What Does It Mean to Be Present?

How Embodied Presence Can Heal Sexual Dysfunction

Embodied presence is a felt experience. When you are in your body feeling your senses, you bring awareness into the present moment. To be more present with what you are feeling, become aware of what thoughts you are thinking!

Thinking about the past or thinking about the future takes you out of presence. These thoughts disconnect you from feeling body sensations. This creates either a disassociated or disembodied experience.

Our thoughts are so powerful that they influence our physiological experience. Thoughts in the mind and trauma in the body often cause anxiety and depression as physiological impacts. Your nervous system, endocrine system and other parts of your body become dysregulated. This creates physically and energetically uncomfortable feelings. You can use the power of presence to heal anxiety and depression. Presence can even heal erectile dysfunction (ED) and other forms of “sexual dysfunction”!

As someone who offers Somatic Sex coaching and Tantric Embodiment service I talk to a lot of people who experience overthinking during intimacy and sex. They have rapid thoughts like, “Does my partner even like me?” or, “When is my next work meeting?” “Did I pay my phone bill last month?”

In intimate moments, over-thinking can inhibit sexual energy flow leading to experiences commonly categorized as ED or lack or orgasm control, either premature ejaculation or inability to climax. It can also lead to a larger feeling of disconnection with your partner and the moment.

My guidance for people with these experiences is to practice presence through embodiment. Embodiment is being in touch with the experience within your body, which can be cultivated through a variety of techniques including yoga, meditation, dance, martial arts, weight training, practicing tantra and more.

To build a mindset that anchors you into presence, begin to become aware of when you’re over-thinking (or trying to figure things out). At that moment of awareness you can guide your consciousness back to feeling your body and your breath. This will create new neural pathways that empower you to be present with your experience.

If you desire compassionate accountability in cultivating presence, The Studio X offers Somatic Sex Coaching and Tantra services as safe containers to practice embodied presence.

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