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We are here to create sex-positive intentional community that is creatively collaborative, objective, and inclusive.

We are here to showcase our real, raw lifestyles of polyamory, sacred sexuality, yoga, and Tantra to set an example of authentic relating and intimacy, unconditional love, and shameless erotic expression. 

After all, we are sexual beings, and by reclaiming our innocence and exploring sensuality and sexuality as tribe, we can shed cultural programming and heal the shadows and limitations that keep us from our true nature of love, pleasure, and abundance. Learn more about this on our Mission page.

Tantric Philosophy says that ALL is Divine ~ there is no good or bad, right or wrong ~ it all simply "is." Tantra is a way of living that embraces all experience, sensation, and emotion, including discomfort and pain. As we expand the capacity to hold space for high intensity sensations such as pain, we expand our capacity to feel pleasure in our bodies. 

Tantra is about presence ~ being in the body, as opposed to the mind, in order to FEEL our somatic experience without the need to think into the past or the future or figure anything out. It is in the present moment that we can bring awareness to our emotions, sensations, tension, etc to bring the light of our consciousness to that area and allow for surrender and release, thus bringing healing.

Tantra as it relates to sexuality is about opening up intimacy with the Self or another in order to allow all experience to arise, and to compassionately observe without expectation of outcome. It is to BE in presence with yourself or another to expand awareness of subtle energies and sensations in order to heighten pleasure. Read more about this on The Gospel.

Polyamory is the ability to connect intimately with more than one person ~ a way of relating that is not limited to one partner or closed to new connections while in relationship with another. This involves full consent of all people involved. 

Surprise surprise, we too experience jealousy!* In open-relationship we embrace the Tantric Philosophy, or the mental framework that all emotional experiences are opportunities to feel and heal. This includes experiences of jealousy. When we do have jealousy arise, we openly share our experiences with another with transparency so we can release all shame and judgment on our internal experience and return to unity in relationship. Learn more about this in our Polyamory Cookbook Online Course.

*Jonny Beyond Sins is a rare anomaly that has transcended any experience of jealousy. Because he is fully embodied in his sight and philosophy of the perfection of all things, he does not resonate with experiences of envy, jealousy or desiring what another has, whether that be relationships, material items, etc. Read more about Jonny Beyond Sins here. 

It depends....what is your definition of cult? 


Explore the different pages of this website to learn more about what we believe to be true. Also, you have the opportunity to discover & apply Tantra in a 1:1 private container with a Studio X Tantrika and you can book a Tantra session here.

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