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Coaching, Embodiment & Erotic Devotion

Tantra Service Santa Barbara
Explore a safe place to connect emotionally with a coach you are sexually attracted to. Discover your highest desires and unlock your expression to attract your dream partner(s).

Experience the benefits of
The Studio X Alchemy

  • Expand your heart and loving energy
  • Unleash your sexual expression
  • Attract your dream partner(s)
  • Increase vitality and stamina
  • Reveal the secrets of sexual chemistry
  • Learn more about masculine and feminine
  • Expand your relationships
  • Expand empathic communication
  • Raise awareness & confidence
  • Increase abundance
  • Expand peace, pleasure & feel better
  • Release trauma & heal from disease

In Person & Online Services Available

We Are Located In Santa Barbara, California

Intimacy Coaching

Explore the boundless realm of expanding self-awareness through open and vulnerable discussions. During coaching sessions, we delve into the depths of the unconscious mind to enhance intellectual abilities, emotional intelligence, and unlock your untapped potential. Uncover an alternative approach to life that can enhance pleasure and inspire you in your everyday experiences!

Sessions Can Include

  • Transpersonal Psychology Techniques: Understand the universal design of the ego brain functions and break free from limiting beliefs.
  • Tantric Philosophy: Reprogram your mind into an idealist philosophy to create healing and empowerment in every situation.
  • Communication Mastery: Learn and practice empathic communication tools to find connectivity in every conversation.
  • Shadow Work: Explore your unconscious mind to discover and release repressed emotions and beliefs.
  • Sexual Chemistry: Discuss the magical world of tantric sex and explore the secrets behind the Shiva-Shakti gender polarities that expand your erotic expression.

Starting At:

In Person - $150 /hr
Online -  $150 /hr 

Tantric Embodiment

Immerse yourself into an open energy flow of loving Goddess energy. The coaches at The Studio X create a safe and supportive environment for exploring authentic relationships and harnessing sexual energy as a catalyst for personal development and spiritual growth. Embodiment sessions focus on bringing your attention out of your mind and into the sensory world of feelings and prAna.

Sessions Can Include

  • Sensational Play: Expand your capacity for somatic awareness, including feelings such as safety, pleasure, and love.
  • Tantric Yoga: Learn to shape your body to channel kundalini sexual energy for healing, vitality and increased expression.
  • Meditative Intimacy: Expand mindfulness and your ability to intuitively communication when experiencing attraction.
  • Intuitive Movement: Listen to your body when flowing through movement together, releasing agendas and expectations.
  • Sensual Connection: Get close and breathe together, eye gaze, cuddle and practice sharing and exploring desires.

Starting At:

2 Hours In Person - $425
3 Hours In Person - $600
Online - $200/hr

Erotic Devotion

This is an exclusive, invite-only session. Once you have developed an authentic relationship with your coach and gained a fundamental understanding of The Studio X Alchemy, you will have the opportunity to explore Erotic Devotion. This is pathway to activating Kundalini energy and a pathway for sexual mastery.  Unlock the fire of your heart-centered Eros for healing, empowerment, magnetism, and developing a new relationship with your body.

The Studio X spiritually focused rituals create a calming resonance that disarms reactive tendencies and facilitates the release of significant traumas from the body. Integration and emotional space holding are intertwined with erotic activations.

Sessions Can Include

  • Orgasmic Meditation: Circulate your sexual energy throughout your body, through the principles of yin and yang polarity.
  • Nude Body Gazing: Experience beauty and expand your heart by appreciating the beauty of the body.
  • Erotic Sounding: Open your throat and allow your erotic sounds and communication to be expressed.
  • Tantric Self Pleasure Practice: Discover a space to slow down and enhance pleasure for healing and empowerment through a meditative technique to nurture and love your yoni or lingam.
  • Orgasm Edging: Find the edge of orgasm through presence to built a vital fire to unlock your hidden potential!
  • Semen Retention: Step into mastery of your sexuality by withholding ejaculation and unconscious primal mind.

Starting At:

 2 Hours In Person -$675
3 Hours In Person - $850
90 Minutes Online - $350

Online Coaching Package


  • Package Of 4 Sessions
  • Coaching & Tantric Embodiment
    1 Hour Each

In-Person Starter Package


  • Package Of 3 Sessions
  • 1 Hour Audio/Video Coaching Call
  • 1 x Private Tantric Yoga Session
    90 Minutes
  • 1 x Two Hour Tantric Embodiment Session
  • 15 Min After Session Integration Call

Couples Sessions

In a couples session you will discuss your desires and intentions
with your Coach to discover the focus of energy. 

Increase Emotional Connection ~ Expand Communication
Explore Desires ~ Ignite Sexuality

Attention can be directed exclusively towards the connection with your partner or it can be extended into learning to open up intimacy to a 3rd party. 

Expanding intimacy and sexual energy beyond a primary partner is a powerful way to increase pleasure & release repressed emotions. 


Actualize Your Dream

Tantric Lifestyle Mentorship

Discover the power of Tantric Lifestyle Mentorship as the most effective method for manifesting your heart-centered desires into reality.

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Connecting to source energy & the fountain of youth

The Heart Space is the gateway for tapping into the infinite and vital source energy that is available through Tantra.  This energy center connects our primal nature (sexuality) to the higher wisdom of our spiritual essence (prAna).

Tantra is about opening our heart space and celebrating pleasure in our bodies.  As we embrace pleasure as a divine energy and focus our awareness somatically on the interconnectivity of the intelligent energy within all of life, we find Tantric Yoga. The practice unifies mind, body and spirit, which includes sexual energy.

Tantra is a way of life, a philosophy.  It may be practiced alone or with a partner.

We can simplify application of Tantra into three principles:

  1. Tantra is the science of life energy (Prana)
  2. Tantra the artistic expression of Prana.
  3. Tantra is a comprehensive path for the evolution of the human ego, soul and spirit.

Tantric Embodiment is a central area of focus within the Studio X Alchemy. This innovative approach to spiritual practice serves as a highly effective catalyst for personal growth and shadow work, making it an invaluable tool for self-transformation.

Utilizing the Tantric Philosophy we can re-pattern our mind into finding empowerment in every situation. This leads us into increased vitality and extended periods of peace, joy, love, pleasure and creativity in our lives.

The highest and truest purpose of Tantra is to cultivate the realization of Oneness. This realization is what we refer to as “enlightenment”, which simply means freedom from suffering.

Tantric Sexuality allows for individuals and partners to connect to the perfection and oneness of the universe while experiencing extended periods of multi-orgasmic pleasure.

We welcome individuals & partners of all genders & orientations

In the Tantric practice we discover the balance between Shiva & Shakti, or masculine & feminine energy within us (Yin/Yang). We all hold a spectrum of these energy qualities. These polarities are the foundation of our internal chemistry and how we feel in our bodies.  When we feel loving, sexy and pleasurable within ourselves, it is seen in our expression and relationship with others.  This is a highly magnetic embodiment which takes a certain degree of freedom and empowerment to hold.

Through a process called shadow work, The Studio X coaches will uncover aspects of yourself that are repressed and hidden from your conscious mind. We all have shadow aspects that we are in denial of, until we are fully enlightened.  Shadow work takes surrender and vulnerability for the process to work.  Your coaches will help guide you into a safe space for this process.  By utilizing sexual energy and as a catalyst for shadow work, we create a more potent space for healing and empowerment.

White Tantra

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