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About The Tantrikas - Read First

The Studio X Tantrikas are sexually open, fully expressed and desire to share love with you.  However, this does NOT mean that they will have sex with you.  We understand this is confusing, but rest assured, after confusion, comes clarity.

Generally speaking, the only role models that we have for sexually open people are porn stars.  Unfortunately, many porn stars are not embodied, and disconnected from authentic connection and expression. Many women who are in the sexual workforce will lead you on and ‘talk dirty’ to you, for the sole purpose of getting paid.

At the Studio X, our Tantrikas are authentic and you will have to build a relationship with them before they open to the possibility of sharing mutually engaged sexual energy.  The Tantrikas will lovingly share how to flirt and seduce them in a straightforward and transparent way. This will help you understand the feminine and be able to release fear, shame, guilt and grief about your desires, helping you attract aligned intimate partners. After a relationship is built there is the possibility of shared mutual self pleasure, but is not guaranteed. Releasing all expectations is key to building a relationship!

Our Tantrikas are embodied in feminine energy and activated in their masculine.  They are in touch with their emotions, understand their truth and will articulate their experience, and help you get in touch with yours. As a model of a sexually empowered person, The Studio X Tantrikas are here to help you improve your ability to connect emotionally and mentally with others.

If you are looking for a quick fix of pleasure, please visit our Erotic Vault or one way Live Stream Events.

If you are looking to increase awareness, vitality, and become empowered through pleasure, you have come to the right place!

Book a Session

Experience our Tantric services personalized for your desires!  Available for singles, couples, or groups.

Tantric Embodiment

Drop in with a Tantrika while stretching and moving your bodies together, connecting through sensual embodiment and Tantric Practices.

Intimacy Coaching

Authentic relating and connection focused on discussion and sensual flirtation.  Upgrade your self-talk & practice empathic communication, expressing desires & turn perceived rejection into empowerment.


Set intentions, call in spirit, & sit back and relax through a guided experience.  Learn about Sex Magick and open up into sensuality and pleasure beyond the physical.

The starting rate for in-person Tantric Embodiment sessions is $325 for 2 hours.

Online sessions start at $150 for 75 minutes.

The starting rate for in-person Intimacy Coaching sessions is $150 for 75 minutes.

Online sessions start at $120 for 60 minutes.

The starting rate for in-person Tantra Ceremony sessions is $325 for 2 hours.

Online sessions start at $150 for 75 minutes.

Interested in a Tantra session but unsure what service is best for you? Schedule a free Discovery Call with a Tantrika to discover what Tantric Offering best suits your intentions & desires!

Tantra Service Benefits

· Expanded awareness of subtle energy
· Practice Emotional Intimacy
· Cultivate sexual energy
· Unlock your heart space
· Feel compassion
· Activate your pleasure
· Experience authentic relating
· Release stagnant energies
· Release sexual shame
· Discover, express, and call in your desires

Available Tantra Service Practices

· Eye & Body Gazing
· Intention setting
· Yab-Yum & Heart on Heart Connection
· Guided Breathwork
· Chakra Activation
· Cock/Pussy Embodiment / Mutual Self Pleasure
· Sensual Touch & Massage
· Plant Medicine
· Primal Play

Sensational Experiences

· Smoke Cleanse - Incense, Sage, Cedar, Palo Santo
· Aromatherapy With Essential Oils
· Rose water spritz
· Cold or Hot Play
· Oil Lathering
· Tickles
· Blind Fold
· Food or Drink For Pleasure
· Spanking

In Person

Connect with a Studio X Tantrika from anywhere in the world through live two-way video chat.

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