Tantric Embodiment

Tantric Embodiment

You know the feeling when you get a good pump in the gym? You walk around a little taller with an engaged core type of feeling?

The awareness of that felt experience, that "pump," is an embodiment.

Now, imagine seeing someone you are really attracted to working out next to you, and feeling a pleasant arousal.

That is comparable to how Tantra can influence your way of being in your everyday life, your way of walking, talking and moving from inspired action.

Tantric Embodiment is the physicality you experience in your body, energy and mindset. It is a full spectrum experience that connects the mind, body and spirit. The same way you go to the gym and do reps, your muscles expand in strength and capacity to pull weight. When you begin to practice tantra, your tantric embodiment grows in strength. When you feel strong and empowered, you appear differently in the world. You literally become more attractive when you feel connected to your body, your power, your strength.

Tantric Embodiment with The Studio X shows you how to sustain connection with your sexual energy and feel it throughout your day. The same way you train legs and then the whole day you feel sensation of your quads and a fire in your glutes. Tantra is just the same. When you connect to your sexual energy, not necessarily by having sex or even being sexual, you can carry that connectivity and creativity into your day and feel the pleasure and vitality of sexual energy pulsing through your body; leading you to a life that’s inspired, activated and arousing.

This felt experience will support you in navigating dating and relating with confidence and ease. Your connectivity to your sexual energy is your magnetic power to attract the partners and life that you desire. Magnetism is amplified with feel good chemicals that are released when you experience pleasure and positivity. Tantric Embodiment is the experience of living a Tantric life.

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