Tantra and Wounded Masculine Versus Healed Masculine

Tantra and Wounded Masculine Versus Healed Masculine

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a recurring pain point. Men I work with grapple with masculine energy. They wonder what it means to “be a man,” and when to take action and when to soften. They struggle with all the complexities and Karma our society wraps into masculinity.

In Tantra and ancient Hinduism, Shiva is a deity who represents conscious awareness. He is the observing light that brings Shaki (feminine energy, movement, change) to light. Shiva is inherently masculine, but not in the ways that we may perceive masculine energy today.

Two Types of Wounded Masculine

In American culture specifically, there is a stigma that a “real man” must be tough. They learn from a young age that feeling negative emotions is not okay. At the same time, they’re shamed and prodded with words like “fag” and “pussy.” This leaves those that identify with the male gender very lost and confused.

Through my tantric embodiment work with men, I’ve witnessed two un-serving patterns in the expression of masculine energy:

  • Over-concern and not wanting to harm, not wanting to fulfill the perpetrator role. This energy therefore contracts or overcompensates himself to please or to be loved.
  • Overwhelming sexual energy that’s overzealous to touch, to take, to move things forward sexually. This energy acts in a way that is forceful, lustful, and not intuitive or connected to the heart. They try to “get” what they want due to a deep feeling of lack within themselves.

These two archetypes are two different expressions of what we call the wounded masculine.

Journey Back from the Wounded Masculine

Healing the wounded masculine a process of discovering your own inner feminine energy. It’s a way to your true self, before society told you what you are or who you should be.

The journey to your true Self is a long journey, of course. To put it simply, men must

CONNECT BACK TO THE HEART to access their Divine Masculine. To realize your true self, and discover the love, validation, and acceptance for yourself that you may so deeply desire from a woman, and a woman’s body.

It’s not about chivalry. An empowered woman does not need you to save us, or to shut down your true self to serve a role from our fantasy. An empowered woman wants you to LOVE YOURSELF, and connect back to your heart. So that you can BE LOVE. So that your loving energy can extend to us, and your heart can be shared.

The journey back to the heart, my loves, is true intimacy. This takes courage. Do you have the courage to take the journey home?

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