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Our physical temple space is located in Santa Barbara, California. However our virtual services are offered world wide.

The Studio X teaches an alternative lifestyle approach and is dedicated to cultivating a thriving worldwide Poly~Tantric community.  The Studio X focuses on collaborative entrepreneurship, expanding love, and deepening intimacy within all relationships. This vibrant global subculture embraces these principles and promotes personal growth, fulfilling relationships, and open-mindedness. Join The Studio X and embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, collective empowerment, and co-creation. This cultural movement not only embraces ecological sustainability but also promotes unity consciousness. Together, we are entering into The Golden Age Of Aquarius, where spirituality, sexuality and technology merge harmoniously.

Please read more about How the Mission and Purpose of The Studio X Benefit You on the dedicated web page.

The word Poly~Tantric is a coined term create within The Studio X. It’s a relationship style that is based in the qualities of Truth, Love and Choice (TLC). It centers on a fundamental spiritual perspective of life and incorporates personal and spiritual development within the creative power of tribal living. It encourages the exploration of desire, empathy, and heart-centered consideration for others, as well as the dedication towards personal agency and collaboration.

“Poly” refers to Polyamory which is a form of Ethical Non-Monogamy and is the practice of sharing love with more than one partner at the same time, with the informed consent of all partners involved. Polyamorous relationships are not necessarily sexual in nature, although they can be. This lifestyle utilizes polyamory as a way to create highly committed groups of people with shared intentions to expand in love and create life together through collaborative entrepreneurship. 

As we we approach life with the philosophy of Tantra, and a viewpoint of all things being spiritual by nature, including sexuality.  We understand that a female soul can be born in a male physical body and a male soul in a female physical body. As we express ourselves freely and discover our true selves, we may notice that our souls have an inherent preference for the movement of energy. 

This freedom of expression and massive awakening of consciousness is self evident in the next generations.

Gen Z adults who identify as LGBTQ+ has increased from 10.5% in 2017 to 20.8% in 2021. Recent studies show that consensual non-monogamy is becoming more common, especially among younger Americans. According to a YouGov survey from 2020, 43% of millennials are “likely to say their ideal relationship is non-monogamous.” 

While Studio X may seem too good to be true, rest assured that two of our core values are truth and transparency. The Studio X Alchemical process will guide you on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Through this process, you will uncover repressed emotions and hidden traumas, which will enable you to heal and discover pleasure along the way. It embraces all aspects of the self, both the light and the shadow. Fear, guilt, shame, and grief are common emotions that you will experience and learn to integrate back into love.

It's quite natural to be skeptical when something appears exceedingly beneficial. However, Studio X delivers on its promises without any hidden drawbacks. Its exceptional features and services are designed to enhance your experience without compromising on quality or introducing any unwelcome surprises. So feel free to explore what Studio X has to offer with confidence!

Please submit your request through the contact page or utilize the web chat located at the bottom right to express your desires and provide some information about yourself.

Studio X Alchemy is a specialized methodology and cutting-edge spiritual science that combines the core understanding of spiritual traditions with the modern understanding of science and information technology. Its logical and systematic approach harnesses the power of intelligent living energy, empowering the full creative potential of DNA through vital artistic expression. It combines the core qualities of 13 existing methods with a unique somatic visualization and actualization system called Strategic Dream Intelligence.

The Studio X Alchemy offers a powerful method to heal from dis-ease and harness the magnetic power of loving sexual energy to create your dream life. Through a logical framework rooted in the qualities of imagination, inspiration, and intuition, it provides an effective way to achieve personal transformation.

The Studio X Alchemy web page provides more detailed descriptions for many frequently asked questions.


No, Tantra does not mean sex. That statement is similar to saying that "life" means "sex," which is not accurate. While sex is a fundamental aspect of life and contributes to its creation, life encompasses much more than just sex.

Tantra views sex as a powerful spiritual practice for healing and timeline creation, but does not equate to sex.

In a similar perspective, tantra is a philosophy that serves as the foundation and a way of approaching life and relationships. Regarding sexuality, tantra focuses on the spiritual aspects of sex and can lead to a transcendental experience of extended states of pleasure and bliss.

No, The Studio X does not provide cock massage or engage in any form of prostitution.

We understand that many “Tantra” providers offer this service, which can provide a very positive and healing experience. The Studio X offers a powerful method that can enhance your experience of pleasure, healing and empowerment with other Tantra providers who offer lingam massage. It can also help you naturally create powerful sexual experiences in your everyday life.

All practitioners at The Studio X are private contractors who embrace a polyamorous and tantric lifestyle. They are also connected to a network of sex-positive communities and tantric practitioners. In their personal lives they devotionally practice the art of tantric sexuality. They are open to cultivating highly inspiring personal relationships beyond the confines of The Studio X, but are very particular. If you are not their personal preference, they are happy to assist in connecting you with someone who is.

