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Tantra Services

Experience my Tantric service personalized for your desires!  Available for singles and couples.

Intimacy Coaching

Let's Talk About It!

Join Teeni in an open space to talk about all things sex, relationships, and intimacy. Learn empathic communication receive insight to support you in accessing and communicating your deeper truth. Learn how to apply the Tantric Philosophy to your relationships, open your heart into authentic connection and relating.

Coaching sessions include mindfulness practices and somatics as a guide to connect us more deeply into the emotional experience. Sessions are mainly focused on sharing, discussing, and inquiry. In person sessions begin at $150/hr. Online sessions are $120/hr. 

Tantric Embodiment

Access deep connection to yourself, your body, and feminine energy.

Learn to embrace your authentic self and your sexuality at a whole new level. Alisa will guide you in how to begin implementing Tantra into your relationships and daily life.

Tantric embodiment sessions open with a discussion of discovering your deepest desires, releasing fear and shame, and sharing vulnerably with one another. This creates an open hearted space to then connect with your own body, and eventually share sensuality with one another.  

This is a space to feel sexual energy and arousal to gain mindful awareness of your primal energy for your empowerment. You will be guided to experience a deeper connection to yourself through opening up vulnerably and sharing vital tantric energy that can extend into every aspect of your life.


Open up a sacred space to ignite Tantric Energy as means to connect with the Divine. Set intentions, call in Spirit, & relax into sensual serenity.  Learn about Sex Magick, experience Tantric touch and feel pleasure beyond the physical.

Ceremony sessions are only available for those who have experienced two or more Tantric Embodiment sessions. You and your Tantrika will discover when you have graduated to receive a ceremonial experience.

Sessions can include

  • Discovering your dreams and desires
  • Eye gazing
  • Yab-Yum
  • Permission based touch
  • Erotic Seduction
  • Play
  • Intuitive movement, gentle assisted stretching
  • Trauma healing
  • Essential Oils, Sensory experiences

Discover deep presence with the Divine Feminine, PLAY, and improve your inter-personal relating skills for a heightened sex life.

Tantric Embodiment sessions start at 2 hours for $425, 3 hours for $600.

Note: Tantric Embodiment sessions are required before booking a ceremony, to gain synergy and depth with your tantrika. Tantric Embodiment does not include Tantric Massage. 


Step 1:  Schedule a discovery call - The purpose of this call is for us to learn more about each other and share desires and intentions.  We will discover our alignment in working together, and choose which service is best for you.


Step 2:  Book a Tantra Session - After you have discussed your intentions & desires with Teeni Yogini on your Discovery Call, you may let her know what day and time you would like to book. The Studio X will then send you an invoice to confirm your session. Please complete the payment at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Once payment is received, we will send you the location for your session. 


Capturing authentic moments and erotic expression

Nevada City CA, Santa Barbara CA, Austin TX


Alisa Marie is an embodied Tantric practitioner and Yoga teacher, performing artist, and embodiment guide. She loves to empower others in their self expression, and support others in releasing shame for who they truly are.

She found Yoga and meditation when she was 16, and has been a devoted Yogi ever since - and builds her lifestyle around feeling connected to nature, anchored in Truth, and creatively inspired. She now applies her knowledge of Yoga and experience of sexual healing to her work - where she provides a safe space for others to utilize the body as a tool for empowerment and healing.

When working with her, you will notice her open heart and clear, loving eyes. Her friends call her a “walking heart chakra” for the way she genuinely cares for others, feels empathy, and loves so deeply. 

Not only is she strong in physique, her heightened capacity to embrace triggers and press into discomfort gives her true Shakti Goddess energy… she gives thanks to the darkness, and the pain; it’s what allows for her to truly surrender into Divine Love.


She cries nearly every day, and finds ecstasy in allowing her emotions to move through her fluidly. If you’re ready for this watery nymph, she’ll expand your capacity for pain, pleasure, and love, and maintain compassionate presence in most any situation.

Alisa's refreshingly playful and fun nature will bring out the inner child within you, arousing the erotic innocence and joy you might have forgotten.

One of her strongest turn-on's is vulnerability - your real, deep truth and ability to feel and share your heart. 

Alisa creates an honest space for truthful expression. She is very clear in her yes's and no's and is not afraid to let you know when you're out of line... that is, out of alignment with your true power.

She believes that feeling pleasure and creativity daily is our birthright… and all your dreams can come true! Alisa will re-awaken your fantasies and give you hope in all the magic that is available -- when you release all doubt, fear, guilt, shame, and grief, and open to receive her Tantric magick and unconditional love. 

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