Why Vulnerability Can Lead To More Powerful Orgasms

Why Vulnerability Can Lead To More Powerful Orgasms

Vulnerability can break down walls and barriers that we put between ourselves and the other. It can even break down walls and barriers within ourselves that we didn’t know we had. When we allow ourselves to be real, and let ourselves be seen in our true feelings, we energetically release blockages in the heart. Our energy can move more freely.

From a tantric perspective, the heart and throat chakras are the energy centers of compassion and self expression. When these chakras/energy centers are closed, we are not fully accessing our potential of ecstatic expression and vibrating love. When we allow ourselves to open up to expression:

  • voicing our fears,
  • expressing our desires,
  • speaking love and gratitude,
  • asking questions….

Then our energy centers open.

This allows us to feel more fully. As someone with a Yoni (vagina), my body softens open into receiving and feeling more pleasure when I feel safe to be vulnerable.

The female orgasm is one of the most powerful energetic and physical experiences humans can have naturally. An experience so powerful, is naturally vulnerable as well. Hence why many women “fake” their orgasms, because in order for us to fully let go, a safety for vulnerability must be created.

I’m sure you’ve heard of “full body orgasm.” This means that the whole body is open to ecstasy, and the heart is wide open. When love is pulsing between both partners, the orgasmic energy is amplified, not just towards the genitals, but the love and life force energy expands in your entire body.

So, the first step to more powerful orgasms is being present in the vulnerability of your own truth. We are not trying to be any more or any less, or put on a mask. We are being authentic with who we are, which can be a liberating and orgasmic experience within itself!

When I share what is truly in my heart with my partner, let down my defenses and soften, I am more connected to my body. When we are connected to the body, we are more connected to pleasure. That leads to more pleasurable sex!

When we move into making love after a vulnerable share, or a truthful expression of a desire, I feel more fully present and able to receive and express.

Embodying this vulnerability within yourself also creates a safe space for your partner to feel and express their vulnerability and truth. When both people are connected with their fears, desires, and all the emotions present, the capacity to feel pleasure expands. This is why it is so liberating to be vulnerable and truthful with your partner. And also how vulnerability can make sexual intimacy more pleasurable!

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