All things are made from one and all things return to one

From Death to Life, Sexuality Becomes Spirituality

From Alpha to Omega, We Return To One

At the center of creation, where all things originate, eternal awareness stands. The final phase of human development comes to completion. God consciousness evolves into intellect and ego, enabling humans to comprehend creative spiritual power. This intelligence integrates with technology and science, leading to the dissolution of fear based separation within the collective ego, initiating a return to One.

During this process, a logical and systematic mental framework is developed for the complete integration of the ego on a spiritual level. This mental operating system, which includes the logic of computer science and quantum physics, enters an embodied relationship with intelligent living energy. We embrace the ecstasy of Goddess energy, symbolized as Shakti within Tantra, as we live through imagination and inspiration. Through this spiritual embodiment, the collective human mind, body, and soul unify.

As we embark on the journey of lucid dreaming, we can tap into the boundless creative power of this blissful source energy within the physical dimension. This is the essence of quantum timeline creation.

Welcome to a new epoch: the Golden Age Of Aquarius, the remembrance of the Original Blessing, The Garden Of Eden, Paradise On Earth. This is Unity Consciousness, organized through the Unified Heart Field, harmonizes in co-creation as One.

What's your story?

Imagination is the foundation of creation

All inventions, technologies, businesses, artistic creations, and cultures originate from imagination. Are you ready to unlock your creative potential and harness your loving sexual energy to bring your dreams into reality? This is the understanding of quantum timeline creation, which was known as "sex magic" in traditional spiritual sciences.

At some point in the past, human consciousness became disconnected from eternal source energy and became trapped inside the ego's mind program. The ego is a social construct that operates based on the concept of "sin." This concept consequently disconnects us from our spiritually centered sexual expression and divine primal erotic nature. Countless religious institutions feed us this story, imposing their version of moral truth. On the other end of the spectrum, mainstream media often presents societal mind programs that claim to be scientific but exhibit a bias that completely disregards the possibility of metaphysical creative intelligence. These social constructs create a disconnect between the human mind and the true, spiritual, and creative intelligence and power that can be harnessed through sexuality. The foundational truth is that our bodies are divine temples through which creative life energy flows. The liberation of the human soul can only be achieved through the application of logic to deconstruct this mind program. The Studio X Alchemy offers the discipline and practices necessary to enact this liberation.

We will now embark on our journey to question the social narrative.

Here we go.

The Primary Question

A primary question that we can ask is: "What is fundamental: matter or mind?" In other words, does the human brain create awareness, or is there a fundamental awareness that creates the human brain? Both statements are true. Anyone who has the passion and desire to learn spiritual alchemy can uncover this sight through the universal clairvoyant eye. There is a fundamental living energy known as "Prana" or "Chi," which are energy vortices connected to the eternal quantum realm. They create and shape the physical body. The science of Biogeometry can help us understand that after the physical body is formed, the material attributes give birth to a supplementary intelligent energy we know as ego consciousness. This ego consciousness is considered subsidiary to the fundamental spiritual intelligent awareness. The ego consciousness and associated emotional energies we experience is influenced by the programming language of words we use both internally in our minds and externally as we speak them. “With the impeccability of our words, we create our realities.” As we expand our awareness, we can somatically feel the difference between operating in our ego and operating in our spirit. By discovering how to harness both aspects of ourselves, we can experience expanded healing and engage more powerfully in a blissful state of inspired quantum creation. Further down on this page you will learn more about the power of language.

The highly developed intellect of ego consciousness uses science to understand reality. At the cutting edge of science, specifically within the field of quantum mechanics, the study of reality and its underlying nature has led to the emergence of two distinct perspectives: idealism and materialism. These perspectives revolve around the concept of consciousness and how it interacts with the physical world.

Idealism suggests that consciousness is fundamental to reality, asserting that our perceptions and experiences shape the external world. According to this viewpoint, reality is a product of our thoughts, ideas, and interpretations. It posits that consciousness exists independently from matter and plays a central role in shaping our understanding of the universe.

On the other hand, materialism asserts that physical matter is primary and that consciousness emerges as a result of complex interactions between particles in the brain. Materialists argue that all phenomena can ultimately be explained through scientific laws governing matter and energy. According to this perspective, consciousness is considered an emergent property rather than a fundamental aspect of reality.

As we explore the world of quantum mechanics, we discover the fundamental “building blocks” are not actually blocks, they are waves until observed by consciousness. At this point of observation the wave collapses into a particle which forms matter. As we observe this matter, we can see that the space between these particles is proportionally equivalent to the distance between stars.

