During the "golden age of Aquarius," individuals are expected to develop an appreciation for the value of collective living, shared interests, and their personal obligations towards the larger group. This encompasses various aspects, including the role of sexuality within this context. In the age of Aquarius, there is a belief that collective consciousness will lead to significant transformations. It is believed that individuals who align their minds with the Universal Mind will play a role in expressing this transformation. In the astrological era of Aquarius, there is a shift towards the soul actively working in harmony with the divine plan. This concept is known as unconditional loving service. This service is inclusive of our own desires, unified as one. Aquarius teachings highlight the significance of desire materialized in a physical manner as a guiding influence. Aquarius embodies spiritual qualities, a harmonious blend of femininity and masculinity, and an unwavering dedication to serving the divine purpose.

The Age of Aquarius is a time of harmony and transformation. The sign of Aquarius is associated with freedom, intellectualism, and humanitarianism. During this time, people will feel motivated to grow and work together to achieve peace. As a result, society may go through a period of upheaval and change. This time may also bring innovative new technologies and groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

The Age of Aquarius Natal Chart. When charted on a natal chart, the planetary alignment of the Age of Aquarius represents the two interlocking triangles of the Star of David, signifying a union of the masculine and feminine within, so that heaven and earth can unite and heralding the divine process of ascension. Symbolically this represents the spiritual/galactic aspects of the Higher Self anchoring and materializing within the physical body and consciousness of the Lower Self on Earth. Astrologers believe the Age of Aquarius began in 2012. These astrologers’ calculations suggest that the boundary between Pisces and Aquarius reached the Vernal Equinox point at this time.

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