A Tantric Lifestyle

Living a Tantric Lifestyle is a life based on pleasure, integrity, and following your inner truth.    This type of pleasure is not the fast-paced, immediate-satisfaction lifestyle that our culture is so familiar with.  The tantric practice a soul-filling, life-giving type of pleasure, that slows down time, makes us FEEL, and enjoy life in a deeper way. 

  It is about connecting with yourself, and observing the thoughts, emotions, and all the ways we choose to utilize our energy that may be depriving us of Life Force rather than invigorating it.  

It is the remembrance of our primal essence as humans, and that we are naturally sensual and sexual beings, and need these energies to feel nurtured and connected.    Tantra is about learning the natural intelligence of the body – and living in harmony with your highest expression, and being one with Nature.   Reconnecting with one’s truest essence is what shifts all other aspects of our life – what is aligned with our highest form will be, and what does not resonate with our authentic self will fall away. 

This tantric lifestyle is one of empowerment and unity between our primal essence and the purity of our spirit.   Speaking, living, being: our truest form of Self.    Our truest form of Self is beyond social conditions, gender roles, or identification with trauma.  This journey is about embracing the triggers that arise in the process of awakening.   It is remembering that you have infinite potential.   When we tap into our truth at the core of our being, and release attachment to shame, fear, or grief, this epic transformation is available.

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