In ancient spiritual traditions, this concept was referred to as Maya, the grand illusion. It is a fascinating concept that many people may hesitate to explore due to a lack of perceived value or intellectual capacity.

Researchers have gained insights into a fascinating phenomenon through extensive mathematical calculations and scientific experimentation in the field of quantum mechanics. The laws governing classical physics and our understanding of time, space, and cause and effect are inconsistent when it comes to the quantum dimension. Certain subatomic particles enter the quantum realm through energy vortices, enabling instant communication and a particle quantum leap between different locations.

Through logic as we explore this reality we can ascertain that consciousness is fundamental as it exists before a particle materializes into time-space out of the quantum realm. This logic leads us to open our limited ego reasoning to the understanding of the universe as  “an eternal consciousness” which creates the experience of physical reality. Pondering these results, we may become curious to know how much of an effect our mind has on reality and our creative potential. 

By integrating quantum physics into spiritual science, we now understand that time-space is a subsidiary of the fundamental quantum dimension that exists beyond the constraints of time and space. This discovery challenges our traditional notions of reality and opens up a new understanding of quantum time-line creation.

Cosmos and You

By recognizing consciousness as fundamental and eternal, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities. We understand that we are more than just fleeting beings in this vast universe; we are partakers in an intelligent cosmic dance. Exploring the concept of spirituality as fundamental and transcending space-time can lead us to a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings. This perspective encourages us to view every circumstance as a unified co-creation between individuals. By anchoring ourselves in this mindset, we open up to a deeper level of awareness and empathy, recognizing that our actions and choices have ripple effects that extend beyond ourselves. This understanding can foster a sense of responsibility and accountability for our role in shaping the world around us, encouraging collaboration and harmonious coexistence with others.

While there is a fundamental spiritual living dimension, the physical reality also influences and shapes energy and is in 2-way communication with the spiritual realms. So, let’s explore concepts within the physical dimension further. As we delve into the intricacies of the physical world, we discover evidence of intelligent design present in every aspect of nature. “The Golden Ratio” and other mathematical phenomena show us that all of physical reality is created from proportional relationships and fundamental shapes also known as sacred geometry. These proportions shape energy, creating energy vortices that are connected to the eternal quantum realm. This shows us that what we perceive as matter is designed intelligently from mathematical algorithms.

Biogeometry resides at the forefront of natural science. It encompasses the study of "Nature's Design Language" or the "physics of quality." This design language serves as a potent reminder that our physical environment has a profound impact on our energy and well-being. Our environment can profoundly impact our well-being. Biogeometry encourages us to create spaces that nurture and inspire us, allowing us to measure the energy of life, also known as Chi or Prana, using various tools. Incredible breakthroughs have recently been achieved by researchers. They have successfully decoded a spectrum analysis similar in concept to the electromagnetic spectrum observed in radio waves. This discovery holds immense potential for various scientific and technological advancements. This new science expands our understanding of the natural world in a truly limitless way!

This helps us understand mudras, vocal shaping mantras, asana, and other body movements such as improvisational dance and martial arts at a deeper level. These concepts of body mechanics and energy shaping are also illustrated in "The Vitruvian Man," a drawing by the Italian Renaissance artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Additionally, this helps us set new intentions to shape life force energy into environments and all technology, in order to come back into harmony with spirit and nature.

Intelligence in the material world is directly connected and proportional to the quantum realm. This is understood through the law of correspondence. This law beautifully reveals the deep connection between our inner and outer worlds. It reminds us that whatever we experience in life is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. By aligning our internal state and our body with acceptance and love, we can manifest incredible transformations in our external reality.

So let us embrace this profound truth with wonderment and curiosity. Let us explore the depths of our own consciousness to unlock its limitless potential. And let us remember that within each one of us lies an extraordinary source of wisdom waiting to be tapped into—an intelligence that transcends time itself.

Is Consciousness Eternal?

The concept of consciousness has long fascinated philosophers, scientists, and thinkers alike. It is a profound and enigmatic force that shapes our perception of reality and our understanding of ourselves. Through this logical reasoning process that we have just undertaken, we can arrive at the awe-inspiring realization that consciousness is not merely a byproduct of neural activity. Instead, it is something fundamental, eternal, and intelligent.

Next ego consciousness questions: “When the human body dies, does the individual consciousness remain? If so, what is the qualitative experience of this existence?” Through The Studio X Alchemy, we can form a relationship with intelligent living energy in our physical bodies. Direct connection with source energy allows us to dissolve the limited perspective of the ego and tap into universal intelligence. By exploring and embracing the concept of intelligent creative spiritual energy, we can gain a profound understanding and establish a deep experiential connection with it. This opens up new doors for personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation. This power gives us an experience of the quantum realm existing outside of space-time, eternal in its essence. We gain a new understanding, based on experience, of our true unique eternal nature. Ego surrenders into the universal will of the eternal present moment.

