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Experience our Tantric services personalized for your desires!  Available for singles or couples.

In Person

Connect with a Studio X Tantrika from anywhere in the world through live two-way video chat.


Have you ever fantasized about watching your yoga teacher stretch out naked?  Well now your naughty fantasies can come true!  Our Tantrikas love to get naked and do yoga for your enjoyment, so release that shame and expand into pleasure, its good for you!

But not so quick… our Tantrikas want you to get into your body too, so you will have to do some yoga poses that are customized to you. Whether you have never done yoga before or are an experienced yogi, discover a new way of relating to sensation. Through this practice you will expand your capacity to circulate sexual energy within your body and with a partner.

Relationship Coaching

Let’s talk about SEX, baby, and get NAKED!!  Open up into vulnerability and authentic expression with our relationship and intimacy coaches who will guide you to release shame around your deepest desires as well as the challenges you face.

Our coaches are real, raw and transparent.  They are in touch with their emotions, know how to speak their truth and will provide you with powerful reflections for rapid growth and expansion.  You will learn how to relate and flirt with sexy empowered leaders, who will help you align with your highest self and attract the partners you desire.


Experience a guided sensual encounter to invigorate sexuality and pleasure in your body.  Through ritualistic Sex Magick practices, setting intention, lighting candles, and creating an intimate space, you will be seduced into a sensational experience of erotic energy.  Through Tantric Yoga practices you will discover how to circulate sexual energy within your own physical and energetic body, and open your heart to exchange these powerful forces with your Tantric practitioner.

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