The Power in Getting Dirty

The Power in Getting Dirty

One of the most transformational practices I have done is learning how to become one with the earth. To get dirty, to lay naked on the sand, to walk barefoot in the mud. To crawl around on all fours at the beach and growl and roar. This is the power in getting dirty.

Connecting with my primal essence and my inner wild woman, I dissolve the programs telling me to be a nice girl, a clean and groomed woman, presentable and desirable. According to the image our society has labeled presentable and desirable.

Why has our worthiness become so based on how put together we are? What does it mean to be put together?

I want to fall apart. I want to sink into the raw terrain and feel all the granules of stone, the sticks and roots, the wet clay and mud between my toes. As I lay naked on my belly, my heart to her heart, I exhale and release the emotions that are weighing on me, that are blocking me from inner peace and freedom.

I move my body in an organic way, circling my hips and head, activating my pleasure body. Feeling every sensation, I inhale to expand space in my body and the circulation of eros.

I growl and roar to embody my inner animal, swatting at the air with sandy paws. I let out screams and moans, giving no fucks what I look or sound like to the birds.

Allowing myself to express and move anger and rage and grief in this way is extremely cathartic and clearing. I do not need to know why or have a story attached to the sounds. I trust that my body is releasing what it needs to.

As I touch the earth, I remember to drop into my sensory experience. It is beyond the judgment of the mind. I soften the resistance to being dirty, to being ugly, to being smelly. I resist the programs that control women and tell us how to be. Communicating with the earth in this way is so beautiful to me. Even if it's not society’s norm of beauty.

I release all that is no longer serving me back to the mother. She transforms the energy back into pure consciousness. I give it to the sand and the waves. I let her take my tears, growls and roars. All that I cannot hold, should not hold, don’t have to hold, she can. I let the Earth help me process. Earth connects to my wisdom and wild woman and the collective wisdom of the wild woman, daughter of the Earth.

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