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Are you ready to call your greatest visions into reality?

Harness your Divine Sexual Power and tap into the fountain of youth.  Emanate abundance, attract your dream partner(s), free up time and create space for what inspires you.  Discover how Tantric Lifestyle Mentorship & Coaching is the most potent method for manifesting your visions.

Creating Your Dream BluePrint

A Tantric Lifestyle Mentor will lead you through an evaluation of your current relationships and approach to life.  This will assist you in discovering what deeply resonates and what does not.   You will then be guided through creative visioning to build a blueprint that will be used throughout your journey.

Every aspect of your life may be addressed, from personal to business. This blueprint will be a guide for your personal development and shadow work within The Studio X.  Your blueprint will be adjusted as your truth and desires evolve.

Mentorship Packages

Monthly Arrangements Include

  • - Lifestyle Blueprint Design & Mentorship

    A Studio X Mentor will evaluate your goals and desires in Life.  A blueprint will be designed and a monthly package created.  This will be your map to success on your journey.  As needed, a Mentor will provide you additional support and adjustment to the blueprint to ensure you accomplish your Tantric Lifestyle goals.

  • - Weekly Tantra Sessions ~ Online & In-Person

    Your Tantrika(s) will be your main guide on this Journey.  You will connect with them at least once per week (online or in person) to develop your Tantric embodiment.  You will learn to master your sexual energy and increase pleasure in your body for healing & empowerment.

  • - At Home Integration & White Tantra Development

    Your Tantrika will help you develop your White Tantra Solo practice at home.  This practice is an essential catalyst to manifest your desires. This practice will integrate the energy that you co-created with your Tantrika into your daily life. If desired, Pink Tantra partner practice support is also available. 

  • - Encouragement & Accountability

    You will have scheduled text or phone check-ins with your Tantrika to help keep on track with your goals and Tantric embodiment.  You may share self care practices with each other and cheer each other on.

  • - Dating & Partner Support

    If desired, The Studio X will assist you in Tantric Dating and guide you into extending your practice to your partner(s).

  • - Exclusive Private Events & Community

    As you reach a certain degree of Tantric Embodiment through the mentorship program you will be connected to other community events within The Studio X Network, including Red Tantra play parties.

Each Blueprint Is Specifically Designed For You

Each Tantrika is dedicated to personal development and shadow work on their journey to self realization.  They hold a very powerful and transformational space.  As you relate with your Tantrikas, they will help you embody the Tantric Lifestyle Approach.  This process will assist you in releasing doubt, fear, shame, and other emotions that keep you from obtaining your highest visions.  They will also assist you in attracting partners who desire to take this journey with you. 
Step 1:  Schedule a Discovery Call
We will first complete an interview process to understand your current life perspectives, embodiment and desires. After this interview we will design a package blueprint specifically curated for you. This will include working with one or more Tanrikas and your Tantric Lifestyle Mentor
Step 2: Receive Your Tantric Lifestyle Blueprint
A Tantric Lifestyle Mentor will collaborate with the Tantrikas to co-create a package that is tailored to your desires and interests. A Blueprint will be delivered for your review. After you approve the course blueprint, we will move forward in designing the full course including scheduling the weekly sessions with the Tantrika Team. 
Step 3: Begin The Journey
Begin your weekly sessions with you The Studio X and start your journey towards embodying your highest expression of Self!
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