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Experience our Tantric services personalized for your desires!  Available for singles, couples, or groups.

Intimacy Coaching

Expand your capacity to connect emotionally with yourself and others. Open up into a safe place to be vulnerable and share your feelings.  Explore your desires and increase your ability to communicate them.

Tantric Embodiment

Drop in with a Tantrika while stretching and moving your bodies together, connecting through sensual embodiment and Tantric Practices.


Set intentions, call in spirit, & sit back and relax through a guided experience.  Learn about Sex Magick and open up into sensuality and pleasure beyond the physical.

Tantra Service Benefits

· Increase vitality and stamina
· Expanded awareness
· Practice Emotional Intimacy
· Cultivate sexual energy
· Unlock your heart space
· Feel compassion
· Activate your pleasure
· Experience authentic relating
· Release stagnant energies that cause dis-ease
· Release sexual shame
· Discover, express, and call in your desires

Available Tantra Service Practices

· Tantric Body Work
· Eye & Body Gazing
· Intention setting
· Yab-Yum & Heart on Heart Connection
· Guided Breathwork
· Chakra Activation
· Sensual Touch
· Primal Play

Sensational Experiences

· Smoke Cleanse - Incense, Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo
· Aromatherapy With Essential Oils
· Rose water spritz
· Cold or Hot Play
· Oil Lathering
· Tickles
· Blind Fold
· Sensual Tasting
· Spanking

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