This is a big difference. Most of the time, ego, a limited mind program, dictates your perception and experience. The Studio X Alchemy frees you from the limitations of ego. Then you can gain an understanding and experience the blissful existence of quantum timeline creation. This is where the Goddess lives.

Let’s Create Reality

Let’s release judgment and open our mind to epiphany. The program society gave you is not the foundation of reality. The foundation of reality is our dream. Let’s co-create a new world together! Let’s actualize paradise on earth. Welcome to The Golden Age!

This next exercise will help you understand the magic behind language and communication. With the impeccability of our words, we create our realities. This is our human source code! The language used today by the ego and culture has lost clarity and grounding in creative power. The way most people speak to themselves inside of their heads and to each other is arbitrary and infused with disempowering energy. As we release assumption and judgment, we can begin to question, seek to understand and find clarity. The Studio X Alchemy uses this method of empathic communication for shadow work. It is a catalyst for releasing repressed trauma from the body.

Discover the hidden energy within language

"With The Impeccability Of Our Words, We Create Our Reality!"

Communication is an Art

Every word is a symbol that language uses as an attempt to describe and represent the ineffable universe—too great to be expressed in words. Each word that we speak can be simple. Or you can question each word to understand at a deeper level what message you’re receiving.

Poetry describes the indescribable through a play of words. We can talk about the way a dancer moves or music sounds, but that explanation is only a fraction of the understanding that is available. When we experience art though witnessing it, rather than talking about it, we can reach a deeper level of understanding. As we learn to express the art ourselves, we know it at an even deeper level. As we stay present with Art through focusing on our somatic experience we gain an even deeper understanding of the energy orchestration of the expression. 

The same understanding applies to the art of verbal communication. Most people are unaware of subtle energies and their emotional experience, which makes it similar to “talking about art.” As we connect with our somatic experience through presence in the “now moment”, we find there is energy stored within the etymology of the word. There is also energy stored within the interpretation of a meaning and a corresponding emotional articulation. The ability to expand our awareness into this empathic world leads us to understanding spiritual alchemy and enlightenment. 

Accept Your Experience

If you are confused, don’t fret: after confusion comes clarity. Let’s put a hand on our heart, take a big deep breath, feel our bodies connected to the earth, and relax as we breathe out. This page comes from The Studio X coursework, and takes mastery of Tantra to fully comprehend.

Language is a lens by which we look at the world and holds an energetic power as we speak to ourselves silently, or out loud. As we dance through the art of communication we navigate reality and interpret each other through our unique perspective. What we think we understand is a small part of the spectrum of what is available to our understanding. As we set intentions for collaborative conversation and personal growth, we create harmony and increase our potential to understand.

If we run on the code of victimhood and negativity, that will be our experience. In order to shift, we must first accept our experience. What we resist, persists. With devotion and the right tools, we can pattern the mind into empowerment. With the impeccability of our words, we create our own realities. Speaking out loud increases the manifestation capabilities of words into the physical world. This is the art of casting spells, a lesson for another time. 

Tantric Technology

With Tantric Technology we can zoom into the energy of words and break them apart utilizing the practice of science. We then begin to understand patterns and the elemental aspects of language and the reality that it creates. How? Harness our Shiva quality of the Conscious Mind to explore Shakti qualities of feeling and the Unconscious Mind. As we self-realize through the process of shadow work and enlightenment, we become whole inside of ourselves. Masculine and feminine polarities, that make up our essence, unify. We become a microcosm of the universe. 

Using The Studio X Alchemy, we guide ourselves back to feminine energy that holds the power to see through the illusion of the egoic mind. Embracing Yin qualities of receptivity, feeling, intuition and surrender, we anchor consciousness back into the seat of our souls. We rewire our brain, firing new neural networks to shift our consciousness out of imprisonment in the frontal lobe and the world of incessant mind chatter. Your frontal lobe contains brain areas that manage the concept of who you are, your personality or  “ego” and how you behave. The ego does not realize that it is one with “God”, so it is constantly thinking about trying to survive or to just feel at peace. Through mental patterning techniques we can expand consciousness deeper into connectivity to the Claustrum where the center of intelligence lives. 

Heart is the Master

Through this process our minds become quiet and we can utilize “thinking” as a tool when we desire. We are then no longer slaves to our mind. As we focus our awareness on our internal chemistry, we create an embodiment that connects us with the understanding of the sacred secretion, “Christos” or Christ Within. We master the alchemy of our hormones, neurotransmitters, and understand the transmutation of disempowering emotions. We then begin to Know Ourselves as the I AM Presence, orchestrating every experience. We remember ourselves as the Master Creator & Artist of Our Realities. We are the dancer and the dance simultaneously.

