Tantric Embodiment For Better Sex

online & in-Person



Root - Ground Into safety
Sacral -Ignite Pleasure
Solar Plexus - Explore Desires
Heart - Anchor in Love
Throat - Sensual Sounding
3rd EYE - Envision Your Dream
Crown - Surrender Into Ecstasy

· Energy Awareness & Circulation
· The Microcosmic Orbit
· Yin/Yang Balance
· Expand Sensations
· Gain Flexibility & Strength
· Release Shame, Guilt & Grief
· Cock & Pussy Embodiment

Mind - Expand Mental Focus & Release Limiting Beliefs
Body - Activate Your Primal Essence
Spirit - Cultivate Life Force Energy

Step into presence and connect through the heart while moving your body.  The intention of an Embodiment session is to expand awareness of your physical form and how energy circulates within you.  Through Tantric practices such as Primal Play , yoga & ecstatic dance you will cultivate a sexually open & loving connection with your Tantrika.  As safety and inspiration are cultivated, nudity is encouraged.

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