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From its inception to the present day, Tantra has challenged religious, cultural and political norms around the world. 

A philosophy that emerged in India around the 6th century, Tantra has been linked to successive waves of revolutionary thought, from its early transformation of Hinduism and Buddhism, to the rise of 1960s Hippie counterculture of 'Free Love'.

The Sanskrit word 'Tantra' derives from the verbal root tan, meaning 'to weave', or 'compose', and refers to a type of instructional text, often written as a dialogue between a god and a goddess.

The word ‘weave’ is the key to understand the real meaning of Tantra. As many Tantric texts put it: “Nothing exists that is not divine”.

Everything is interconnected and is a manifestation of the divine energy that rules the whole universe. It is the dance of the by-polar energy of Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and feminine archetypes, the Sun and the Moon, night and day, life and death.

We begin with Yin.

We begin with the Divine Mother, the quantum realm of infinite potential, the pure power source beyond comprehension , 'The Great Void'. (Yin)

Then, we begin to dream, a thought begins to form, the mental universe manifests through awareness, the structure of the mental mind. (Yang)

This is the pure divine union of eternal love.

The conscious mind plants the dream seed into the womb of the Divine Mother.

The word is spoken, bang, creation!

This is ‘The All’ - Unity

The key to understanding yourself, is understanding unity, and that we are one with nature, the universe, and God.

This nature is both masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and both characteristics are within you.  This is self realization.

This is the weaving, the dance between Shiva and Shakti, within you.

It has been said, God is Love.  Well… what is love? Love is a felt experience through somatic awareness, which is a feminine quality.  For most people, love is conditional, based upon circumstance.  We experience love in a wide spectrum which is typically limited by our openness to receive it.  In order to connect to God, or a power larger than our individual self, we must focus on expanding the feminine quality of receptivity.  As we learn to expand our connection to our heart chakra, we connect to a portal of ever expanding unconditional love and compassion.

As we connect with this source energy of love we then can extend this embodiment to all those around us at every moment we remember our connection.

The heart-mind is the center of all healing and wisdom from the divine.  This is where we begin our journey.

The Studio X utilizes Tantra as a lifestyle approach which integrates sexuality and spirituality.

This is the understanding that who 'I AM' is both our primal animal self and our creative spiritual self.

This approach allows us to more fully accept every aspect of our self.  This embodiment helps release fear, guilt, shame and grief in our bodies.

This Tantric Journey leads us into our highest expression and purpose in life which is centered in love, joy, peace, and inspiration.

The question will be an obstacle in the obtainment.. but never the less...

The ultimate achievement of Tantra is the experience of the eternal present moment anchored in love.  This state of being allows us to be in a place of non-resistance (non-duality) and enables the alchemy of negative experiences into positive. AKA Self Realization, Enlightenment, Nirvana, "The Kingdom Of Heaven is Within".

This is an alchemical process within the mind & body through the embodiment of spirit (mental & emotional bodies through pranic attunement).

Through this process you will realize your true self that is an experience of oneness connected with the divine.

As you approach this state of being you experience high states of pleasure and bliss in your body.  All of your dreams and visions begin to manifest into existence through ease and grace (flow state).

Tantric sex is a portal into the divine connection with yourself and others.  This allows you to access deeper levels of emotions, sensation, and vital energy, ultimately leading you to discover more of who you really are.

Tantric sex can lead you to a transcendental experience that is beyond your ego, duality and of wholeness and unity.

The pathway of Tantric sex leads to the revelation of the mental and somatic understanding of masculine and feminine polarities (Shiva/Shakti) to create more powerful chemistry, intimacy and sexual experience.

Through focused mindfulness and presence in our felt experience we can learn to hold longer more intense orgasmic experiences pulsing through the entire body.

As we hold this space and expand in love, which is our gateway to the divine, we can surrender into an expanded oneness with the universe.

A Tantric Lifestyle is NOT all about Sex, but it is one of the key to unlocking our highest potential.

The majority of our lives, we are not having sex... even if that is our profession. :p

However, we can harness the power of sexual (kundalini) energy for inspiration, vitality, healing, creativity and pleasure in our bodies throughout our every day experience.

The Tantric Lifestyle starts with dreaming, visioning, and goal setting.

Tantra is a philosophy at the foundation and through mental re-patterning we can release the unconscious mind from limiting social beliefs such as fear, shame and lack.

This naturally shifts the way we relate with ourselves and the rest of the world.

A Tantric Lifestyle consists of setting time and space to connect with our mind, body and spirit.  As we create our own mindfulness and embodiment practice, our lives begin to transform.

Tantra is both a Spiritual Science & Artistic Expression.  Tantra offers psychological theory combined with applied practices that will expand your individual awareness and expression in all of your life, including your sexuality.

Each Tantra session is totally unique to you. Intimacy and Relationship Coaching and Tantric Embodiment are our two primary offerings. Coaching is a communication focused container where your Tantrika will hold a safe space for you to become empowered in your relationships, dating life, and sexual exploration. The intention of a Tantric Embodiment session is to expand awareness of your energy. Practice meditation, breath work, and yoga practice to come into your body and feel more pleasure. Embodiment sessions are focused on somatic healing, trauma release, mental re-patterning, and applying Tantra to your lifestyle.


You can read more about our different offerings here.

Each Tantrika's landing page has more information about their personality and unique Tantra services. We encourage you to explore each Tantrika's page to see who you best resonate with!

You don't have to pick just one! The Tantrikas at The Studio X work together, as a team of co-creators and collaborators.

We are available to support you in a 1:1 private session or together in a 2:1 Tandem Tantric experience or a 3:1 group experience!

The Tantrikas at The Studio X are not certified massage therapists. Tantra sessions can sometimes include intuitive bodywork and the exploration of both reciprocated and non-reciprocated touch.

Tantra Ceremonies with Tantric Body work are available as you develop an authentic relationship with your Tantrika. You can read more about that here.

Yes, The Studio X Tantrika's offer life coaching & embodiment sessions for healing and empowerment.  All though we often activate sexual chemistry in our sessions we do not engage in any form of prostitution.

The Studio X is not a licensed medical care provider and represents that it has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.

In the Sufi branch of Islam, the heart with wings represents ascension or the crossover between the spiritual and the physical realms. You can read more about the symbolism here

In our logo, X marks the spot! X marks the heart center, the energy center where unconditional love and the feeling of compassion is available to us. When we move forward in sexuality from a heart centered space we shift from mindless sex into making love. 

Also, in the Christian context, 'to sin' means to miss the mark, or to act out of alignment with God's commandment. At The Studio X we embrace all experiences as Divine opportunities to grow, expand, excel and ascend in our inherent primal and spiritual essence. With this perspective, sexual expression is not sinful, rather, it is an opportunity and a tool to heal and deepen our relationship and connectivity to the Divine, Source Energy, or a higher power. As  Tantric Philosophy states that "All is Divine," we release any judgment of wrong-doing and therefore there is no way to miss the mark or act out of alignment, because we are always divinely guided and everything that unfolds is perfectly orchestrated for the highest alignment of healing.

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