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Tantra Services With Disco Kitty

Experience my Tantric service personalized for your desires!  Available for singles, couples, or groups.

Intimacy Coaching

Expand your capacity to connect emotionally with yourself and others. Open up into a safe place to be vulnerable and share your feelings.  Explore your desires and increase your ability to communicate them.

Coaching sessions can include some meditation, breath work and body-awareness practices but are mostly focused on communication, inquiry and discussion. In person sessions begin at $150 for 1 hour. Online sessions are $120 for 1 hour.

Tantric Embodiment

Drop in with Starlitt for a guided experience of sensual embodiment and Tantric Practices. Create an authentic relationship and cultivate pleasure for healing. Surrender to Starlitt to fully receive her guidance and healing touch.

Each Tantra session is a unique exploration focused on somatic healing, trauma release, mental re-patterning, and realizing how the Tantric philosophy applies to your lifestyle. In person sessions start at 2 hours for $425. Online sessions are 1 hr for $150.


Set intentions, call in Spirit, & relax into sensual serenity.  Learn about Sex Magick, expereince Tantric touch and feel pleasure beyond the physical.

Ceremony sessions are only available for those who have experienced one or more Tantric Embodiment sessions. Your Tantrika will directly communicate with you when you have graduated to receive a ceremonial experience.


Step 1: Please schedule a free Discovery Call. This is a 15-20 minute phone call for me to inquire about your interest in my Tantra services and for you to ask me any questions. Before our Discovery call please consider your intentions and desires in pursuing my services as they will be discussed over the phone.




Step 2:  If we decide to arrange a session, we will select a date and time for our session over the phone or via text. Once the date and time of our session is decided I will send an invoice to your email.

Step 3:  Electronically pay your donation through the invoice I sent to your email. Your appointment is not confirmed until payment is processed. When I receive your payment, I will text or email you further details about our meeting including the address, parking information and how to prepare for our session.


Frisky Feline Frames

This kitty has many embodiments ~ from edgy vixen in the desert to angelic mermaid on the beach to naughty school teacher.


Body Statistics

Age: 33 -♥-♥-♥- Height: 5'10
Weight: 150lbs -♥-♥-♥- Measurements: 34-28-36
Size: US6 S/M -♥-♥-♥- Shoe: US10
Tattoos: 1 -♥-♥-♥-Piercings: 6
Hair: Blonde -♥-♥-♥- Eyes: Blue

Disco Kitty Icons For Studiox Site


♥ Being A Kitty e.g. meowing, purring, snuggling ♥ Primal Play e.g. growling, biting, power play, animalistic sensuality ♥ Eye Contact ♥ Breathing/Moaning/Sounding ♥ Crystal Self Pleasure ♥ Sex in Nature ♥ Man's Natural Scent ♥ Chocolate ♥ Dirty Talk ♥ Dom/Sub Dynamics ♥



♥ Dancing ♥ Singing/Freestyling ♥ Yoga ♥ Cooking ♥ Ceremony ♥ Ocean Swimming ♥ Running ♥ Martial Arts ♥ Rollerskating ♥ Camping ♥ Hiking ♥ Partying ♥ Cats ♥ Cuddling ♥ Chilling/Laying ♥ Massage ♥



Western Astrological Chart:
♥ Cancer/Leo Sun
♥ Scorpio Moon
♥ Capricorn Rising

Human Design:
Projector - 5/1 Splenic


Spiritual Powers

♥ Claircognizance ♥ Psychic Channel ♥ Reiki ♥ Intuitive Touch & Massage ♥ Energy Healing ♥ Crystals ♥ Animal Medicine ♥ Water Priestess ♥ Isis Temple Initiate ♥ Earth Guardian ♥ Elemental Magick ♥ Sex Magick ♥ Tantric Alchemy ♥ Medicine Songs ♥ Guided Meditation ♥


Once upon a Meow, the lighthearted leopard lioness named Disco Kitty sparkled on a dance floor, gyrating to erotic vintage grooves for your sexual ecstasies…She incarnated in this lifetime to inspire your heart to open and for you to access pleasure you never knew possible!

Choosing to come back to earth to fulfill one of her nine lives was a courageous choice at a time like this - and Disco Kitty knows she has a huge mission to accomplish on this planet ~ a purrrr mission, that is. This dancing queen loves to wow you on the dance floor and snuggle you in her squish lounge, giving you purrrmission to let your freak flag fly and follow your inspiration! Don’t be shy to share your deepest desires and fantasies with her, as there is no shame in your erotic expression. 

Disco Kitty is a Tantric Intimacy + Relationship Coach who will guide you into your body and into a sensual experience of pleasure and play! Her tantra sessions will activate your Sacral Chakra to allow your own creative life force energy to flow through, and open your heart to the infinite love that is available to you. By opening up an intimate, vulnerable space and guiding you through practices of embodiment and connection, she will hold compassion for any emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or discomfort that arise within you. She will demonstrate how to embody your own inner divine feminine, which will expand your capacity to feel, listen, and receive, while learning to love and accept all aspects of yourself and your experience.

Disco Kitty is an intuitive channel and will customize your sessions to fit your needs and align with what your higher Self wants to bring through for your healing and expansion.

Her 1:1 sessions combine Tantric Yoga practices of embodied presence, erotic expression, and primal play, with the art of authentic relating through open hearted vulnerability and empathic communication. By connecting intimately with her and opening yourself to the expansive space that she holds, you will discover your truth and desires in order to create a clear vision of your dream relationships and desired reality.

Disco Kitty gained her experience through a lifetime of codependent relationships and heartbreak which ultimately led her to embark on a healing journey of empowerment and sovereignty. She has been through all kinds of challenges in relationships and sexuality, acquiring the most powerful, effective tools for healing and growth so that you don’t have to spend years learning through trial and error. And not to mention, she endured months of intense ‘ascension bootcamp’ and continues to train with her greatest mentor, Jonny Beyond Sins, who she says “completely transformed [her] life and empowered [her] to become the powerful, badass warrior Tantrika that [she is] today.”

With Disco Kitty as your anchor to explore your desires and activate your sensual energy, you will feel totally safe, accepted and loved in her presence. Those who have the privilege of connecting with her share how welcomed and comfortable they feel around her grounded, calm, loving energy. 

Disco Kitty believes that service is love and that life is meant to be fun! Like a disco ball, she reflects the light out in all directions so the people can party. Follow her as she dances her way to New Earth!

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