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Monthly Mentorship


Get ready to step into a world where possibilities are limitless, and success is yours to receive.

Envision a life where you can truly have it all: an abundance of love, mind-blowing sex, boundless vitality, overflowing wealth, the freedom to pursue your passions, and a vast network of meaningful relationships to support your dreams. Picture a reality where your deepest desires are effortlessly fulfilled simply by harnessing the power of your own magnetic attraction. The possibilities are endless when you learn to unlock this extraordinary power within you!


Are you ready to learn how you can tap into this magical reality?

The Phases Within Mentorship

The first step, Strategic Dream Intelligence: At its core this exclusive methodology helps unlock the power of our visioning ability and harness our creative potential. By engaging in a meditative interview processes, individuals can delve deep into the hidden desires within.  By visualizing and embodying the somatic sensation of success in our desires, we can identify any doubt or fear-based emotions that may hinder us from attracting positive outcomes into our lives. This sets clients on a direct pathway for expanded healing and empowerment within coaching sessions.

Through collaboration with The Studio X coaches, you and your mentor will create a "blueprint" and a monthly package.

Throughout your journey, you will receive comprehensive support at every stage. Your blueprint will be dynamically updated as your desires and reality shifts.  No matter the challenge or obstacle you encounter, there will be assistance available to guide and help you overcome it.

You will work with all three coaches as well as additional Studio X practice partners within the mentorship program. The Studio X mentorship program uses the power of a 3-way tantra session to more powerfully release non-serving energy. You will then have the ability to practice with a Studio X partner while being guided by your coach. This enables the activation of additional tantric energy to more powerfully create chemistry and heart centered connectivity.

Your coaches will help you develop your white tantra solo practice at home. This includes the development of your internal martial arts and embodiment practice. Your white tantra solo practice serves as your essential catalyst to manifest your desires. Your practice will integrate the energy that you co-created with your coaches into your daily life. If desired, red tantra partner practice support is also available. 

You will have scheduled text or phone check-ins with your coaches to help keep on track with your goals and tantric embodiment. You may share self-care practices with each other and cheer each other on.

Rest assured, mentorship will be available to guide you at every stage of your journey. They will ensure that you stay on track, work closely with your coaches, and make steady progress towards achieving your dreams.

When you’re ready, The Studio X will assist you in tantric dating and guide you into extending your practice to your partner(s).

Once you reach a certain level of tantric embodiment through the mentorship program, you will have the opportunity to connect with other community events within The Studio X network. This includes exclusive sacred intimacy play parties.


Tantric Lifestyle Mentorship

One, three and six month packages are available

Prices begin at $4000 monthly


Here's everything you will receive:

  • Strategic dreaming & mentorship
  • Work with all 3 coaches
  • Additional practice partners
  • 3-way relating dynamics
  • Tantric dating assistance
  • Exclusive private events
  • Unlock your sexual and creative expression
  • Attract your dream partner(s)
  • Increase pleasure and peace in your body
  • Improve communication skills
  • Disarm reactive tendencies
  • Activate a healing resonance in your body

Are you ready to unlock your sexual and creative expression?

Sexuality is an incredibly powerful, creative, and magnetic energy! When a person feels sexy in their body and authentically owns it with grace, it is truly awe-inspiring. But how can someone obtain this embodiment? The Studio X Alchemy emphasizes approaching life by prioritizing energy, emotions, and how we feel. It acknowledges that these factors determine our starting point in the creative process.

Everyone has a story explaining why they don’t have what they want. Below the surface of the story lies the underlying energy that shapes your life circumstances. Connecting with this energy requires surrendering and letting go of the ego and the narrative it has constructed. By harnessing the energy of the Goddess, we unlock the creative and feminine qualities of existence, guiding us towards a new pathway to release the blocks that hinder us from manifesting our desires. Our sexuality is at the foundation of this creative energy!

Unlocking and harnessing your sexual energy is a transformative journey. However, it is crucial to understand the art of circulating this energy throughout your body. Neglecting this vital step may lead to imbalances that could hinder your growth and progress. This is why establishing your daily internal martial arts and embodiment practices are of the utmost importance. The mentorship program provides a comprehensive and guided system to ensure your success.

Great sex is an inspiring, highly pleasurable, creative, and healing experience. From a tantric perspective, sex is considered an art, and the experience is seen as an ever-evolving expansion. By mastering the practice of tantric sex, one can achieve the ability to remain present in an orgasmic experience for as long as they desire. The presence of this profoundly transformative energy, also known as kundalini, has a remarkable healing effect. Its divine force resonates within, bringing forth powerful healing vibrations that releases repressed trauma from the body. This phenomenon creates an epigenetic shift, expanding the creative potential in how genes are expressed. The combination of this intelligent life energy, along with visioning and intention, creates the magic of actualization that is available within the mentorship program.