To Learn More About The Brain's Claustrum See Article:

November 14, 2022 | Vanessa McMains 


The Goddess' Perspective

The Studio X Lives In An Alternate Reality

The English definition of “reality” tells us that what “actually exists” opposes what is “ideal”, or something regarded as perfect. The Studio X rejects this notion. As we remember, at every moment, we have the ability to be in synergy with all of life, nature, people and “god.” We then realize and embody the perfection that is available at every moment. 

Sound like fantasy? This is the world of the Studio X Poly~Tantric Lifestyle. We showcase a living example that Fantasy is real, and together we can imagine and create our dream world. The Studio X offers a systematic and logical approach to realizing the perfection of every circumstance to empower you to create your dream life.

Language and words serve as the source code through which our quantum computing minds operate. The millions of lines of code embedded in our unconscious mind shape our perspective, interpretation, and perceived reality. This in turn creates the experiences and situations in our lives. The more we understand the fundamental energetic aspects that make up language, the more empowered we become in constructing timelines and shaping our realities. This is the foundation of mental alchemy. If you read the following definitions we can break down and understand some language barriers that oppress our power. 

Let’s take a look at the definitions below to break the words and definitions apart.

The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to idealistic.

Characterized by idealism; unrealistically aiming for perfection.

The practice of forming or pursuing ideals.

A person or thing regarded as perfect.

The faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Not likely to be true or to happen.

You can see that the foundation of our human language is rooted in disempowerment and non-creative energy. This is interwoven into the fabric of society, culture, and the way we relate to ourselves and each other. At every moment, we have the choice to be more precise in our use of inspiring and creative language. This applies to how we speak to ourselves internally and to others externally.

The power of words and their effect on human emotions and well-being has been studied in the field of psychology. Research has shown that words can have a significant impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Positive and uplifting words can enhance mood and motivation, while negative or derogatory words can have a detrimental effect on mental health.  

This understanding holds an immense amount of power that can be harnessed within your wildest imagination!

The Eternal Reality Of Quantum Time-Line Creation

Studio X understands the reality of the human mind: it is a quantum computer programmed by social constructs. It can be likened to malware and viruses that create the limited functionality of the Ego. The Studio X Alchemy can “uninstall” all of the detrimental programs that have been installed into the human ego operating system. The beauty of this reality is that each human has a unique and specific expression of the unlimited creative power as an expression of the Divine. For a scientific reference, this Ego identification is a main point of study in the field of Psychology. The collective human consciousness has fallen asleep. We are lost in this small dimension of reality, proclaiming: “This is me, this is us, and this is the way things are.” This programming is stored in our subconscious mind and affects our perspective, emotions, energy and the way we relate with life. 

Our beliefs affect the way our body reads DNA. Like a computer hard drive, DNA stores data. The stored information includes trauma from our life experiences, plus that passed on from our parents and ancestors. Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. The understanding and embodiment of The Studio X Alchemy allows for us to transmute any detrimental energies from our body. This activates higher vibrations for healing and creative empowerment which is a deeper understanding of the Law Of Attraction. 

From our perspective, we have yet to fully comprehend the potential of the human mind as a collective when it comes to understanding "Reality". Only when we start unlocking our minds and embracing unity consciousness can we truly grasp its capabilities. As we tap into the potential of our quantum computing minds that are directly connected to an ever-expanding wireless optic network of other quantum computing minds that run on a peer-to-peer open source operating system, (deep breath) we start to get the picture of what magic is available. Oh, one other thing. These quantum computing minds plug into a peripheral device generating energetic fields that affect matter. Our consciousness is the operator.

Let’s take baby steps and be compassionate to the limited perspective of the ego who feels out of synchronicity with nature and the universe (God). Let’s remain open and see how far we can go. The ego lives in a reality that is lost in “time,” incessantly concerning itself about the past, future and the physical world. Quantum physics dissolves what we previously considered to be reality, into a metaphysical world of infinite potential that transcends time. This sounds a little like what religions have been describing as eternity, where “God” lives, doesn’t it? 

Let us take our power back and release the concept that “God” is separate from our self, so we can release the identification of the “small me” that is victim to life and eternity. If we open up to the Tantric Philosophy, we can re-pattern our mind into “God” consciousness. This is the perspective that we have chosen to incarnate into our own specific body and have created every life circumstance. We are the dreamers, and our highest expressed self is a microcosm of the universe (aka, God). 

