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Tantra Services

Tantric Embodiment

a safe space for authentic connection and cultivating pleasure.

My approach to sharing Tantra integrates intellectual philosophy and erotic embodiment practices to cultivate your sexual energy and encourage your Self-expression.

Through breath, intuitive movement, and authentic connection, you will be guided into feeling deep pleasure and fulfillment in your body.

Embodiment practices bring your mental, emotional awareness into the physical sensations you experience to create a mind-body connection. This benefits stamina in sexuality and expands your capacity to feel pleasure.

Each Tantra session is a unique exploration focused on somatic healing, trauma release, mental repatterning,

using the following modaltites:

  • Yoga and light stretching. Befriend your body
  • Improv dance. Flow with Masculine and Feminine Energy
  • Meditation and Breathwork. Create mental clarity and Calm your nervous system
  • Primal Play. Activate your inner animal. Roar. Growl. Pounce.
  • Sensory Experiences. Smell, the natural fragrance of essential oils. Taste, the tang of an aphrodisiac tincture. Listen, to the ring of chimes. Speak, your desires. Feel, the cultivation of sexual energy.
  •  Sensuality. Heart to heart connection. Yab Yum and more.

Practice Tantra to experience liberation from limitation

Intimacy Coaching

Let's Talk About Sex!

1-1 Sessions

Join Starlitt in a vulnerable, open space to talk about all things sex, relationships, and intimacy. Express your deepest desires and dreams without shame, and realize the Tantric Philosophy ~ our desires are sacred. Be prepared for powerful and honest reflections to support you in having deeper relationships and a fulfilling sex life.

Couples Sessions

Share truths and desires, communicate and share feelings, and learn to explore your relationship through the lens of Tantra.  Receive inquiry and guidance on how to navigate power dynamics, ego, and triggers, while learning to regulate the nervous system through conscious conversation, breath, and sensuality. Open up to feeling unconditional love for yourself and your partner. This space will support you in accessing a deeper understanding of one another, and igniting the spark of chemistry to move you forward in positive connection.

Through our Intimacy Coaching sessions, you will:

  • Learn how to hold space for triggers within yourself or your partner
  • Release self doubt, judgement, and shame
  • Learn how to take Radical Responsibility
  • Get in touch with your playful, flirtatious side and feel more fluid in connection.
  • Discover more sexual energy and connection in your self or your partnership.
  • Shift from limiting concepts or beliefs into empowerment and confidence
  • Learn how to align to your Higher Self to attract the partner(s) of your dreams!


  • Empathic communication
  • Transpersonal psychology
  • Tantric Philosophy
  • Somatic meditation
  • Sensuality
  • Breathwork
  • Sex Education
  • Mindfulness

* Couples sessions are also available upon request. Starting rate is $500 for 2 hours.

* All prices shown are for sessions in Santa Barbara. Sessions outside of SB are offered at an adjusted rate.

* Packages for multiple Tantra Sessions are available ~ 4 Tantra sessions package: $1500 ($200 off discount).

Step 1:  Read This First

Step 2:  Schedule a discovery call - The purpose of this call is for us to learn more about each other and share desires and intentions.  We will discover if we are aligned to work together and what service would be best to start with.



Step 3:  Book a Tantric Session - After you have discussed your intentions & desires with Starlitt you may book a session below.


Connect with Starlitt from anywhere in the world through live two-way video chat.



Body Statistics

Age: 23 -♥-♥-♥- Height: 5'7
Weight: 130lbs -♥-♥-♥- Measurements: 30-25-26
Dress Size: US Medium -♥-♥-♥- Shoe Size: US 7.5
Tattoos: None -♥-♥-♥- Piercings: Ears & Belly button
Hair: Blonde -♥-♥-♥- Eyes: Blue

Star Turn Ons


♥ What turns me on most is intellectual stimulation and emotional connection. I deeply appreciate attention to detail, organization, and the ability to communicate respectfully and transparently. In sensual experiences I like breathing deeply while being softly caressed on my body and feeling every sensation. I am turned on by 'affirmation kink' or being praised for my beautiful mind and body.


Hot Yoga ♥ Ecstatic Dance ♥ Plant-Based Cooking ♥ Crafting ♥ DIY Projects ♥ Working out/weight training ♥ Aesthetic Beauty e.g. Makeup, Hair and Nails ♥ Listening to podcasts and audio books


Western Astrological Chart:

♥ Virgo Sun
♥ Aries Moon
♥ Pisces Rising

Human Design:
Manifesting Generator

Spiritual Powers

Tarot & Oracle Cards ♥ Divination ♥ Elemental Magick ♥ Sex Magick ♥ Emotional Transmutation


Starlitt is an Embodied Tantrika and Intimacy Coach. Her approach to sharing Tantra integrates philosophy and embodiment to cultivate your sexual energy and encourage your Self-expression. Her distinct way with words and understanding of energetics will give you a new outlook on yourself and how you operate in the world. From a true school girl to an erotic influencer, she is a rising-star in the realm of sacred sexuality and Tantra!

As Starlitt interprets it, the Tantra translates into radical acceptance of all that is, eliminating "good vs. bad," "right vs. wrong." Being a queen of radical surrender, she sees no need to resist those bumps along the spiritual path. Let Starlitt smooth them over for you. With her soothing words, loving presence, and captivating eros, she will guide you to the next step of self acceptance and gratitude for all that is.

Twinkle twinkle little Starlitt; her eyes light up in the opportunity to indulge your curiosity about polyamorous lifestyle and open sexuality. Her expertise is empowering men (and ladies too!) to discover their Highest Truth, and let go of those old relationship paradigms that aren't bringing you your right for freedom of expression. The epitome of fearlessness through erotic expression, Starlitt encourages you to surrender to her pig-tailed, blue-eyed charms.


Breathe with her. Meditate with her. Do yoga with her too - in the nude. Every move you make with Starlitt will activate the energy centers in your body to awaken your sexual dynamo.

Starlitt dreams of healing humanity, bringing unity to the separation of people from their intuition, their own spiritual guidance. Wise beyond her years, this little girl knows that when more people become embodied in their authentic truth, the Earth will heal.

Let Starlitt empower you in your own personal expression of the erotic. With Starlitt, there's no more shame or guilt, she will help you aim your creative Life Force toward manifesting what you truly desire in a relationship and in intimacy.








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