Timeline creation in the quantum spiritual sense refers to the concept that our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions can influence the unfolding of events in our lives. It suggests that we have the power to shape our reality by aligning our consciousness with the desired outcomes we wish to experience. This perspective acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind, energy, and the universe, proposing that our thoughts and intentions can create ripples of change that manifest in the physical realm. By consciously directing our focus and energy towards positive and aligned intentions, we can potentially shape the timeline of our experiences in a more desirable and fulfilling way.

From its inception to the present day, Tantra has challenged religious, cultural and political norms around the world.

A philosophy that emerged in India around the 6th century, Tantra has been linked to successive waves of revolutionary thought, from its early transformation of Hinduism and Buddhism, to the rise of 1960s Hippie counterculture of “Free Love.”

The Sanskrit word Tantra derives from the verbal root tan, meaning “to weave,” or “compose,” and refers to a type of instructional text, often written as a dialogue between a god and a goddess.

The word “weave” is the key to understand the real meaning of Tantra. As many Tantric texts put it: “Nothing exists that is not divine.”

Everything is interconnected and is a manifestation of the divine energy that rules the whole universe. It is the dance of the twin poles of energy of Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine archetypes, the Sun and the Moon, night and day, life and death.

In the Indian traditions, the term tantra has a broader meaning that goes beyond its commonly known association with spirituality. It encompasses various aspects such as texts, theories, systems, methods, instruments, techniques and practices that are systematically designed and widely applicable.

No, The Studio X does not fall under the institutional system of therapy.

However, in our perspective, The Studio X Alchemy stands out as the most powerful method for increasing vitality, releasing dis-ease, expanding creative potential, and improving general well-being.

The Studio X has created an independent system and is not under the regulation or influence of the therapy industry. It operates autonomously, making its own decisions and setting its own protocol. However, if desired, we can include your therapists in our Mentorship program as a catalyst for success.

Love is a deep and complex social construct that has innumerous meanings between people. In our perspective, the truest experience of love is a somatic experience that is centered within the heart. It is found through holding focused presence within the heart chakra (energy vortices). Love is a profound sensational experience that brings about peace and joy that is difficult to fully comprehend.

Love requires no action but can be infused into everything, including sexuality. The energy of the heart expands when we embrace gratitude and witness beauty. Within The Studio X Alchemy, as we deepen our relationship with ourselves, we can learn to elevate our heart energy in every moment, regardless of the circumstances. By doing so, we can extend this loving energy to the entire world.

This is the remembrance of unconditional love, the unified-heart-field and the creation of paradise on earth. This is what we share with all of our clients and community.

Yes, see our perspective on love in the FAQ.

The question will be an obstacle in obtaining... but nevertheless, ask and you shall receive. 🙂

The ultimate achievement of Tantra is experiencing the eternal present moment, anchored in love, joy, peace and bliss. This state of being allows us to be in a place of non-resistance (non-duality) and enables the transformation of negative experiences into positive ones, also known as self-realization, enlightenment, nirvana, "The Kingdom of Heaven," and "The Garden of Eden."

The Studio X Alchemy expands the logical and scientific understanding of the pathway to this experience. This is a process of connecting your mind deeper with the intelligent living energy that creates matter. It is a process of removing all limiting thoughts and emotions from your mind, body and energy field.

Through this process you will realize your true self that is an experience of oneness connected with the divine power of quantum timeline creation.

As you approach this state of being you experience high states of pleasure and bliss in your body. All of your dreams and visions begin to manifest into existence through ease and grace (flow state).

Tantric sex is a portal into the divine connection with yourself and others. Through a focus on a meditative spiritual experience, one can discover expanded pleasure and healing potential.  This allows you to access deeper levels of emotions, sensation, and vital energy, ultimately leading you to discover more of who you really are.

Tantric sex offers the potential for a transcendental experience that goes beyond the confines of ego and duality, allowing for a sense of wholeness and unity. It is a profound merging of souls. By integrating Strategic Dream Intelligence into your tantric sexual experience, you can tap into the power of quantum timeline creation. This practice, traditionally referred to as "sex magic," allows you to explore new dimensions of pleasure and manifestation.

The practice of Tantric sex guides individuals towards a deeper understanding of the mental and physical aspects of masculine and feminine energies (Shiva/Shakti). By exploring these polarities, individuals can cultivate a more profound chemistry, intimacy, and overall sexual experience.

By cultivating focused mindfulness and being fully present in our felt experience, we can learn to embrace longer and more intense orgasmic sensations that reverberate throughout our entire body. By holding this space and expanding in love, we open ourselves to the divine. It serves as our gateway to surrendering to an expanded sense of oneness with the universe.

