There’s Nothing to Figure Out

There’s Nothing to Figure Out

Today I feel vulnerable and tender. I am noticing a feeling of lostness, and my ego/mind wants to figure out what to do. When I catch myself in this thought pattern, I have the opportunity to choose to have compassion for myself and accept how I feel in the moment. I can release trying to figure it out, and come back to presence. There is nothing to figure out.

I put my hand on my heart and come into my body. Instead of thinking, I bring awareness to sensations, energy, and somatic experience. Sometimes I envision taking an elevator from my mind down into my chest. I bring attention. I remember that in this moment, there is nothing to DO, except feel. These practical tools help me to release blockages in my body and clear out distorted energies like fear, doubt, shame, guilt, grief, etc. As I breathe in to expand my being, I welcome more space and life force energy. And as I exhale, I can soften and release stagnant energies and stuck emotion. I ground myself in presence and peace.

There is nothing to do, nothing to figure out. When I find that place of presence and nothingness within, my channel becomes available. I welcome in the aligned guidance and inspired action.

But not during an emotional experience. Again, when an emotional experience arises, I don’t DO anything but feel. When I allow myself to truly feel what is passing through, I can release judgment associated with the feeling. I can release attachment to the feeling, which brings awareness to the present.

Although this practice seems simple in words, it takes commitment and trust to master. Commitment to yourself, to compassion, to practice, and to the process of releasing. Trust that you are safe in whatever feelings arise and trust that nothing you are feeling lasts forever. The fundamental nature of this universe is change and impermanence. There is so much beauty in that. By dropping into presence, I can imagine myself in a river. The more I resist the flow of the river, the more I struggle. When I let go, I allow the path of least resistance to open and I feel better, exactly when I’m meant to. There’s nothing to figure out, I promise.

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