The Studio X mentorship program is here to guide you every step of the way. With a proprietary systematic approach, this program offers a unique and proven method to help you master your sexual energy like never before. Imagine being able to bring joy and satisfaction to yourself and others with confidence and ease. By tapping into your sexual energy, you can unlock a whole new level of self-confidence that extends beyond the bedroom. This newfound confidence will radiate in all aspects of your life, enhancing not only your intimate relationships but also your interpersonal connections.

Jonny Beyond Reason leads The Studio X Mentorship program. Jonny is a unique individual who embraces both non-binary identity and a deep connection to Goddess energy. They are fully activated in their divine masculine essence, creating a harmonious balance within themselves.

They will guide you through an evaluation of your current relationships and approach to life. This will assist you in discovering what deeply resonates and what does not. You will then be guided through creative visioning to build a blueprint that will be used throughout your journey. You will also be connected with additional Studio X practice partners for 3-way dynamics with your coaches. This “holy trinity” dynamic enables expanded awareness and an additional reflection for shadow work. Jonny will be your guide when any challenges arise when relating to your coaches and practice partners to ensure success in actualizing your desires and vision. You will be assisted by the entire Studio X team as you enter into the Tantric Dating world to share your developing practice.

Every aspect of your life will be addressed, from personal to business, to free up more space for what you desire in life. This blueprint will be a guide for your personal development and shadow work. Your blueprint will be adjusted as your truth and desires evolve.

Success Is Guaranteed!

How can we guarantee success? First we must understand success is fundamentally an energetic embodiment. By embracing this Tantric Philosophy, we can let go of the judgment of right and wrong, and instead see every experience as an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Adopting such a mindset allows us to continuously expand our embodiment of success with each present moment. This paves the way for the actualization of our desires and success at every step of our journey.


Meet The Studio X Mentor

Jonny Beyond Reason deeply embodies success and is passionate about sharing this energy with the world. As a non-binary individual, Jonny's appearance may portray a strong male physique. However, beneath that lies an inner essence and energy that moves with femininity. This unique combination adds depth to their character and challenges traditional notions of gender stereotypes. 

Jonny is a serial entrepreneur and master of the science and art of tantra.  They provide mentorship through the philosophy of tantra, while utilizing the foundational structure and techniques that they use to create world class enterprise. Their unparalleled combination of executive C-level leadership, computer science and engineering expertise, spiritual and somatic awareness, and mental acuity, along with their deep passion to inspire and empower others in any situation, provides them with a powerful skillset for leading the mentorship program.

Jonny has mastered their thinking mind. They anchor in Goddess energy, enabling them to hold presence in mental stillness free from mind chatter. They focus on the inner world of PrAna (spiritual and intelligent life energy), activating expanded states of bliss and wisdom from the spiritual dimension. This enables the ability for Jonny to extend quantum timeline creation to partners and clients.  Jonny's deep passion lies in bridging the gap between "foo-foo" spiritual statements and scientific logic. They have a profound understanding of how quantum mechanics, spiritual science and embodiment practice are directly correlated, and they can eloquently articulate this connection.

With their advanced intuitive healing gifts, Jonny offers a magical method for "lifestyle design" and creative visioning. Jonny grounds this mystical experience by guiding people through a logical pathway, helping them release mental and emotional limitations that hinder personal growth and the realization of their visions.

Jonny assists client transformation differently than the Studio X female coaches. Jonny’s process is rooted in their own intuitive gifts, rigorous daily spiritual and energetic practices, and of course their experience of being in a male body. They specialize in a systematic method of psychic, empathic navigation to find psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages. They create a grounded, compassionate, and supportive space for clients, coaches, and practice partners to feel safe in expressing and releasing intense emotions. This process activates epiphany, allowing clients to gain new clarity and experience a sense of freedom.

As one coach put it, “Jonny has a penetrative voice and can cut straight to the chase about what is occurring with a client. They can say one sentence and unlock repressed memories and emotions. Jonny has the magical ability to energetically guide the release of massive amounts of trauma from the body. If a client desires the most direct path to break free from the blocks that limit their expression and creativity, we need Jonny's direct clarity and capacity to hold grounded space in the intensity”.

By embracing and balancing both the masculine and feminine aspects within, Jonny has achieved a profound and enduring state of peace and joy. Jonny's embrace of tantra transcends the boundaries of ecstatic physical pleasure. They delve into the profound depths of spirituality, exploring the eternal quantum realm of mystical connections between sex magic and meditative sensuality for creative purposes. They also possess the remarkable ability to navigate even the most challenging situations with love and empathy. As an alpha male bodied person, they offer a unique perspective that allows men to fully grasp the essence of tantra and its transformative power. Jonny has developed a proprietary martial art style for expanding the solar plexus energy center and developing physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Jonny has a deep passion for guiding individuals to unlock their full potential in all areas of life. They are dedicated to helping people pursue their desires and break free from limitations.