Tantra encompasses both a spiritual science and an artistic expression. It offers a combination of psychological theory and applied practices that can greatly expand your individual awareness and expression in all aspects of life, including your sexuality.

Each coach has a landing page that offers detailed information about their personality and unique services. We highly encourage you to take our personality quiz to discover the coach who aligns most naturally with you. Additionally, we recommend exploring each coach's page to determine which one resonates with you the most.

While you may initially be drawn to start with a specific coach, we encourage you to work with each of them. They all have a specific archetype and a unique way in which they can assist you. By choosing to further advance in your journey with The Studio X, you will have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with our team of coaches and engage with additional practice partners within our comprehensive mentorship program.

The coaches at The Studio X are not certified massage therapists. Tantra sessions can sometimes include intuitive bodywork and the exploration of both reciprocated and non-reciprocated touch.

Yes, The Studio X coaches offer tantric embodiment sessions for healing and empowerment. Although we often activate sexual chemistry in our sessions, we do not engage in any form of prostitution.

The Studio X is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.

The logo was initially a visionary idea by mentor Jonny Beyond Reason. After its creation, intuitive questions were asked, and research was conducted to explore its meaning.

In the Sufi branch of Islam, the heart with wings represents ascension or the crossover between the spiritual and the physical realms. You can read more about the symbolism here.

X represents an "unknown" exponential factor in mathematics and is also related to a quantum aspect.

X can also represent non-binary individuals.

The heart is considered the center chakra, serving as an energy vortex and organizer of prAna (chi), which is the life force energy.

By anchoring ourselves into the focused somatic awareness of the heart space, resonating at 639Hz, we have the ability to infuse unconditional love into every aspect of our lives.

In our logo, X marks the spot! It symbolizes the heart center, the energy center where unconditional love is available to be received. When we approach sexuality from a heart-centered space, we transition from mindless sex to making love.

In the Christian context, "to sin" refers to missing the mark or acting in a way that goes against God's commandments. At The Studio X, we embrace all experiences as divine opportunities to grow, expand, excel, and ascend in our inherent primal and spiritual essence. From this perspective, sexual expression is not sinful. Instead, it can be seen as an opportunity and a tool to heal, deepen our relationships, and enhance our connection to the divine source energy. According to Tantric Philosophy, "All is Divine." By embracing this belief, we let go of judgment and eliminate the possibility of wrongdoing or acting out of alignment. We are constantly guided by divine forces, and every unfolding experience is perfectly orchestrated to promote healing and align us with our highest potential.

This is the retelling of his-story, where we are inherently flawed and bear the burden of the original sin, making us feel guilty.

Let this be a heartfelt tribute to the remembrance of the initial blessing - the garden, a true paradise here on earth. It's a reminder of the wondrous beauty and harmony that once graced our planet, serving as an eternal symbol of nature's splendor.

The Studio X services aim to dissolve hierarchies and bridge the gap between traditional therapy and coaching. The coaches at Studio X establish an authentic and personable dynamic with their clients. They lead by example, being vulnerable and authentic with their emotions. They also guide clients to do the same. This creates an empathetic connection and enables clients to open their hearts to expanding love.

Yes, it is real love, and we receive your personalization of it. We appreciate your unique expression. We do not resonate with the social construct of marriage.

While it is unlikely, we are open to exploring highly inspiring and creative opportunities as well.

The short answer is this: the more you let go of the end goal and embrace the process, the faster you will reach your destination. We understand that this may go against your natural instincts, but it is a proven reality for achieving ultimate success. Understand that your goals will often change as you progress in your journey of expanding awareness and self-realization. Your progress depends on your ability to connect with your emotions, intellect, and maintain focus.

The mentorship program creates a powerful pathway to actualize your heart-centered desires. However, the time it takes to achieve them depends on your dedication to the process.

Mentorship is available on a month-by-month basis, meaning there are no commitments required.

Enlightenment is a process of expanding awareness throughout your mind, body and spirit. By blending techniques from transpersonal psychology, somatics, tantric yoga, and other aspects of The Studio X Alchemy, we harness a powerful technology for this process. Enlightenment ultimately connects us deeper with inherent wisdom, peace, joy, pleasure and love that is found deep within our soul.

This process involves unveiling our truest and most authentic self, as well as realizing the interconnectedness between all things. It brings about a profound sense of peace and oneness with all of life. As we recognize ourselves as powerful creators and reclaim our divine and innocent selves, we naturally begin to express ourselves effortlessly in a state of flow.

A thrupple refers to a relationship involving three individuals who are intimately or sexually involved with each other. To enter into a thrupple, it is important to have open and honest communication with all parties involved. It is crucial to establish boundaries, expectations, and consent among all members. Building trust and maintaining clear communication are key factors in forming and sustaining a healthy thrupple relationship.

