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Teeni Yogini

Live Cam Shows

Tantric Embodiment

Allow this Tantric Yogi to guide you into grounded space for feeling deep connection, pleasure, and love in your body. Learn how to communicate vulnerably and share compassion and empathy with yourself as you drop into your physical embodiment. With a sensual meditation, breathwork, eye or body gazing, and a Tantric Yoga and movement practice, you will be supported in embracing yourself to a whole new level, releasing any fear, shame, guilt, or judgement on yourself. Explore your inner feminine energy through sensual engagement, activate your primal masculine through expression and play, and receive Teeni's angelic healing voice in her crystal sound bath to complete.

The intention of this session is to learn how to 'embody' the Tantric Philosophy - the knowing that ALL is divine - to embrace your primal, sexual, life force energy and learn how to ground and release unconscious or dense emotions and FEEL GOOD in your body. Move, breathe, feel, listen, touch, arouse, and reflect... This practice allows you to explore your most empowered self in the presence of the divine feminine, and experience more peace, joy, pleasure and bliss in your daily life!


Intimacy Coaching

Let's talk about Love, Sex, and Relationships! Join Teeni in a vulnerable and open space to discuss any relationship challenges you may face, and release shame around expressing your deepest desires and dreams.

Through mental & emotional training techniques such as empathic communication, transpersonal psychology, and implementing the Tantric Philosophy, discover a newfound way of relating and communicating with openness and non-attachment. This can serve as a safe and compassionate space for you to explore how you relate to women/the feminine and shift from limiting concepts or beliefs into empowerment and confidence.

Be prepared for powerful and honest reflections for rapid growth, to liberate yourself from blockages and move into harmony internally and externally.

Somatic meditation, sensuality, and breathwork is included to integrate your new embodiment. Get in touch with your playful, flirtatious side, how to relate and flirt, and experience a new expression of yourself that will naturally align you with your highest Self and attract the partner(s) of your dreams!


Experience a guided & ritualistic encounter to invigorate sexuality and pleasure in your body. This is a space to cultivate intentionality with how your relate to yourself and your pleasure, and bringing awareness and love to every aspect of yourself. This intimate ceremony holds the intention to bring light to the shadow aspects of Self, and expand compassion to heal past wounding, trauma, or fear. Through setting intention, lighting candles, invoking Spirit through breathwork, music, and meditation, you will be seduced into a sensational experience of erotic energy and guided to deeper presence within each moment. Learn Self Love practices and discover how to circulate sexual energy within your own physical and energetic body. Learn how to release thought and discover your inner Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, and how they influence your desires and expression.  Practice exchanging Tantric energy with your practitioner, and learn how to maintain presence in any circumstance. It is encouraged to release attachment to outcome to exercise resilience and cultivate your pleasure & sexual power.

Step 1:  Read This First

Step 2:  Schedule a discovery call - The purpose of this call is for us to learn more about each other and share desires and intentions.  We will discover if we are aligned to work together and what service would be best to start with.

Step 3:  Book a Tantric Session - After you have discussed your intentions & desires with Teeni Yogini you may book a session below.


Connect with Teeni Yogini from anywhere in the world through live two-way video chat.


Capturing authentic moments and erotic expression

Nevada City CA, Santa Barbara CA, Austin TX


Body Statistics

Age: 24  ✦ Height: 5'1"

Weight: 110lbs  ✦  Measurements: 36-30-32 ✦ Dress Size: US Small ✦ Shoe Size: US 7  ✦  Bra Size: 32C

Tattoos: 5 ✦ Piercings: 5

Hair: Brown ✦  Eyes: Hazel



✦Physical Touch ✦ Dom/Sub Role Reversal ✦ Yoga Sex Positions ✦ Ecstatic Emoting During Sex: ie crying, laughing ✦ Emotional Processing / Vulnerability ✦ Voyeurism ✦ Girl/Girl ✦ BBG/BGG Play ✦ Self Pleasure ✦ Group Sexuality ✦ Outdoor Sex / PDA ✦ Cock Worship ✦



Singing ✦ Freestyle / Songwriting ✦ Dancing ✦ Contact Improv ✦ Yoga ✦ Writing ✦ Hiking ✦ Day-Dreaming ✦ Love Making



Western Astrology:

✦ Pisces Sun

✦ Virgo Moon

✦ Scorpio Rising

Human Design:

✦ Sacral Manifesting Generator


Spiritual Powers

Clairsentience ✦ Manifestation ✦ Casting an Orb of Tranquility & Ease ✦ Communication with Plants & Animals ✦  Looking into your Soul ✦ Intuitive Touch / Reiki ✦ Erotic Seduction


Although small in stature, Teeni Yogini’s energy expands beyond any physical limitations. Teeni is an embodied Tantric practitioner and yoga teacher, ecstatic dancer & performer, and loves to empower others in their self expression, and support them in releasing shame for who they truly are. Her open heart radiates unconditional love for all beings. Humans, plants, animals... she loves everyone. Her friends call her a “walking heart chakra” for the way she genuinely cares for others, feels empathy, and loves so deeply. 

Not only is she strong in physique, her heightened capacity to embrace triggers and press into discomfort gives her true Shakti Goddess energy… she gives thanks to the darkness, and the pain; it’s what allows for her to truly surrender into Divine Love, beyond the limitations of her Teeni ego.

She cries nearly every day, and finds ecstasy in allowing her emotions to move through her fluidly. If you’re ready for this watery nymph, she’ll expand your capacity for pain, pleasure, and love, and maintain compassionate presence in most any situation.... She might even enchant you with song or serenade you with her crystal singing bowl and angelic toning. 


Teeni’s refreshingly playful and fun nature will bring out the inner child within you, arousing the erotic innocence you might have forgotten.

She gets turned-on by your vulnerability, your primal masculine expression, and your willingness to open your heart and give and receive love. She wants to hold you through your tears, liberate you from shame, and see the real, raw truth within you. She loves to go deeeep -- emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Being a sensitive empath, she feels your emotions even when you don’t. Her loving presence may reflect to you feelings you didn’t know you had. You might drown in her sweet smile and loving eyes, but don’t underestimate her capacity to speak Truth that cuts to your core. She knows herself and what she wants, and she’s not afraid to stop you in your tracks if you’re out of line, that is... out of alignment with your true power.

She believes that feeling pleasure and creativity daily is our birthright… and all your dreams can come true! Teeni will re-awaken your fantasies and give you hope in all the magic that is available -- when you release all doubt, fear, guilt, shame, and grief, and open to receive her Tantric magick and unconditional love. 

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