Many people have limitations in what they can imagine and envision, often limited by emotions and doubts, as well as a lack of practice and focus. Jonny energetically and emotionally helps Studio X clients and practitioners ground into a sense of safety as they expand their spiritual embodiment and creative vision for their lives. Using a strategic and imaginative interview process, they uncover obstacles, challenges, and resources, which are incorporated into a dream "blueprint" for clients. This blueprint is the guide for clients to actualize their desires and live out their dreams. In addition, Jonny supports grounding and clarity for the clients in their relationships with The Studio X Coaches and practice partners.

The tantric coach/client relationship can be emotional and deeply personal. Sometimes the excitement, love and gratitude a client has for tantra and for their own growth and transformation can be blurred together with a sense of love and attachment to their coach. This is natural, but can inhibit growth. It also may inhibit the coach’s capacity to assist their transformation. Jonny has advanced skill in helping the coaches and clients understand and transform energy to healthier attachment patterns.

Through an inner somatic focus and innate engineering skillset, Jonny alongside the Studio X founding coaches have developed The Studio X Alchemy. This proprietary formula brings a structured approach to transforming your connection with trauma, empowering you to effectively release detrimental energy from your body . This revolutionary method can transform the way you deal with past experiences, unlocking newfound freedom and healing potential. This process leads clients into the highest level of mental, emotional and energetic mastery, which includes sexuality!

Jonny’s heart can be felt and their service to humanity seen by their community. Jonny Beyond Reason shares the secrets of embodied success with qualified Studio X clients.

Are you ready to unlock your highest potential?

The Studio X Mentorship Program stands out as the pinnacle of service offered by The Studio X. Participants can expect a personalized and immersive experience that goes above and beyond traditional mentorship programs. It provides individuals with an unparalleled level of guidance, support, and expertise to ensure the actualization of their heart centered desires. Many people create partnership through the lens of randomness and luck. Others from a place of lust or lack, leaving them with unfulfilled experiences. People often settle for much less than what is available to them in life due to fear, doubt, anxiety, shame, grief and other disempowering energies. Through a strategic visioning process and a systematic approach to releasing all emotions that block expression, The Studio X Mentorship program guarantees to turn your heart-centered desires into reality.

When you understand that all of creation comes from imagination first, we can open up to the understanding that this also applies to relationships. This is why it is crucial to have a clear vision and create a detailed blueprint of what you want to achieve. As we create space to more powerfully visualize our dream relationships we can often see emotions and energy are in the way of our actualizing our visions into reality. It is important to understand that the process of getting in touch with all the emotions that hinder us from achieving our desires takes time. We must become a vibrational match for that which we desire, this is understood through the law of resonance.

The human ability to repress emotions is immense, and most often occurs unconsciously. In the field of psychology this is known as repression and creates compartmentalization, which keeps trauma stored in the body. Stored trauma also resides in your energy field, attracting people who recognize and perpetuate that trauma; and it inhibits attraction to people who could help you realize desires. Stagnant energies will show up in life circumstances through reactive tendencies and unseen behaviors.

Expand your awareness and deepen your embodiment. Then you will be able to effectively disarm reactive tendencies and maintain a grounded and intelligent state in intense experiences. You will gain a deeper understanding of “spiritual alchemy” that empowers you to transform trauma triggers into healing and empowering experiences. This will naturally release blockages that inhibit the relationships and experiences you desire. Within the mentorship program you will advanced your embodiment, mindfulness, empathic communication, internal martial arts and shadow work practices. The Studio X coaches will hold you through the release of these disempowering energies through weekly coaching sessions. This is the purification process that leads us to expanded inspiration, vitality, expression, pleasure, peace and joy in our every day life which naturally leads you to actualizing your strategic vision.

Each Blueprint Is Specifically Designed For You

Each coach dedicates themselves to personal development and shadow work on their journey to self-realization. They hold a powerful and transformative space. When you engage with your Studio X coaches, they will guide you in embracing the PolyTantric Lifestyle Approach. This transformative process will support you in letting go of doubt, fear, shame, and other emotions that hinder you from manifesting your highest visions. It will also assist you in attracting partners who desire to take this journey with you.

Step 1:  Schedule a Discovery Call
First, we will conduct an interview process to gain a thorough understanding of your current life perspectives, embodiment, and desires. Based on this interview, we will then create a personalized package blueprint designed specifically for you. This will include working with all coaches, practice partners, and Jonny, your Tantric Lifestyle Mentor.

Step 2: Receive Your Tantric Lifestyle Blueprint
Jonny will collaborate with the coaches to co-create a package that is tailored to your desires and interests. A blueprint will be delivered for your review. Once you approve the course blueprint, we can proceed with designing the full course, which will include scheduling the weekly sessions with The Studio X Team. 

Step 3: Begin The Journey
Begin your weekly sessions with The Studio X coaching team and start your journey towards embodying your highest expression of Self!

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Are you ready to call your greatest visions into reality?

Harness your Divine Sexual Power and tap into the fountain of youth. Emanate abundance, attract your dream partner(s), free up time and create space for what inspires you. Discover how to use Tantric Lifestyle Mentorship & Coaching as the most potent method for manifesting your visions into reality.

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