The Studio X utilizes this three-way relationship to enhance personal and spiritual development, providing an expanded dimension for growth. As you enter into mentorship, you will begin to practice this way of relating and be presented with opportunities and guidance to create your own in your personal life.

A polycule is a term used to describe a network of interconnected romantic or sexual relationships involving three or more people. It typically refers to a polyamorous arrangement where individuals are involved with multiple partners who may or may not be involved with each other as well. If you are interested in getting involved in a polycule, it's important to approach it with open communication, honesty, and respect for everyone involved. Building connections within the polyamorous community, attending events or meetups, and using online platforms specifically designed for polyamory can help you meet like-minded individuals. It's crucial to have discussions about boundaries, expectations, and relationship dynamics with potential partners to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Studio X combines the Studio X Alchemy with polycule relationship dynamics and entrepreneurship. It harnesses the power of collaborative manifestation capabilities and promotes a flow-create-play lifestyle. The Studio X Mentorship program offers opportunities for you to explore this lifestyle.

The Studio X Mentorship program offers a direct pathway to learn about the Poly~Tantric lifestyle and effectively connect and engage with Tantric and Polyamorous communities.

Additionally, there is an emerging social enterprise called "Peace Mafia" that brings together alternative lifestyles through social gatherings. Their website can be found at peacemafia.com.

Alisa Marie is the owner of The Studio X. All other team members are private contractors.

Jonny resonates in the predominate feminine energy within The Studio X team and their collaborative creation. What does this actually mean?

Jonny holds a deep surrender that is free from the confines of the thinking mind and words. They showcase a deeply empowering presence that supports people in their heart-centered and creative desires. Jonny serves as a central point for all team members, helping the coaches process their emotions and uncover their desires in order to create their own timelines with clients and community. Jonny is deeply connected to their felt experience and utilizes their intuitive somatic intelligence as guidance. Jonny also possesses a remarkable capacity for the divine masculine attributes of penatrive intellectual logic and quantum reasoning. They offer reflections and suggestions, as well as assist in coordinating the timelines of all team members for synergistic co-creation

For us, spirituality revolves around the belief that intelligent energy is fundamental. Within the realm of physical reality, we recognize three core qualities of this intelligent energy: imagination, inspiration, and intuition. Furthermore, this energy manifests itself through two poles: creative and destructive. Creative energy is centered within the heart chakra, which serves as an energy vortex. From there, it radiates out through the other chakras, manifesting as grounded pleasure, unique expression, free will, harmonic resonance, clairvoyant vision, and collective wisdom.

The energies that hinder creativity, often referred to as "anti-creative" or destructive energies, are rooted in fear, shame, guilt, grief, lies, illusion, and attachment. Additionally, destructive spiritual energies can stem from a sense of justice driven by divine will, which surpasses the understanding of the ego.

Within The Studio X Alchemy, being spiritual is a logical and grounded understanding that is embodied through devotional practice.

Idealism in philosophy, referred to as philosophical idealism or metaphysical idealism, encompasses a range of viewpoints that suggest reality is fundamentally intertwined with the workings of the mind, spirit, or consciousness. This perspective holds that these aspects are equivalent to reality itself. The concept being discussed here suggests that reality is purely a product of one's mind, implying that ideas hold the utmost significance in defining what is real or true.

For The Studio X, the primary question to ask is: What is more fundamental, spirit or matter? In other words, what are the core creative principles that shape reality? This foundational thinking or philosophy forms the basis of one's reality and perspective on life.

Logic is a discipline that deals with deductively valid inferences and logical truths. It is essentially the study of reasoning and the principles behind it. Through logic, we are able to make sound arguments and draw accurate conclusions based on evidence or premises.

Your logic will be based on either the mental framework of "idealism" or "materialism", depending on your perspective. If you accept the premise that matter is fundamental and there is no intelligent power creating it, then you will have one argument that logic can reason from.

If your mental framework is based on the concept of "idealism" or the experience that imagination creates reality, and you consider spiritual energy as the fundamental power that creates matter, you will have a different perspective.

Studio X Alchemy is founded on the principles of “idealism” and deeply rooted in a spiritual perspective. At first glance we might not see the significance of this statement but as we take a deeper look we unveil the magic.


Science by english definition is: A systematic method or body of knowledge in a given area.

The practical application of science encompasses a wide range of fields and industries. It involves using scientific knowledge and principles to solve real-world problems, improve technologies, and enhance our understanding of the natural world.

The Studio X Alchemy is a spiritual science and involved in all of the aforementioned.

We define "spiritual" as the intelligent energy that relates to the fundamental qualities of creation, which are interconnected within all things. This also can include the “anti-creative” or destructive qualities, though this is not part of the Studio X Alchemy. Spiritual science involves the practice of developing and improving systems and tools to better understand and connect with spiritual energy within the human experience.

Yes, this is scientific.

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