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In the Tantric practice we discover the balance between Shiva & Shakti, or masculine & feminine energy within us (Yin/Yang). We all hold a spectrum of these energy qualities. These polarities are the foundation of our internal chemistry and how we feel in our bodies.  When we feel loving, sexy and pleasurable within ourselves, it is seen in our expression and relationship with others.  This is a highly magnetic embodiment which takes a certain degree of freedom and empowerment to hold.

Through a process called shadow work, The Studio X Tantrikas will uncover aspects of yourself that are repressed and hidden from your conscious mind. We all have shadow aspects that we are in denial of, until we are fully enlightened.  Shadow work takes surrender and vulnerability for the process to work.  Your Tantrika will help guide you into a safe space for this process.  By utilizing sexual energy and as a catalyst for shadow work, we create a more potent space for healing and empowerment.


Masculine Polarity (Yang)


Feminine Polarity (Yin)

Learning and expanding polarity

Tantric sexuality works through the play of polarity

When the practitioner has cultivated a certain degree of proficiency with the non-sexual Tantric practices, they are then taught how to apply this focus and intention to sexual pleasure practices, which will then catalyze even deeper and more profound healing of body, mind and spirit.

White Tantra

Solo Tantra Practice

Red Tantra

Partner Practice

Connecting to source energy & the fountain of youth

The Heart Space is the gateway for tapping into the infinite and vital source energy that is available through Tantra.  This energy center connects our primal nature (sexuality) to our spiritual essence (prAna).

Tantra is about celebrating your body and feeling heightened sensuality. The practice intertwines spirituality, sexuality, and a state of mindfulness. Tantra may be practiced alone or with a partner.

We can simplify application of Tantra into two principles:

  1. Tantra is an art & science of the study of energy
  2. Tantra is a comprehensive spiritual path for the evolution of the human soul and consciousness

The Technology of Tantra is hands down the most powerful catalyst for personal growth and shadow work. Utilizing the Tantric Philosophy we can re-pattern our mind into finding empowerment in every situation.    This leads us into increased vitality and extended periods of peace, joy, love, pleasure and creativity in our lives.

The highest and truest purpose of Tantra is to cultivate the realization of Oneness. This realization is what we refer to as “enlightenment”, which simply means freedom from suffering.

Couple Sessions

In a couple session you will discuss your desires and intentions with your Tantrika to discover the focus of energy. 
Increase Safety ~ Expand Communication ~ Explore Desires ~ Ignite Sexuality

Attention can be directed exclusively towards the connection with your partner or it can be extended into learning to open up intimacy to a 3rd party.  Expanding intimacy and Eros beyond a primary partner is a powerful way to increase pleasure & uncover repressed emotions. 

Tantric Lifestyle Coaching

Let's talk Tantra!  Explore an alternative lifestyle approach that integrates sexuality and spiritually. 

Discover the foundations of Tantra, including self care & personal growth practices, intimacy, and how to expand into Tantric Sex with yourself and a partner.

In coaching sessions we will open up a safe and vulnerable space to explore your dreams and desires in life. Through this exploration you will unveil emotions and thoughts that are limiting you from from getting what you want.

You will learn how to be empowered by any situation, including rejection, through Tantric Redirection.  This space is perfect for discussing past or current relationships,  to release old patterns that keep you stuck.  Learn to master conversations with empathic communication techniques.

Coaching sessions may include some meditation, breath work and body-awareness practices but are mostly focused on communication, inquiry and discussion.

In Person Session - $150 /hr

Online Session - $120 /hr

Tantric Embodiment

Embodiment sessions include Tantric Life Coaching, with a focus on the physical practice of Tantra

In this space we will begin with White Tantra, helping you establish your Solo Practice and a deeper connection with yourself. 

As trust and safety are established within yourself and your Tantrika, you will be able to explore expanded Tantric practices together. You will be guided into Tantric movement and encouraged to connect through sensual touch.  As sexual arousal occurs you will be guided back to presence with your somatic experience through Mindfulness and breathing techniques. 

This practice increases emotional intelligence and expands your ability to stay present when you experience sexual arousal. The space held will increase your capacity to receive and extend love which automatically creates a healing space for you and your partner.

Your Tantrika will create space for reflecting and processing emotions as they arise .  Through these practices you will experience more connectivity with your mind, body and spirit.  As you open your heart and other energy centers you will release lower vibrations such as fear, guilt, shame & grief.  This release will naturally unlock your expression, and increase the flow of peace, joy and love in your life.

In Person Session:
2 hour $425
3 hour $600 

Online Session - $150 /hr

Erotic Devotion

This is an exclusive offering available by invite only from your Tantrika or Mentor. 


As you develop an authentic relationship with your Tantrika you will be eligible to expand into Erotic Devotion.

In this session you will drop in through conversation and discuss desires and intentions.  As you connect mentally and emotionally with your Tantrika you will be guided into expanded physical expression.

As chemistry is created and sexual arousal occurs you will learn to hold space and remain meditative in this energy.  This practice creates high levels of ‘feel good brain chemicals’ which increases pleasure & vitality in your body.

As sexual energy is cultivated there will be pauses to reflect and share experiences. This practice will open up a powerful healing space to release any non serving energy or emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and grief that limit your expression.

This practice increases emotional intelligence and your ability to remain calm when sexually aroused. You will learn to own and communicate your desires when holding conversation with a person you are attracted to in every day life.

In Person Session:
2 hour $675

3 hour $850

Online Session - $200 /hr

Tantra Service Benefits

· Connect to Source Energy
· Heal relationships
· Attract your ideal partner
· Increase vitality and stamina
· Create safety in your body
· Expanded self awareness
· Increase emotional intelligence
· Expanded sexual energy
· Unlock your heart space
· Feel compassion
· Activate your pleasure body
· Experience authentic relating
· Release emotions that cause dis-ease
· Increase flexibility and release pain
· Release sexual shame and guilt
· Discover, express, and call in your desires

Embodiment Offerings

· Tantric body work
· Cuddling
· Eye & body gazing
· Yab-Yum & heart on heart connection
· Guided breathwork
· Chakra activation
· Sensual touch
· Play wrestling
· Tantric yoga
· Internal martial arts
· Microcosmic orbit
· Orgasmic meditation (OM)
· Moving meditation
· Sounding and vocalization


Coaching Offerings

· Personal development
· Shadow work
· Relationship counseling
· Ignite your sex life
· Opening your relationship
Communication mastery
· Emotional processing
· Empowerment perspectives
· Dream healing
· Affirmation practices
· Intention setting
· Inner child healing
· Healing ancestral wounding
· Self care and pleasure practice
· Porn addiction assistance



Sensational Experiences

· Tantric touch
· Smoke cleanse - sage, cedar, palo santo
· Aromatherapy with essential oils
· Rose water spritz
· Cold or hot play
· Tickling
· Blind folding
· Sensual eating
· Spanking
· Biting
· Oiling

**Disclaimer** The Studio X DOES NOT Offer Prostitution in ANY FORM

Prostitution is the crime of willfully engaging in sexual intercourse or a lewd act with someone else in exchange for money or something else of value.

All prices shown are for sessions in Santa Barbara. Sessions outside of SB can be discussed and are offered at an adjusted rate.

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