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Tantra Services

Experience my Tantric service personalized for your desires!  Available for singles, couples, or groups.

Intimacy Coaching

Expand your capacity to connect emotionally with yourself and others. Open up into a safe place to be vulnerable and share your feelings.  Explore your desires and increase your ability to communicate them.

Coaching sessions can include some meditation, breath work and body-awareness practices but are mostly focused on communication, inquiry and discussion. In person sessions begin at $150 for 1 hour. Online sessions are $120 for 1 hour.

Tantric Embodiment

Drop in with Starlitt for a guided experience of sensual embodiment and Tantric Practices. Create an authentic relationship and cultivate pleasure for healing. Surrender to Starlitt to fully receive her guidance and healing touch.

Each Tantra session is a unique exploration focused on somatic healing, trauma release, mental re-patterning, and realizing how the Tantric philosophy applies to your lifestyle. In person sessions start at 2 hours for $425. Online sessions are 1 hr for $150.


Set intentions, call in Spirit, & relax into sensual serenity.  Learn about Sex Magick, expereince Tantric touch and feel pleasure beyond the physical.

Ceremony sessions are only available for those who have experienced one or more Tantric Embodiment sessions. Your Tantrika will directly communicate with you when you have graduated to receive a ceremonial experience.

* Add another Tantrika to your Tantra session, $150 each hour.

* Couples sessions are also available upon request. Inquire for rates.

* All prices shown are for sessions in Santa Barbara. Sessions outside of SB are offered at an adjusted rate.

* Packages for multiple Tantra Sessions are available ~ 4 Tantra sessions package: $1500 ($200 off discount).

Book A Session

Step 1: Please schedule a free Discovery Call. This is a 15-20 minute phone call for me to inquire about your interest in my Tantra services and for you to ask me any questions. Before our Discovery call please consider your intentions and desires in pursuing my services as they will be discussed over the phone. 



Step 2: If we decide to arrange a session, we will select a date and time for our session over the phone or via text. Once the date and time of our session is decided I will send an invoice to your email. 


Step 3: Electronically pay your donation through the invoice I sent to your email. Your appointment is not confirmed until payment is processed. When I receive your payment, I will text or email you further details about our meeting including the address, parking information and how to prepare for our session. 

About Starlitt ~

Starlitt is an Embodied Tantrika and Intimacy Coach. Her approach to sharing Tantra integrates philosophy and embodiment to cultivate your sexual energy and encourage your Self-expression. Her distinct way with words and understanding of energetics will give you a new outlook on yourself and how you operate in the world. She is a rising-star in the realm of sacred sexuality and Tantra!

Let Starlitt empower you in your own personal expression of the erotic. She will help you aim your creative Life Force toward manifesting what you truly desire in a relationship and in intimacy.


What clients are saying:

Where to begin! Starlitt is simply a breath of fresh air. She exudes confidence and kindness with every movement. Her Virgo energy shines bright and is effortlessly nurturing. Not only did I feel awakened and more in tune with my mind, body and spirit, but I also walked away with a refreshing perspective on life. Thank you Starlitt for the genuine connection and allowing me to be more aware with my own energy ” -J

Who is Tantra for?

My Tantra services are uniquely curated immersive experiences for men, women and couples to access deeper depths of Divinity in their intimate relationships, with themself, their sense of purpose and the greater world around them.

Are you a Divine Masculine challenged by ED or other sexual dysfunction? Tantra will support you in harnessing your sexual life-force and encourage confidence in the bedroom.

Are you a Divine Feminine who feels disconnect from your erotic essence? Tantra will guide you to the wisdom of your womb to reconnect with your Sacred Sexual Energy.

Are you a couple that's feeling stagnant in sexuality?  Having difficulty communicating desires and requests? Or otherwise feeling fruitful but looking to add Tantric spice to your sex life? Tantra will provide the necessary tools for transformed communication, and pave the way to experience multi-orgasmic sex (or perhaps non-ejaculatory sex for men).

I provide healing and erotic services for the purpose of offering an alternative perspective for those seeking to expand their minds and hearts to their highest potential of pleasure and play. I am not a medical or psychological professional, a dominatrix, or a prostitute.

If you are interested in exploring Tantra with me, please, schedule a Free Discovery Call here.







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