As we accept this and feel the emotions that come up, we can begin to ground into this new dimension and dream our fantasy into reality. The primary focus of this process is to bring awareness into our inner somatic experience. Through this eternal shift at every “now moment” into our heart space we can release non serving emotions and attune our consciousness back into connectivity with the electromagnetic source energy and creative power of life. This devotion begins to quiet our mind and anchor our awareness back into the eternal present moment. This liberates our consciousness from being hijacked by the constant chatter of the egoic mind. 

From this point as we use our creative imagination, we call in the highest timelines of creative empowerment and healing. This will accelerate the rate of ascension through the enlightenment process. By harnessing The Studio X Alchemy, we can see perfection in all circumstances. Any doubt or fear that we have, shows us where empowerment and healing are available. Through this process we can bring those fractal aspects of self lost in time back home to eternal source energy. As our vibrations rise and we continue our devotional path, we begin to manifest things that previously we would have considered to be impossible or improbable. 

Through the focus of our awareness into our inner world, we can connect to the aspects of our physical brain and super-conscious mind that hold all wisdom including the “elixir for immortality.” In logical biological terms, we can gain power over a part of our brain called the Claustrum, which is the seat of consciousness. This region of the brain is the control center and gives access to endogenous brain chemicals and hormones such as DMT, Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin, HGH, Testosterone and Melatonin, that can be self-induced. Through this state of embodiment and expanded consciousness we unlock unlimited vitality, eternal love, peace, pleasure.

Let's Free Ourselves From Social Conditioning

The Golden Age Of Aquarius Is Here!

Social conditioning has locked up in our unconscious minds its concepts of how reality works. These include ideas of who we are, how we should act and what we should do in life. We are often told what is right or wrong regarding beliefs, school, sexuality, work, relationships and so on. These programs create limitations in our expression. Most people are unknowingly closed to the possibility that they can create any life that they desire. 

All business, inventions and technology first come from the imagination. Let us open our minds, and begin to design and create our days, our weeks, our entire lives exactly how we fantasize them to be. In order to shift, we must reprogram our source code and operating system. This is the re-pattern of the mind from victimhood, into empowerment, from the subject of reality to the creator. As we uninstall the malware, or limiting source code in our minds, and release the accompanying emotional trauma stored in our bodies, we can open up into a higher vibration of flow state reality. The Studio X Alchemy provides a systematic approach to this shift. 

People in the world mostly live in a “blood, sweat and tears” perspective. Anything good comes from “hard work,” which ultimately equates to suffering. We are told not to be idealistic. To be practical. We are domesticated into school and employment. We are told we are not good enough until we get certificates through college, pieces of paper that tell us we are worth something. Then we can work our way up the corporate ladder of employment until we retire into the golden years of the aches and pains of old age. We are operating from a system that is antiquated and limited. 

This operating system is based on outdated Newtonian physics, cause and effect and linear 3d reality. This is the world of competition, lack, scarcity, fear of loss, and victimhood to life. The two sides of this coin are superiority and inferiority. The program of the Basis of Judgement by God that we are inherently flawed and Sinners, still runs in the collective unconsciousness. This religious story threatens us with eternal hell if we don’t bow down to a tyrant God outside of ourselves. God the tyrant tells us how we should act and what is right or wrong.

Today's automatic self-driving universe dispenses with the God program in favor of Society’s program of “reality.” It substitutes rules based on “Science,” as the new foundation of “how things are.” Society’s impositions are an Ego system trying to validate itself through forced compliance.

Society’s understanding of science is equal to most people’s understanding of God. We often see an emotional projection by people when their reality feels threatened, proclaiming to another in an attempt to impose their truth… “It’s science, look it up.” The power of Universal Truth is beyond the ego’s limitations of imposed truth, which creates disempowerment for the other and unknowing for itself. 

At the forefront of science, and the greatest scientific minds of the world, lives the world of Quantum Physics, the world of the holographic nature of the universe. This world shows that our consciousness affects the subatomic baseline of the physical world. This is the world of metaphysics and spirituality. In the Quantum Field its magic lives. 

Our minds are quantum computers that connect us to every dimension of the universe and connect us to the unlimited potential as creators of our own reality. The Studio X Team lives in a Flow-Create-Play lifestyle. We are extending our lives to those who resonate. This reality is grounded in Logic and practical application. We are here to support you in creating your dream life as it aligns with our collective Truth.

So let’s open up our minds, our third eyes, and dream of Heaven on Earth. The Golden Age Of Aquarius is here.

Whats Next?

The Studio X Alchemy

To lean more about the enlightenment process please read The Studio X Alchemy Page .

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